by Christina RylanScentsational's Halloween melt review

ScentSationals Halloween Wax Melt Review

Brand: ScentSationals

Type: Clamshell Melts

Candy Corn
Boo Berry
Scaramel Apple
Trick or Treat
Haunted Hayride
Pumpkin Potion

Cost: $2.99

Scent Strength: Strong

Introduction to my review:

What a fun review this was for me! I’m in full throttle “Halloween mode” and ScentSationals had the cutest sounding Halloween melts on sale. If you’ve never heard of ScentSationals melts… they’re available at Walmart stores across the country but did you know they have a website where you can purchase their clamshell packs and wax melters direct? WOOT!! I didn’t know that until about a month ago. Where have I been? I LOVE these melts!!!!! I guess I just assumed they were only available at Walmart. I don’t get to that store very often… mine is kind of out of the way so purchasing online is so much easier and convenient for scentsationals halloween melt reviewme.

ScentSational’s website is very easy to navigate, professionally designed and a breeze to check out. I’ll for sure be a frequent flyer there. How did this review come about? A Candlefind forum member recently posted a sale ScentSationals was having on their Halloween Sampler packs (thank you Nautalique) – 7 clamshell packs for 10 bucks! SWEEEEEET!!! I bought two sets and now want to go back for more. All 7 fragrances smelled awesome! All these melts had perfect Halloween names like Trick or Treat, Haunted Hayride, Scaramel Apple, Vanilla-I-Scream… CUTE!! These names lured me in… I love Halloween!


Super cute scent name and oh my gosh is this scent beyond yummy!! Here is the scent description from ScentSational’s website:
Vanilla-I-Scream scented melt
“We all scream for …! A delicious creamy scent of warmed vanilla.”

Cold sniff… the description above is right on! It’s a creamy and warm vanilla with no fakeness or chemical notes. Initial sniff was so promising, I wanted more before I even melted any cubes.

Melting it however – AWESOME!!! Oh my gosh! Within a few minutes of popping these melts in, the entire upper level of my home was filled with a delicious baked vanilla… it reminded me of the most perfect freshly baked birthday cake! I consider myself a vanilla connoisseur (I am very picky about my vanilla’s) and this fragrance is absolutely one of the best bakery cake/vanilla scents I’ve ever tried. LOVE IT!!!!! I normally change my scents a couple of times a day and I couldn’t bring myself to prematurely dump this one. It was that good.

If you love bakery vanilla’s, you MUST try this one. I am totally going back for more!

Candy Corn

I love candy corn scents… especially the sweet and sugary ones. Here is the scent description:

candy corn scented melts“Trick or treat? The sweet vanilla, yummy scent of candy corn.”

I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of ScentSationals version of Candy Corn upon first sniff… I kind of smelled a plastic-y scent but it could just be the actual plastic from the clamshell container. It was hard to tell.

Melting it – I was still unsure. One minute, it smelled great… the next, I could detect that plastic note I was smelling earlier. I could smell vanilla and sugar but there was something “off” at certain points I had this scent melting. In the end, I wasn’t really too thrilled with this one. Vanilla-I-Scream was 100 times better.

Boo Berry
Boo Berry scented melts
Cold sniff… this was nice and fruity. Here is the scent description from ScentSationals site:

“Berry scary! Fall, plump cranberries sweetened with sugar.”

Mmmmm!! This scent was strong and very nice!! I popped 2 cubes into my melter and within minutes, the whole room was saturated with Boo Berry goodness! This didn’t smell like plain cranberries and sugar to me… it had some extra zing in the mix I couldn’t quite pinpoint… it was almost spicy. Very nice scent and perfect for fall.

The scent throw with this scent was mega strong. Even my hubby commented on it each time he walked into the room.

Scaramel Apples scented meltsScaramel Apple

Mmmmmm!! Cold sniff was very promising… I could smell tart apples and sweet caramel… no plastic or chemical smell at all. Here is the scent description for this scent:

“Gooey gooey goodness! The scent of crisp apples dipped in soft caramel.”

Yep! That’s exactly what these melts smelled like. I love caramel apple scents so I knew I was going to like this one… especially after smelling it. Once I popped two cubes in my melters, it didn’t take long for the scent to saturate my home. Scaramel Apples was yummy and authentic. If you love caramel apple scents… definitely try this one.

Trick or Treat

Strangely… the description on the clamshell pack said, “Licorice, black as night” but smelling the wax, it doesn’t smell *anything* like licorice… I thought it smelled super spicy… it remindedTrick or Treat scented melts me of an orange spice (pomander) kind of scent… all the way! It was really strong so I knew this was going to be a “knock me out of the house” kind of scent.
I threw caution to the wind and tossed 3 cubes each into two melters in my great room… it look about 5 minutes to really start smelling the fragrance. This scent was orange spice all the way to me. It smelled just like super strong and
potent spicy potpourri. Licorice? I wasn’t smelling a lick of licorice so I decided to check their description online and it was a totally different scent description:

“A fall fragrance combination of cinnamon, allspice, crisp apples, cloves and a hint of orange peel.”

Yes indeed, that was exactly what I was smelling only it was all orange peel, cloves and cinnamon. And I was right… this scent was STRONG!! I don’t do very well with heavy clove scents… they trigger my allergies for some reason and boy oh boy did this scent trigger mine!! About 20 minutes into melting this scent, I had to turn off my melters and dump the wax… the scent was so strong, it was making my eyes water and burn horribly. Please keep in mind, that’s an isolated  reaction… clove and I just don’t get along. You on the other hand will probably LOVE this scent if you love spicy/clove type scents. Trick or Treat was a classic and spicy fall fragrance for sure.

Haunted Hayride

Right off the bat… this smelled interesting!! Very masculine and perfume-y! Here is the scent Haunted Hayride scented meltsdescription straight off the clamshell pack: “A ghoul’s romantic musk” – and here is a bit more description pulled from their website:

“A blend of deep forest trees, dark musk and patchouli.”

Sounds pretty good to me! I’m starting to like patchouli scents… only to me, I didn’t detect *any* patchouli in this fragrance. This was all musk… it reminded me of a man’s after shave.

After it was melting awhile, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not… it was so strong, it was making my eyes water. I have to point out… my husband literally hated this scent. He mentioned his dislike several times through the few hours I had it melting… towards the end, he couldn’t take it anymore and begged me to dump it citing it smelled like cheap Jean Nate perfume. (laughing) That had me rolling. I haven’t heard that name since the 80’s!! I personally think that was a little brutal – but his reaction was honest. I didn’t think it was that bad… just “knock me out of the house” strong men’s cologne kind of scent!

On a scale of 1 to 10, this was a 10 all the way.

Pumpkin Potion

I saved my favorite for last… I don’t know why I do that – maybe to savor the scent all the more. After Vanilla-I-Scream, this one was my second favorite of the bunch. It smelled amazing just sniffing it Pumpkin Potion scented melts from Scentsationalscold which was very promising. Here is the scent description off the clamshell pack, “A draught of spicy pumpkin” – and more from their website:

“Enjoy a smooth, creamy swirl of pumpkin and spice on a perfect autumn night.”

Right off the bat, I didn’t smell any spice… to me, this was all sweet and creamy vanilla pumpkin! Mmmmm!! Melting these…. double YUM!!!! This was one delicious and creamy pumpkin scent… no harsh notes, no chemical fakeness, just the right amount of bakery pumpkin goodness… and once the wax melted – a touch of spice notes came through. Oh my gosh, yum yum yum!!!! Highly recommend this scent for Pumpkin lovers out there!

Closing to my review:

I had a good time with this review and I loved the majority of the scents in this Halloween pack. closing to my Scentsationals Halloween reviewAnd what a deal, $10 bucks for 7 clamshell melts. Plus, if you wanted to order a few extra Halloween scents… the clamshell melts average about $1.68 or so per pack. SWEEEEEET!!

I am really enjoying ScentSationals melts and am looking forward to trying more. Their scents seem very consistent, true and their prices are awesome!! At Walmart, clamshell packs are $2. On their website, $2.99 but they run sales pretty often so keep that in mind.

My favorites of the 7 scents in this Halloween pack – Vanilla-I-Scream, Pumpkin Potion, Scaramel Apple and Boo Berry… in that order.

Happy Halloween candle lovers!!

~ Christina

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