Santa’s Cookie Crumble Crossroads Candle ReviewSanta's Cookie Crumble

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Crossroads Candles

Type: 26oz large candle

Fragrance: Santa’s Cookie Crumble

Scent Strength: Medium




First impression of Santa’s Cookie Crumble: 

I have been eyeballing the brand Crossroads for years but have never taken the plunge. Until now. I saw a few candles on Zulily and couldn’t resist purchasing two. They were on mega sale… need I say more?

Santa’s Cookie Crumble sounded right up my alley. Bakery! Vanilla! Cinnamon! Cookies! Oh yes please! I also realize Christmas is over but a cookie scent never goes out of season (or style) and it’s still available on their site so here I go! Let the review continue…

Here is the scent description for Santa’s Cookie Crumble:

Vanilla, cinnamon, clove, pecan, and almond.

Not much of a description but gives you the basic ingredients. Smelling the wax, it smelled very spicy – like cinnamon vanilla with lots of cinnamon. I wasn’t feeling the warm cookie vibe on cold sniff but we shall see. The true test is once the candle is lit.

Let’s find out!

I lit my Santa’s Cookie Crumble candle in my master bedroom to start out and that’s where it stayed till the very end. I could have moved it to a medium size room for a better scent throw but I wanted to enjoy this one full time. Once the wicks were lit, it took a good 30 minutes to reach a full melt pool and from then on out… a warm and spicy cinnamon vanilla bakery filled my bedroom with fragrance. Was I feeling the cookie vibe now that the candle was lit? Maybe. I could see how some would get a cookie aroma out of it. For me, it smelled more like a cinnamon vanilla with hints of almond in the scent description. Clove – no. Pecan – maybe but it was hard to tell with so much cinnamon in the mix. Bottom line… Santa’s Cookie Crumble was a yummy spicy vanilla and I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Strength – I would rate this candle a 6/7 out of 10 in a really large room. It fragranced my bedroom just fine with a steady medium scent throw but stayed put in my bedroom. This scent wasn’t strong enough to travel into my bathroom or beyond. Had a moved it to a medium size room, the strength would have rocked. So, should you give Santa’s Cookie Crumble a try, start in a smaller room and go from there.



How did my Santa’s Cookie Crumble candle burn?

This candle burned great the first half of the candle, after that, the wicks started giving me issues. One would fizzle out forcing me to keep relighting it. Then the other would do it and it was a game from then on out to keep the candle lit. It wasn’t fun but I kept at it and eventually with a TON of patience, the candle started to burn more evenly. In the end, I finished it off with no wasted wax. That’s called determination. 😊



Closing to my review: 

I’m glad I tried Santa’s Cookie Crumble – it was a delightful warm vanilla bakery. Would I have liked more doughy cookie in the mix? Absolutely, but I still enjoyed it. Just imagine a warm cinnamon vanilla with a hint of almond and I’ll throw pecan in there too.

I have one more Crossroads candle to review – review posting in the next month. I’m glad I finally tried this company and will continue to keep them on my radar. I just hope my next candle burns better with no issues. We shall see.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit Crossroads Candles

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Burn Performance: 2.5/5 (major star dockage on burn performance due to the wick issues I had.)
Strength: 3.5/5 (rated in a large room)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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