Amour Rose Candle Review

Amour (Rose)  Candle – myHomeBody

Brand: myHomeBody

Type: 100% soy candle

Fragrance: Amour (Rose)

Scent Strength: Light

About myHomeBody

myHomeBody is a relatively new company that focuses on health and well-being. Their target audience appears to be those nesters who are very self-aware about what goes in their homes and bodies, promoting health for themselves and the environment at the same time. They’ve decided to build out product lines slowly, to focus on perfecting one thing at a time. I like this approach because it allows them to pay attention to the details. This is the case with their 100% soy candles, of which they currently only offer two. The candle I’m reviewing today is their Amour (Rose) scented candle.

First Impression of My Rose Candle:

Face it…there is a little bit of frou-frou in all of us candle lovers. We like to feel pampered, especially when dealing with our jars of scented wax. I had my frou-frou moment when I received my Rose candle. It was in the most adorable pink gift box, just right for gift giving. Once I opened my box, I was immediately surrounded by the scent of sweet rose. The candle itself was ADORABLE! There are real pressed flowers in the candle vessel, making for a unique looking candle. There was a wooden lid (made of sustainable bamboo) to add another little touch of elegance.

There was so much attention to detail, it took me a while to take it all in. There was a large white label on the front that  I was able to peel off easily when I was ready. The pink pressed flowers in the glass were just so beautiful! The candle had that heavy kind of feel in my hand – I could definitely feel the overall quality. Single wick, white wax.

The initial whiff was very pleasing. I can’t do overpowering florals and this one was not. It had that mildly sweet floral smell – light and romantic. I knew I would be able to burn this candle without triggering my migraines.

According to the website:

Amour (Rose) The Subtle Passion Of Rose From Natural Essential Oils– Rejuvenating, Soothing And Romantic, All At The Same Time! We hope you’ll find that this lovely fragrance is just the right strength to put you in a world of relaxation – enjoy in the bath, in the bedroom, or wherever you like to spend those quiet evening hours winding down!

I’d definitely agree with that description. The scent was subtle and relaxing and romantic, all at the same time.

How Did My Rose Candle Burn?

I decided this smaller sized candle would work best in my guest bedroom. I lit it and while doing some work in there and it wasn’t long before I noticed the wonderful rose aroma starting to creep around me. Just subtle enough to know it was there without overpowering me. Lovely!

Now, I’ll admit. When I first started burning it, I thought…”Oh no! It tunnels!” Silly me. After I let it burn for a full hour or so, I noticed what was happening. The candle is a double vessel, with the outer vessel containing the hand-pressed flower petals. The inner vessel is what contains the wick and scented wax. You aren’t able to see the double vessels until some of the surface burns down, but then it all makes sense. The outer wall kept a beautiful glow while the inner jar burned beautifully. I did have to keep my wick trimmed to keep the flame manageable.

This candle had a super slow burn, so it lasted a long time for such a small candle. Once it burned all the way down, I was able to set the candle on a warmer to enjoy the last of the scent. I poured out the remaining wax and this left me with a lovely jar to reuse for other things. Mine is currently collecting coins for more candles, of course! 

Closing To My Review:

I was really impressed with my first candle from myHomeBody. It’s the type of candle that serves a distinct purpose – it’s relaxing, soothing, and romantic. It would make a great gift not only because of the presentation but also because you never really know how sensitive others might be to scents. This is a candle that would be safe for most, I would think.

You can purchase this candle on the website, but if you trip on over to Amazon, you can get it on special for $19.99 right now.

Happy candle burning!


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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 4.5/5
Strength: 2/5

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

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