Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Swan Creek Candle ReviewRoasted Pumpkin Seeds

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Swan Creek Candle

Type: 12oz Pantry Jar Candle

Fragrance: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Scent Strength: Medium



First impression of Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: 

I have been thoroughly enjoying all the scents I’ve purchased from Swan Creek this year. All bakery of course with a few fruity scents in between. Soy and bakery just plain go together and Swan Creek has some awesome ones to choose from. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds sounded unique and a scent I was sure I would love. I’ve smelled roasted pumpkin seeds before in a candle and it smelled very nutty. I couldn’t wait to see what Swan Creek’s version would smell like.

Here is the scent description:

Traditional notes of Heirloom Pumpkin, fresh ginger, shaved nutmeg and vanilla bean are completed with roasted pumpkin seeds for a creamy, spicy and slightly smoky favorite.

First impression… this candle did not smell like roasted pumpkin seeds. It smelled like pumpkin pie to me and it smelled delicious. Like a true pumpkin pie, heavy of the pumpkin filling that has been cooked in the oven. I could easily make out the ginger and nutmeg as well and I think that’s what gave this scent that pumpkin pie feel for me. YUM!!!

Pumpkin PieI liked! Now let’s see how this candle performs.

I stuck to a small bathroom to start out where it stayed till the very end. Once the wick was lit, it took a good hour to reach a full melt pool and the aroma… baked pumpkin pie all the way and it was scrumptious. I loved it. The aroma wafted all through the room was baked pumpkin puree with the perfect touch of spices. I didn’t really smell crust like a traditional pumpkin pie would have, it was more baked pumpkin. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Strength – I would rate this candle an 8 out of 10 in a really small room which is pretty good. 6/7 in a medium sized room. Want to go larger? Try their drizzle melts instead which tend to give a much stronger scent throw.



How did my candle burn?

This candle burned perfect. I did have to trim the wick before each lighting but that’s pretty standard. This candle burned clean and even from start to finish.



 Closing to my review: 

Loved Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and will for sure purchase this candle again. I think I may even go for their drizzle melts too so I can enjoy this fragrance in a larger room.

Pumpkin lovers… I totally recommend this one… it’s a keeper.

I don’t see this scent listed on Swan Creek’s website but it is still available from other online stores that carry Swan Creek so a quick internet search will give you a bunch of results.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5 (rated in a small room)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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