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Reviews From the Archives: K’s Kreations

Note from Andrea: Our old Candlefind Review Board was our original candle company directory, with tons of listings and consumer reviews. All new consumer reviews belong on our current Candle Company Directory. We are using these posts to house the content of all prior reviews, as we didn’t want to lose that valuable information. Some companies may no longer be making candles and wax melts. We will still post those reviews, as you still may find the products on secondary markets such as eBay or Mecari, or in destash groups. Here you’ll find the prior reviews for the company K’s Kreations. This company is still open and you can find their directory listing here.

Reviewed by: homespun
Date: August 27, 2005

I have been ordering from K’s Kreation for quite some time,they are the best.Kathy is great,always returning my emails,always finding scents for me.All of the scents are great,with great scent throw.The jar candles are great prices,the votives and tarts are packaged very cute.She stands behind her product giving you the best soy candle for your money.If you want to try some great candles,give K’s Kreations a chance to show you what a candle is suppose to smell like.These jar candles will burn all the way across,with no soot. ;):wink: Try the Hot Orange Danish,Fresh Linen,and Muscadine,also has great soy lotion.

Reviewed by: Patsy
Date: August 28, 2005

5 Stars

I am getting more and more into candle tarts (melts) since I received the gift of an electric tart warmer for Mother’s Day. Due to good reviews on here, I decided to order some tarts from K’s Kreations and the order I received lives up to the great reviews. First, the prices for tarts were the cheapest I have seen online, shipping was reasonable, items well packed, 4 days from sending order to receipt of same, and Kathy has the smart business practice of using “Lagniappe” for her customers. (For those who have read Mark Twain, you’ll remember that Lagniappe was the Southern practice of adding a little something extra to a customer’s order — for free!) Kathy included 2 free tarts with my order. A nice way to learn about 2 other scents. The tarts I have burned already are Passionate Kisses — a sweet, perfumey scent and Fall Festival — spicy. The best so far is “Hillbilly Homebrew” a richer spicy, autumn scented tart. I would highly recommend K’s Kreations as a good place to do business and will be ordering from her again.

Reviewed by: Jen
Date: October 1, 2005

5 Stars

I ordered from Kathy’s website (the K in K’s Kreations) and my first purchase was two 3 oz. votives in Sangria and Cider. I wasn’t sure what Sangria was, but I knew I liked the smell of cider and I’m always interested in trying something different. I don’t remember exactly how long it took for my candles to arrive, but I recall that they arrived in a timely fashion. Kathy puts her 3 oz. votives in glass jars. Not all candlemakers supply jars in the price of their votives, but I’m glad Kathy did because I think votives burn better in tight fitting containers. My candles arrived safely packaged and I couldn’t wait to smell them. When I did, they smelled a bit like grape punch. Since I didn’t know what Sangria was, I looked it up on the internet and discovered that it is a red wine punch. Although I felt that punch was an accurate description of what I inhaled, I didn’t smell any cider. Because I’ve never smelled Sangria, I don’t know if that scent overwhelmed any cider that might have been in the fragrance, but I thought it smelled nice regardless. I’ve since found a scent list on Kathy’s website and it describes Sangria and Cider as: citrus flavored wine underlined by apples and peaches sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. My nose wasn’t refined enough to pick out all these scents, but I think it is a scent worth trying. I bought the 2 votives because I hoped to put one on the endtables on each end of my couch. The votives were too small, however, to fragrance my living room. I moved them to my office on each end of my desk and closed the door. When I walked into the office a few minutes later, the room was filled with scent. I would recommend burning these votives in a small room or bathroom because the scent seems to throw better that way. My votives burned evenly and fairly clean, but I needed to take a fair amount of time to let the wax burn all the way to the edges the first time I lit them. As I love freebies, I am pleased to mention that Kathy sent me 2 wax tarts for free with my order! The scents were Lovespell and Fall Festival. I’ve warmed Fall Festival and it smells wonderful and carries well. I haven’t tried Lovespell yet, but I actually wear the fragrance. I had my husband smell it without telling him what it was called and he said it smelled like me:). So it is obviously an authentic Lovespell scent. Some other scents I’ve tried in wax tart form are: Strawberry-Rhubarb (Yum, yum! I asked Kathy if she could find this one and now it is added to her website! I feel special;-) Fruit Slices (Try this one!!! Yummy!! This came free with my second order from Kathy, and boy am I glad she added it!) Sage Leaf (A good herbal, relaxing, spa like scent) Mexican Cocoa Mocha (Smells like the real thing!) Apple Cider (Oy! This is delish!) Apple Caramel (If you like anything remotely close to this scent, you must try this. I’m buying this one in a larger candle size!) Nutmeg (Very authentic. Brings back memories….) Toasted Hazelnut (Free with my second order from Kathy. Hazelnut fans with really like this one.) If you would like to read more detailed scent descriptions, Kathy has a Scent Descriptions page on her website. I would recommend each one of the scents I’ve tried and Kathy has so many more scents to choose from. If you don’t see your favorite scent, she tries to find it for you! I think you’ll enjoy Kathy’s candles from K’s Kreations. Give them a try and see:-)

Reviewed by: mjclkc
Date: March 5, 2007

5 Stars

What a great company K’s Kreations is. I’ve ordered from them twice so far – the first time was just a bunch of tarts to see what the scents were like and the second time because I was hooked! K’s Kreations features all soy-candles in both jars, tarts (traditional and breakaway) as well as accessories and other country/primitive items. I tried a whole bunch of different fragrances in both tarts and jar candles, mostly bakery – Raspberry Zinger Cake, Apple Brown Betty, Homemade Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Country Splendor, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake to name a few – and there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. The throws on all of them were fantastic (but not so strong as to give you a headache.) All burned clean to the edges with no soot. I did have one slight problem with one of the wicks on my triple wicked pail candle – it wouldn’t stay lit and then I trimmed it too close – but after scooping out some of the wax it burned just fine. (I melted the scooped-out wax in my tart burner, so none was wasted.) The website is easy to use and the order processing time is second to none – I ordered on a Monday both times and the candles were on my doorstep by Friday. I love that Kathy Turza (the owner) throws in a couple of free tarts to try with the order. The first time she gave me Pumpkin Crunch Cake and Pumpkin Spice (both a couple of keepers! I can’t wait til fall!) and the second order came with some great spring scents – Fresh Linen, Honeysuckle, and Caramelized Pralines. Prices are quite reasonable, and the personal note on the invoice is a great touch, too! I will definitely order from this company again.

Reviewed by: ang4
Date: September 24, 2006

5 Stars

I have been on the hunt for a good soy candle company for two months. I had K’s Kreations bookmarked for well over a month before I ordered. I read all the reviews here, kept filling my cart, then changing my mind. Kathy has soooo many options! (tarts, styles of jars, different sizes, scents, AND colors!) I gave up and contacted Kathy via email and she replied within the hour. Hello?! FABULOUS customer service!!! She recommended her favorite bakery scents for me to try and some that her wholesalers order too. She was personable and very friendly; it was like ordering candles from a good friend–not a cold business transaction. I finally ordered three 16 oz. apothecary jars that are double-wicked in Vanilla Bean Noel, Cinnamon Strudel, and Raspberry Zinger. I also requested that they be dye-free and she gladly accomodated. I asked her to pick between two different scents for my free tarts and she scent me FOUR different scents including the two I asked about. How very nice! Kathy emailed me when she finished pouring my order to let me know it was going to be shipped and then a few days later to make sure I received it and was happy with my purchase. I ordered on a Sunday evening, she poured Monday, shipped it Tuesday, and I got it on Friday. Way too cool!!! Vanilla Bean Noel–a very nice vanilla cookie scent; moderate to strong throw–I like it a lot. Cinnamon Strudel–an awesome warm, sweet, buttery, cinnamon scent; strong throw–love this one! Raspberry Zinger–a delicious raspberry, coconut, & sweet vanilla scent; strong throw–love this one too! I can get migraines from strong cinnamon and fruity scented candles so I was a little nervous about the last two, but they just filled the house nicely with sweet yummy goodness. I did need to extinguish them when I started baking real cookies though because with all three of them burning, it got to be too much. The candles burn cleanly and the wicks are a nice change–no big nasty mushrooms to trim. The four free tarts are Christmas scents, I will have to update later. I just wanted to hurry and tell everyone about my new favorite candle company: K’S KREATIONS!!! I have tried two other soy candle companies. One pretty high priced and one dirt cheap. K’s is my third company (third time’s a charm!) and I am very impressed with Kathy’s product, prices, and service. I am pleased and satisfied above and beyond with my experience with K’s Kreations. I cannot recommend her enough. 🙂 UPDATE: The four Christmas tarts are: Christmas Memories–sweet & spicy Christmas Wish–cookies & pine Christmas Past–strong pine Christmas Kitchen–cookies, pine & mint My favorite turned out to be Memories which is not a scent that would have normally caught my interest. Kathy has another Christmas Pine that is not as strong as her Past–I like it better. 2ND ORDER: 10/17/2006 8 oz. Lovespell-light to moderate throw in a small jar, but a great scent. 8 oz. Downy Clean Breeze-huge throw from such a small jar-fruity floral. 16 oz. Apothecary jar Obsession-this is my mother’s perfume and this candle is her Christmas present. My husband, who does not notice smells unless they are bad, actually said this smells just like her. Tarts: Banana Nut Bread–cold, smells just like it. Blueberry Cheesecake–blueberry lovers will love this one-huge throw! My three-year-old was upset that this was a tart and not something actually baking that he could eat. Carrot Cake–fabulous, can smell the cream cheese frosting! Great throw, a candle of this is definitely in my future. Home Sweet Home–Yankee dupe. Homespun Sugar–light but nice. Honeysuckle–very nice, will order a candle of this. Hot Orange Danish–Kathy kept recommending this one and I was hesitant because of the orange in it, but boy am I glad she did! It is awesome and the orange is so subtle-it is great bakery scent, good throw. I will be ordering more tarts and a large candle in this scent. Iced Oatmeal Raisin Cookie–another goodie, moderate throw. Lemon Meringue–lemon lovers will love this one too, the scent travelled throughout the house. Pumpkin Spice–great fall scent. Spring Rain–cold, nice floral. Everything was nicely packed, shipped in the same time frame, and Kathy threw in some more freebies. I ordered with a friend and she included tarts for her too, how nice! I’m working on my third order of bigger candles, 1/2 pound bags of tarts, and more tart samples. If you know what kinds of scents you like, give Kathy a call or email. She has a knack for recommending scents based on your personal preferences. She has also added some new items and scents to her website. I really like that you can purchase single tarts to sample scents. I thought I would really like some scents, but I actually ended up liking other ones much better. These candles last so long that if you bought something you weren’t crazy about, you would be burning it for quite a while. My candles from my first review over a month ago are just now down to the last half inch and I burn a candle nearly every night. My friend already knows what she wants for her second order and I will update on my third order if I ever make up my mind . . . 🙂

Reviewed by: scentsable
Date: October 13, 2006

5 Stars

Wow, have I found a winner. After reading the good reviews, I placed an order for tarts only from this company and I couldn’t be more pleased. Shipping was fast and the tarts are the larger, more traditional type and not the small clamshells. I wanted to try them all, but put several in different tart burners with the label in front (so I wouldn’t forget what was where) and then ran around like a crazy person sniffing every one. My favorites so far are: * Log Cabin – If you’ve searched for a true, strong cedar fragrance, search no more. This scent is incredible! * Peppermint Stick – This is a crisp, strong mint scent (which I love) * Grandma’s Kichen – This is pure heaven. I don’t know how many spice scents are in this, but I know my grandma’s kitchen never smelled this good! * Cinammon Red Hot – Powerful scent and sweet at the same time. It’s great. * Christmas Memories – almost a hint of orange to it mixed with spice. I have more to try and can’t wait and I’ve already placed an order for candles this time along with more tarts. I’ve been a Yankee fan for years, but they have become so expensive anymore, I knew there had to be an alternative out there and I’ve sure found it in this company!

Reviewed by: Monalissa
Date: October 26, 2006

5 Stars

Wow, have I found a winner. After reading the good reviews, I placed an order for tarts only from this company and I couldn’t be more pleased. Shipping was fast and the tarts are the larger, more traditional type and not the small clamshells. I wanted to try them all, but put several in different tart burners with the label in front (so I wouldn’t forget what was where) and then ran around like a crazy person sniffing every one. My favorites so far are: * Log Cabin – If you’ve searched for a true, strong cedar fragrance, search no more. This scent is incredible! * Peppermint Stick – This is a crisp, strong mint scent (which I love) * Grandma’s Kichen – This is pure heaven. I don’t know how many spice scents are in this, but I know my grandma’s kitchen never smelled this good! * Cinammon Red Hot – Powerful scent and sweet at the same time. It’s great. * Christmas Memories – almost a hint of orange to it mixed with spice. I have more to try and can’t wait and I’ve already placed an order for candles this time along with more tarts. I’ve been a Yankee fan for years, but they have become so expensive anymore, I knew there had to be an alternative out there and I’ve sure found it in this company!

Reviewed by: tmarcusen
Date: June 2, 2007

5 Stars

This is one of my new favorite candle companies. Superb customer service & high quality of soy tarts, not to mention the variety of wonderful scents, keeps drawing me back to order more. The scents I keep going back to right now are: Butter Cookie, Lemon Pound Cake, Pumpkin Crunch Cake & Home Sweet Home I usually don’t like anything pumpkin or lemon… but, these versions from K’s aren’t overly sweet. The scent doesn’t overwhelm you when you walk in the room, but makes you want to keep smelling the air. 🙂

Candlefind Review Archive Photostrip

Reviewed by: tartlvr
Date: March 31, 2011

5 Stars

I’ve ordered from Kathy at K’s for years now and never been disappointed. I’ve tried other companies off and on, but always come back to her. Two of my personal favorites are Fresh Cut Grass (just ordered that to get in the mood for spring!) and Pumpkin Pie Spice. My absolute favorite is Log Cabin which is sort of (for lack of a better description) sulty, smoky (not like cigarettes) campfire type scent that I melt year round. You will never be disappointed ordering from K’s Kreations. She always throws in sample tarts and from that, I’ve found many I keep ordering. She sent me a Sinfully Hot tart once and it’s on my list every time I place an order. Excellent company, service, shipping is fast, etc. Love it!

Reviewed by: CandleLass
Date: March 23, 2014

5 Stars

Awesome! K’s is a totally amazing company! The scent list is terrific and constantly growing. Kathy has many different types of waxies but I really fell in love with her Sniff’in Sticks! You get 4 sticks in a pack for $3.50 which I think is a great deal! She’s got so many different scent blends and you can also make up your own which is fun. 😉 I have ordered from K’s many times and have always had my order in 2 weeks or less. Kathy is really lovely and super helpful if you ever have a question. I have a ton of favorite scents from this company…too many to list but constant reorders for me are ANY of her coffee scents (mmmmmmmm!) like Coffee & Cookies or Blissful Morning OR her bread scents like Coffee Brûlée Bread, Amish Cookie Bread or Berry Coconut Cookie Bread! All yummy and delicious! Give K’s a try…you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Reviewed by: Dawn
Date: August 20, 2005

4.5 Stars

Wow! K’s Kreations is a fabulous company! I ordered a selection of her melts on 8/15 and they arrived on 8/19. She has great communication with her customers, keeping me updated about my order until it arrived. Her melt prices can’t be beat, .95 for a tart and they are enough to fill your burner, you don’t need two. I ordered two of each scent I chose not knowing this, but I am glad I did because they smell amazing. Right now I’m burning Homespun Sugar and it’s unbelieveable. Smells like all things yummy. Raspberry Truffle is awesome too! This is a company you should take a look at, especially if you’re a tart lover like me!

Reviewed by: rntiffany
Date: April 27, 2006

4.5 Stars

I am having a run of luck now!!! 🙂 I bought 2 26oz candles from here. Got a free tart in Muscadine (sp). The tart has an excellent throw a nice grape scent-not a particular scent I would have purchased, so I was glad to get it as a sample!!! The 2 candles were nice! Clear apothecary jars one in Frostbite-a wonderful scent-just like the Lifesaver wintergreen candies (which are a personal fav of mine)!! The throw is med-high. I like this one!!! I also bought the Snozzberry (Willy Wonka) this one is different-the throw is intermittent-I smell it sometimes quite well and other times I did not notice it at all. It is a strong fruity smell when I did notice it-I think from speaking with others that this is the way this scent is. So overall-VERY HAPPY!! The candles burn clean and the wicks are GREAT! The wicks have that nice turning under not mushroom effect just like Pure Scent’s wicks. I love my Frostbite candle and would definately recommend you give K’s Kreations a try!! 😉

Reviewed by: trep
Date: November 14, 2006

4.5 Stars

I ordered a variety of tarts from this company. I tried the Fresh Strawberry first but didn’t care for it–then I tried the Coconut Bay–this was very strong and coconutty. At the moment I have the Gourmet Sugar Cookie burning and it is wonderful. The whole house smells like a rich, buttery cookie. Kathy is very nice to deal with and even included 3 free tarts with my order. I also got the Candlefind discount. All in all a pleasant experience. Update–I have the Birthday Cake burning now and it is great. Just one is fragrancing the entire house. I told my husband what it was called and he said that’s just what it smelled like. I tried the Raspberry Zinger last night and this is a very authentic scent. It had just the right mix of raspberry and bakery scent. Another really nice one from this company is the Butter Cookie–it has a quality to it that I haven’t found in any other butter cookie type tart I’ve found. Very rich and soothing. Christmas Memories–very nice with an orange scent that I loved Pumpkin spice–best of this type of scent I have found Hot Orange Danish–I love this one and will be ordering more.

Reviewed by: ddbug
Date: August 21, 2007

4.5 Stars

I like this company, every candle I have ordered has had a good scent throw and burned nicely. The scents I have tried is almond delight, strawberry, and caramel cinnamon latte. I really liked all of them but the caramal cinnamon latte had the strongest scent throw. The other two had a medium throw. She always sends free tarts with your orders and there nice strong tarts. She scent me one in hillbilly homebrew and it smelled awesome so I had to order a candle and just got it yesterday, I cant wait to burn it. This is a company that you should definitely try because she has great candles and prices plus she has alot of scents to choose from. Her shipping is reasonable also.

Reviewed by: JDSteinmetz
Date: May 12, 2006

4 Stars

I have read such really great reviews about this company (that reason and the current discount offer) — I decided to place an order — Here is what I got…(ordered 5/12 — received 5/17 — fast shipping!) BURNT: GOOD ONES– 8 oz – PEACH AMBROSIA – COLD – smells like real canned peaches — really like this on so far (wished I would have gotten a bigger one!) HOT — this is an nice scent — definately would buy again — BIGGER — very nice complex fruit scent ~8 oz – FRUIT SLICES – COLD – similar to PI’s fruit slices — HOT — fruity sweet/tart scent — a good strong throw, especially for an 8 oz. candle — I will definitely buy this one again, but bigger! JUST OKAY SCENTS — 26 oz – ISLAND HOLIDAY – COLD – this one I am not sure about – fruity but not able to tell what I am smelling – HOT – sort of disappointed in the scent – I smell strawberries mainly with something else — I guess I wish I would have not bought the BIG one in this scent – the scent throw is moderate (but hardly tropical) strawberries and cream-ish 8 oz – GINGER SNAPS – COLD – slight gingerbread scent – HOT – a little stronger than cold was – it smells like gingerbread baking without any sweetness or lemon with a moderate throw for a small candle — the fragrance did seem to linger several hours in my bedroom after extinguishing. 8 oz – MANGO PAYPAYA – COLD – not as sweet as I was hoping for ~ HOT ~ very similar to the Island Holiday with less strawberry 8 oz – STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE – COLD – can smell the rhubarb ~ HOT ~ Moderate to Strong — nice ~~8 oz – HOT ORANGE DANISH – COLD – frosting with orange extract ~ HOT ~ the scent is not real strong when burning on this one ~ sort of orange/vanilla smell ~ Light throw. ~Kathy included some freebies with my order – two tarts “berry creme brulee” and “maple nut sticky bun”. Very cute packaging. IMPRESSION SO FAR — These candles do burn very very well and I like their wicks ALOT (which are really nice and don’t seem to mushroom even if left burning for litterly HOURS). But I am not super thrilled with several of the scents I purchased and burned — of course that is my personal taste and not K’s fault (guess I should say smell ;)) I would suggest that maybe you order small sizes first of the different scent, before you jump into the big boys! I have noticed — which I find peculiar — these candles seem to get strong scented the longer they are burned… and the scent changes — then maybe it doesn’t and it is me picking their scents up differently… Julianne

Reviewed by: HilaryB
Date: May 14, 2007

3.5 Stars

I ordered Tangerine Dreams tart bars, and the Sea Island Grapefruit tart bars. I wanted to try just a few scents to get a feel for this company. The owner was very nice and gave me a extra tart in the scent Lemon Drop. Tangerine Dreams: Smelled amazing and really authentic cold, but it virtually had no throw to it!! Sea Island Grapefruit: Was yummy and really did smell like a juicy grapefruit; it only had a very mild throw. Lemon Drop: Smelled just like a tart lemon drop. This one was the stongest of the three. I guess you could say I was a little dissapointed in the throw these tarts delivered. The scents were great, but they did’nt seem to travel very far if at all. I don’d know if it was because they were tart bars (I put two cubes in my burner)and thats why the throw was very faint or if its just me. The Lemon Drop tart had a good throw to it. It filled up my kitchen with a yummy lemon scent and it seemed to last about 10 hrs. I think K’s offers very nice authentic scents and maybe I just need to get a large candle to get the throw that I want. Shipping was fast and customer service was great!

Reviewed by: Cupcake1985
Date: September 24, 2011

3.5 Stars

I ordered the Chocolate Lovers candle. The design is SO cute! It even has a cute chocolate bar tart sticking out the top. =) I was kind of bummed that the candle did not come with a lid though. =( The shipping was super fast, which is always a plus for me. They also sent me 4 free tarts! I can’t wait to use them. The owner of K’s Kreations also seems very sweet. I can tell that she really cares about her customers. The only negative feedback I have about my candle is that it has a weak scent throw. Even when lit, I can only smell it when I’m sitting right next to it. Out of 1-10, I would rate the scent throw a 4 (which was kind of shocker, considering it left my mailbox smelling just like a chocolate bar). UPDATE: After (about) 3 hours of burning the candle, the scent throw was amazing. From a scale of 1-10 I would rate this scent a 7. =) UPDATE: Wow! I just tried the a County Fair (buttery caramel popcorn) scent and I must say that it is one of my new favorite scents! I am definitely a new loyal customer! <3

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