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For Every Body Candles – Sugar Cookie


Carolyn's Sugar Cookie review

Sugar Cookie Scented Candles – For Every Body

by Carolyn O’Conner

Brand: For Every Body

Scent: Grandma’s Sugar Cookie

Type: 12oz cube jar

Cost: $12.00


Introduction to my For Every Body sugar cookie candle review…

I was in Kohls a couple weeks ago on a hunt for a new handbag for winter.  After looking at every single purse on the shelves, I wound up walking out of the store with no handbag and 4 candles….I couldn’t resist.  I found a big display of candles from the popular company, For Every Body.  Candles from For Every Body are made from renewable, biodegradable soy wax, which is a plus for me!  I was so excited to get some.  I had heard about them from being the queen of candles online, but never tried one until now. (just kidding about that queen part)

Kohls had several scents from For Every Body to choose from, but not a huge selection compared to what you can find on their web site.  I wanted to buy a couple seasonal scents to review so I started sniffing away.  I fell in love with their Grandma’s Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon French Toasts scents, so I bought those.  They didn’t seem totally seasonal to me, but they were the only ones I really liked and as usual, I have to keep my nose happy.  🙂  Out of the two scents I chose, Grandma’s Sugar Cookie seems more seasonal to me, so I’m gonna talk about that one here.  I’ll write a review of the French Toast scent for you in the future.



How did my Grandma’s Sugar Cookie candle from For Every Body smell?

I really like the smell of this candle and if you like sugar cookies, I think you will too.  To me, it smells like warm, fresh-from-the-oven vanilla sugar cookies. I can smell those little sugar sprinkles on the top too. One thing I really like about this scent is that it’s not too sweet… there’s just enough sugar in it to satisfy my sweet tooth.

When I was burning this candle the other day, a wonderful memory popped in my mind.  When I was a teenager, my family would take an annual day trip out to Lancaster, PA to enjoy the sights and good food.  🙂  Our trip was never complete unless we stopped at this little old lady’s house.  Her name was Sadie and she made the best homemade cookies in town.  She sold them in a makeshift kitchen/store that was attached to her old big, white farm house.

Sadie’s house sat at the top of a big rolling hill with green fields all around.  When we turned down her rural road and our car started to climb that steep hill, I would get so excited.  You have to Carolyn's Sugar Cookie reviewunderstand…everytime we opened her creaky screen door and walked into her cookie room, the smell of her cookies was truly mesmerizing and mouthwatering.  We admired Sadie so much. She would slave every day in this hot kitchen making batch after batch of the most delicious, softest, most homemade-tasting cookies I have ever had.  Her little makeshift cookie shop was very well known.  People would travel for miles and miles for her cookies.

My family’s favorite was Sadie’s sugar cookies.  They were out of this world….so soft, so fresh…they had that awesome cookie batter taste. They would just melt in my mouth.  We would buy a couple packs of them and they would only last a couple days when we got home… we devoured them.  Anyway, the other day, I laid down for a quick rest while I had my Grandma’s Sugar Cookie candle burning.  I took a deep breath and realized this candle smells just like her awesome sugar cookies.  How I miss them!  I think Sadie passed away years ago, but I will always have this candle to remind me of her and her cookies.  Sorry for the long story, but I just couldn’t leave out my special memory. 🙂

The only thing I’m unsure about with this candle is the scent throw. For the first few days that I burned it, it was nice and strong and the scent filled my medium-sized room.  I REALLY enjoyed it then.  It seems though as the candle got further down in the jar, the scent throw wasn’t as strong.  I was pretty surprised by the difference.  I don’t know if this will happen to you if you try this candle.  It might just be my nose, but I wanted to share it with you.



candle-flameHow did my For Every Body candle burn?

My candle burned really clean…I didn’t notice any smoke.  The wax started to tunnel for the first several burns. I think it was from the shape of the top of the jar.  When the wax was further down below the should of the jar, as long as I allowed enough time for it to melt to the sides of the jar, there was no more tunneling. (I hope that made sense to you!)



Closing to my review:

On a scale from one to ten, I think I’ll rate my Sugar Cookie candle a 7.  When the scent was strong, I really enjoyed it… it was so comforting.  This is the type of scent that I think just about all of you would enjoy….as long as the scent fills your room.  On that note, I guess I’ll cautiously recommend this candle to you.  It all depends on what you closing to my candle reviewconsider a strong enough smelling candle.

For me, this candle wasn’t consistently strong enough for me to buy it again.  For you, it might be. If you don’t mind spending a little money trying different candle brands, I say give this candle a try.  If you do mind spending your money on candles that might not be MAJORLY strong all the time, then you might want to pass on this candle…it’s up to you.  Remember, we all have different noses. 🙂

I will be trying more scented candles from For Every Body in the future so I can get a better feel for this candle company.

~ Carolyn

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Hi, I’m Cynthia, the current owner & Candle Lover in Chief here at Candlefind. I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame. I love luxury candles (who wouldn’t?) and unique scent combinations. When I’m not scenting, I love reading and playing with my wild & crazy pup, Holly Berry.

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  1. I bought my for everybody candles years ago in my 20s now im in my fortys i have the oatmeal cookie scent. And it still smells wonderful i think i bought it from aj wright the store closed down ten years ago. I will go on line and buy more

  2. I’ve bought this candle a few times from Ross or TJ maxx and I’ve always enjoyed burning it. The wax is a creamy color and often has sprinkles or embeds on the top. Sometimes I find it doesn’t burn completely clean but the throw is pretty good for a cheap candle. No weird undertones just delicious vanilla goodness. Definitely give it try if you find it at your local store!

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Owner & Candle Lover in Chief

I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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