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Pumpkin Cake Pop, Goose Creek Candles
Goose Creek Pumpkin Cake Pop Candle

Product Name: Pumpkin Cake Pop

Product Description: Yum! Delight in a mouthwatering, fun-filled pumpkin cake pop!

Brand: Goose Creek Candles

Offer price: 29.99

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Candlefind Says

Pumpkin Patch Pop is a really light pumpkin cake scented candle housed in the cutest glass pumpkin jar. 


  • Clean, even burn
  • Super cute jar, great for repurposing
  • Lasts a long time


  • Poor scent strength/throw
  • Seasonal availability

Intro To My Candle Review

One of the cutest pumpkin candles from our monster Goose Creek pumpkin candle review was Pumpkin Cake Pop, as it was housed in a glass pumpkin jar, complete with a lid with a stem. I had issues with the lid, though, as a couple of the pumpkin candles arrived with broken lids. Goose Creek customer service was on top of it, though, and sent out replacement lids quick-like. Once my candle was ‘complete,’ I was ready to try out this pumpkin cake pop candle

First Impressions of My CandleGoose Creek Pumpkin Cake Pop Candle

Like I mentioned, I was nose over heels in love with the design of this candle. The jar was 22 ounces of wax and it had 3 wicks. As a comparison, the 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works are 14.5 ounces and a large apothecary jar (single wick) from Yankee Candle is 22 ounces. This candle seemed so much larger than the large YC jar, but probably because of the design. I also loved the wide mouth of this candle jar, as I figured that would help with the melt pool and overall scent throw. 

On cold sniff, I didn’t detect much. I noticed some faint, cakey notes without any frosting. Still, I know wax has to warm sometimes to start getting a really good sense of the scent. 

Yum! Delight in a mouthwatering, fun-filled pumpkin cake pop!

Goose Creek Candles

Since this candle had such a large mouth and 3-wicks, I thought I would try it out first in a large, open living space. I lit the three wicks and let the magic begin. The candle was able to get a full wax melt pool in a relatively short period of time due to the 3 wicks. Still, even once I got the full wax melt pool, I wasn’t smelling much! I was soooo bummed. 

I moved the candle to a small bathroom and that’s when I was able to start detecting the scent. There were cake notes with just a bit of spiciness that I noted. I didn’t detect any frosting, but I wasn’t really expecting that with this scent. The disappointing part was how light the scent was. As I read the online reviews, I figured I must have gotten a dud. This one barely made a dent in the air in the small bathroom. 

cake pops in jar

How Did My Candle Perform?

I had zero problems with the performance of this candle. The three wicks did get my container fairly hot but the glass was nice and thick, so it handled it well. I did use my lid to snuff out my candle sometimes, but I found it better to use a snuffer or wick dipper. I hated trapping all that smoke down into my candle by using the lid. The candle burned on down without difficulty, no wasted wax on the sides. 

Closing To My Candle Review

I was really disappointed with the scent strength and throw of this candle. It did perform well, though. And the bonus? I got a super cute container to use after all the wax was gone. How cute will these pumpkin jars be as candy jars next Fall? Exactly. 

Goose Creek is usually a very solid company, so I’m thinking I got a dud on this one. It’s no longer for sale, but I’ll probably try it again next season to see if there’s a difference. 

About Goose Creek Candle Company

Goose Creek Candle Company is a family-owned business founded by Chuck Meece in 1998 in the small town of Liberty, Kentucky. They offer a multitude of candle products such as classic apothecary jars, tumbler style jars, large centerpiece candles, 3-wick candles, and wax melts, along with a host of other home fragrance products.

If you haven’t tried this brand… they are a great choice. With a larger variety of styles, incredible sales and a good range of fragrances… you can’t go wrong.

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