Potterwyx candle review

by Avery Jordan

Brand: Potterwyx.com

16 oz Balmoral jars $16.00
Scalloped tarts: 3/$2

Cinnamon Apple Strudel
Almond Rum Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Coconut Cream Pie
Fresh Coffee

Candles: mild + to medium

Tarts: Strong


Introduction to my review of scented candles from Potterwyx:

Dieters BEWARE!

You know… this candle-n-tart melting business is a lot of work! We are taking time out for a coffee break. Along with our Fresh Coffee, we are going to try out some calorie-laden treats, compliments of Potterwyx. This review will either take care of those sweet cravings – or send you running straight to cookbooks/bakeries/grandma’s house. (Disclaimer: Candlefind is not responsible for any weight gained in the reading of this review!) 🙂

Potterwyx! What a great name! Whether you are talking Harry or Beatrix, you know adventure is ahead with the Potters. And the “wyx” part? Sometimes alternative spellings can’t cut it – but I am a Candle flamefan of this one! Yep, I am excited already – loving the whimsy of the name and the luscious scents to test.

When you are shopping on line you will see the new website home page (a majestic gold with nature scenes), and you’ll find the menu on the left, as usual. There is a medium size scent list – and it looks like a work in process since only a few have descriptions. They have several types of containers – including an interesting fall style that is pumpkin shaped. Candles are made from both soy and paraffin. There are diffusers and aroma beads too, if you have other scenting needs. To order, click directly on the “shopping cart” link.

Before we move on, lets talk a little about how Potterwyx got its start. It seems that Ron, the owner, is a bit of a nuisance! Unable to let his wife do her work alone in peace, he was advised to “get a hobby”, LOL! As luck would have it, a timely show on candle making was on TV on the DIY channel, and off Ron went to his local craft store, armed with a recipe to make fruit pie candles…that did not turn out so well! Not to be deterred, research led him to his current method of candle making, and like many other candle makers before him – friends and acquaintances soon began to ask how to buy the candles (and especially the aroma beads) he had made. Potterwyx was born!



What do my candles and tarts look like?

I received Balmoral jars and packs of tarts. The scalloped tarts are in “3s”, and they are in a baggie with a label. I am not crazy about baggies for storing Potterwyx scented candle reviewwax, so let’s put in a request right now for new packaging!

The jars are very sleek and attractive, the wax is a paraffin blend. The clear containers with their rounded shoulders and clear lids are almost label free. (There is a small sticker on the top of the lid naming the fragrance.)

The Almond Rum Cake is a golden yellow tan, the Strawberry shortcake is red, the Coconut Cream Pie is off white, Fresh Coffee is a coffee-with cream-brown, and the Apple Cinnamon Strudel is red. All are single wicks.



Napkin in place? Utensils ready? Let’s dive in and see how they smell!

Almond Rum CakeAlmond rum cake scented candle from Potterwyx, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers

The candle – I smell almond with a heavier base note, like a blend of caramel and spice – and even a little smokiness? As it burns, the almond is like a toasted almond scent. Once the candle burned about half way down I smelled mainly rum cake. This was the second strongest candle, and it held the scent the best.

The tart – crikey! This is strong enough to have a warning label! The almond is a stronger note here than in the candle, with a very pronounced buttery rum scent. In short – fabulous! It lasted for the entire tealight, about 4 hours.



Coconut Cream PieCoconut Cream Pie scented candle review from Potterwyx, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers

Mmmmmm… this one is yummy! I am not a big fan of a lot of coconut scents and so I love it when I find one that fits my nose! I prefer coconut scents that are softer and more buttery – the ones that smell like toasted coconut are too harsh for my taste. This lil guy is soooo good! It is like a big bowl of vanilla-y buttery custard with some fresh coconut stirred in.

The candle was softly scented – it lightly scented a 9×9 room. The tarts (with a tealight) scented the same room with a medium throw. The coconut was stronger in the tart, and the candle had a stronger “cream” scent to my nose.



Apple Cinnamon StrudelApple Cinnamon Strudel scented candle review from Potterwyx, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers

This candle was the lightest of the bunch, and I smell mainly cinnamon with a pastry chaser! I am not aware of much of the apple in this combo, but the bakery scent is comforting, cinnamony, and reminds me of the smell of cinnamon rugelach cookies, fresh from the oven.

When my tart first started melting I smelled a buttery apple, but it soon was hidden by the cinnamon. This tart was a 2-tealight tart. The throw is good – easily scenting a room and heading down the hall.



Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake scented candle review from Potterwyx.com

This smells like strawberries and whipped cream to me. I didn’t get much cake, but I usually pick the strawberries off and eat them, and leave most of the cake anyway!

Candle – Mild throw, strongest at the end of the first hour. It does not smell artificial me.

Tarts – Killer! These were strong enough to cover the testing room, go down the hall and then scent the family room. This was still pretty strong at the end of the tealight, (about 3 ½ hours), but I find that some strawberry scents get a plastic smell if I let them go too long so I did not light up another tealight.



Fresh Coffee
Fresh Coffee scented candle review from Potterwyx
I had originally thought it would be fun to do desserts with a “cup of coffee” for this review, but let me tell you, this Fresh Coffee scent actually fits just as well in the dessert category! It is like opening the tub of Ben & Jerry’s – it is decadent, mouthwatering, and it was my favorite! I imagine you could stir up a cup of coffee with enough cream and sugar to make it taste like this smells, but I think then you just made a dessert out of it anyway!The candle was the strongest of the group – it scented a 10×10 room. There were no surprises when the candle was lit – it retained the same yummy cold-sniff scent. The tarts, once again, filled 2-3 rooms with scent, and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing a spoon and heading to the freezer!



How do the candles and tarts perform?

The candles did a super job until they got to the wide part of the balmoral jar where they struggled a bit. It seems that the widest part of jars give candles a little trouble quite often. Here they left a bit of wax on the glass and on one of them I needed to dip out a little wax to keep the wick from drowning. I was Candle flameable to get the wax to melt away doing a “swirly”, (carefully holding the cool part of the glass and swirling it in such a way that the pool of hot wax rose up and melted the clinging wax on the sides of the jar.) A shade also helped. However, once the broadest part of the jar was done, things picked back up and the candle burned fine, a just leaving a smidge of a wax ring at the widest part of the jar. No wick trimming was required, and no soot.The tarts were melted with tealights – and all of them were steeee-rong! They all lasted for at least one tea light and could have probably lasted for another hour or two.



Final thoughts?

Ron has not let the Potter name down! Keep Potterwyx in mind when shopping for your wax – the candles are very pretty and most did a pretty good job of scenting smaller rooms if you don’t mind a little wax fussing, mid-candle. It was not a big enough problem to keep me from burning themLoved Potterwyx! Final thoughts on Avery's review again.The Potterwyx tarts stole the show! I thought they were amazing! My hat is off to Mrs. Potter – thank you for sending hubby off to “find a hobby”! (And to DYI channel for not showing a episode of decoupage at that particular moment…) I will definitely be perusing the scent list (hoping for more descriptions?) and planning my wish list.

But first…there is a small matter of a half eaten tub of ice cream to attend to…

Happy candle smelling!

~ Avery

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