Perfect Lemon

Perfect Lemon Pier 1 Candle ReviewPerfect Lemon

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Pier 1 Imports

Type: 14oz 3 wick candle

Fragrance: Perfect Lemon

Scent Strength: Medium/Light

First impression of Perfect Lemon: 

Pier 1 is branching out in their candle department and I am loving that they are. They still carry their standard pillars and low profile wide 3 wick jars but they now have new 3 wick candles that look very similar (if not exact) to Bath & Body Works. My last trip to Pier 1, they had a huge display with a 2 for 20 sale. Of course, I purchased two to test out and Perfect Lemon was one of them. LEMON!! When I popped off the lid – oh my goodness!! Fresh, fresh, FRESH citrus lemon hit my nose and it smelled divine!

Here is the scent description for Perfect Lemon:

Top note: Lemon zest
Middle notes: Lemon, lime, bergamot
Base notes: Mandarin orange, white pomelo

Just sniffing the wax, I detected lemon zest, lemon and lime the most. I’m sure the other elements were there as well but blended too well to pick up on. Lemon lovers… this candle smells like a tart Sicilian lemon with hints of sugar. Super fresh and zesty. My mouth was watering.

Time to light this baby up!

Perfect LemonI decided to stay conservative and light this candle in a small room to start out. I know it has three wicks but past experiences with Pier 1 candles has shown me they’re generally lightly scented. Perfect Lemon performed wonderfully in a small room so it was a good choice. Once the wicks were lit, it didn’t take long to reach a full melt pool and the aroma… a fresh, FRESH lemon/lime filled my powder room and it was – get ready for this…. PERFECT! Just as the name implies. Pun intended, lol. I have tried my fair share of citrus scents and truly, this candle personifies what a lemon/lime fragrance should smell like. Zesty lemon, tart lime and a touch of sweetness to make you smile. Perfect Lemon is a winner. As far as everything else listed in the scent description – my nose couldn’t really pick up on those and I was okay with that. I loved and enjoyed this scent just as it was.

Strength – For a Pier 1 candle, the strength wasn’t too bad. I would rate Perfect Lemon a 10 out of 10 in a small room. 6/7 in a medium and if you want to try large, go with two candles at once.

How did my Perfect Lemon candle burn?

This candle burned great the first half. Once it reached a little past the halfway mark, it pulled a Bath & Body Works on me… all three wicks fizzled out to little nubbies. From then on out, it was a dancing game keeping the lit. Bummer!

Closing to my review: 

Loved Perfect Lemon and plan on purchasing a few more before summers end. Lemon and citrus lovers… this scent ROCKED!! If you give this candle a try, start off in a small room and go from there. As far as the burn performance… I’m hoping my experience was a fluke. I liked this fragrance enough to try it again so we shall see. Crossing fingers my next one performs better.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit Pier 1 Imports 

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 2.5/5
Strength: 4/5 (rated in a small & medium room)

Overall Rating: 4/5

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