Mulled Cider & Snow Day Woodfire Candle ReviewWoodfire Candle Co

by Avery Jordan

Brand: Woodfire Candle Company

Size:  8oz Mason Jar
6oz Amber Mini Mason

Fragrances:  Snow Day and Mulled Cider

Strength: Medium in small rooms



Introduction to my Woodfire Candle Co. Review:

I am a huge fan of fall! I love the way our sunny autumn weather slips into the misty, blustery storms of the Pacific Northwest, and Fall is perfect candle weather with the flickering golden flame and cozy fragrances taking me to my happy place!

I had the opportunity to try a new-to-me company that seemed like a perfect fit for autumn.  The company – Woodfire Candle Company. Their name alone sounded like a good match for cooler weather, doesn’t it? The added bonus – all their candles have wooden wicks, and it doesn’t get much cozier than listening to the gentle crackle of a wood-wick candle in my opinion.

Before I get into the two yummy candles I tried, let me first tell you a little bit about the company itself… Woodfire Candle Company is located in the beautiful state of Minnesota and their candles are hand-poured and 100% soy and American made. You can purchase their candles via their awesome, crisp and well-designed website or if you’re an Etsy shopper, they also have an Etsy store as well if you want to go that  route. The candles themselves… very nice presentation. I personally loved the look of their candles which were housed in mason and apothecary style jars in clear or amber colored vessels. My favorite part… many of their candles have flat cork lids which really give the overall presentation a nice and unique look. See picture above. Here is another nice touch – they come in hand-stamped cotton muslin bags, which can really jazz things up for gift-giving.

Okay, now onto the candles themselves!

Mulled Cider

Scent description:

Apple, clove, orange and cinnamon – the perfect blend for a cozy fall day snuggled under a blanket.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any better than apple scents in the fall be it a classic apple or something more spicy. They are my absolute favorite and Woodfire’s version of Apple Cider was perfect and quite yummy!  The orange is not so obvious, but the apple and spices I smelled blended nicely that made a rich and almost buttery cider. YUM!! A perfect fragrance to cozy up to by a crackling fire.

Strength – Since this was a small candle, I burned it in a small powder room – I also wanted to be able to hear the crackle!  I’m happy to report, it scented the small room just fine so I’m sure a larger candle would do well in a bigger room should you care to try this fragrance.


Snow Day

Scent description:

Snow Day encourages indoor indulgence with winter spices, amber, balsam, cedar, and vanilla musk.  

I think the tendency is to “think mint” when the scent has the word “snow” in it.  Not the case with this candle! Once the candle was burning in my small room, this aroma had a strong balsam and cedar presence, and the spice and amber elements blended in made it even better. The aroma was warm and inviting and a perfect aroma for Christmas or a scent to simply burn on cold days.  Vanilla musk did not leap out at me unfortunately but maybe it was there, my nose just couldn’t pick up on it.

Strength – The candle gave a the perfect aroma in a small room.


Mahogany Coconut

I also the opportunity to do a cold sniff on another great scent – Mahogany Coconut.  This is another bold fragrance that is a great choice for cooler weather.

The description:  

Rich mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss. 

I am also a fan of woodsy scents and this fragrance smelled very robust and masculine.  Definitely give this fragrance a try if you love bold masculine fragrances.

Woodfire’s scent list is unique and sophisticated, and there are several that I can’t wait to try down the road! Oh yes, I’ll be back!



How did my candles burn?

Wooden wicks are fun!  Wooden wicks are finicky!  If you have burned a candle with these wicks you know how soothing that soft crackle can be.  And, if you have not done a good job of wick trimming, you will also know that they go out!  You get them lit, and the next thing you know nothing is burning! Poof! No flame… So, trim that black, charred stuff off!  You really need that part gone for the wick to burn correctly.

Both of my wicks had a good strong crackle.  I had one go out a couple times, (the smaller one), so I got more aggressive in my trimming and it was fine.   The candles are small enough that they quickly developed wax pools. No wax remained on the side of the 8 oz. candle, and no tunneling. The smaller one had a less intense flame, so there was a small amount of wax left on the side of the container, but no tunneling.



Woodfire Candle Company Wrap up:

I enjoyed these seasonal scents from Woodfire very much! Both wicks had a strong crackle I could hear from a few feet away, and the glow through the amber-colored glass was so pretty. I definitely was attracted to this company’s unique presentation and am looking forward to trying more fragrances down the road. The only other critique I could add to this review would be the ordering process through their website. When ordering, you have to list scents in the comment section rather than using a drop down menu. Not a big deal but a little bit of an inconvenience if you’re ordering different sizes.

On a happy note and something I loved – they make tea lights with wood wicks!  You currently may order them as scent samplers, and they are pretty darn cute, and I can see them crackling away in a grouping. They are definitely not tealights I would hide inside a melter or other candle luminaries. No way! These babies should be on full display when burning for the dramatic effect they present. Think holiday and how your guests will oooh and aaah? I’m in!

So… are you looking for something cozy to burn this holiday season?  Light a Woodfire Candle Company candle, tuck in that afghan and plop a little whipped cream on your cocoa!  Let it rain, let it blow – relax to the gentle crackle, and you also can be in your happy place just like I was!

Happy candle burning!

~ Avery

Visit Woodfire Candle Co

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 4.5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall rating: 5/5

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