Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie candle review

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Mrs. Fields

Type: 15oz bakery jar candle

Fragrance: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cost: $10.95

Scent Strength: Very light


Introduction to my Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie review:

I was cruising through my local grocery store last week when I saw a new display of candles that immediately caught my attention…. the candles were in cute bakery jars and had “Mrs. Fields” written all over them in about 6 different bakery cookie scents, um – YUM!! My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and I went straight over to smell all these tempting beauties.Anyone here not know who Mrs. Fields is? If you don’t, you need a cookie and fast!!! Going through life without eating at least ONE Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies is a travesty. Their cookies ROCK!!! So when I saw their Chocolate Chip Cookie scented candle, it was mine, no afterthought or buyers remorse at all.

I bought 5 candles… this review is on Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!



Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie candle reviewWhat did my candle look like?

These are really adorable candles. They are glass of course but in the shape of short bakery jars… the lid is silver and shaped like a tiered dome that threads onto the jar for tight closure. The wax was a dark rich brown and had 1 wick perfectly centered.



What did my Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie candle smell like?

I had such high hopes for this scent. Maybe too high. You imagine Mrs. Fields and you think of  mouth watering and amazing bakery scents. Buying their Chocolate Chip Cookies was always a treat… still warm from the oven, ooey and gooey…. sweet cookie dough mixed with semi-sweet melting chocolate chips. Closing your eyes when you take that first bite as it melts in your mouth. Um, YUM!!!!! My mouth is watering just imagining it. THAT’S what I was expecting from this candle.

Scent description:

“Mrs. Fields’ jar candle will fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly-baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.”Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie candle review

Initial opinion, smelling this candle cold didn’t wow me very much. I could smell the chocolate but not much warm bakery. Not a deciding factor though since many scents really come out after the candle has been lit. So plowing on, I lit this candle in my bedroom (my review room) and waited awhile to see some results. Came back to check throughout the day to not much scent. I ended up moving the candle to a small bathroom (tiny powder room) to get a better feel for the strength and scent – end result… a wee bit better. I could detect a bit of fragrance in the air but nothing defining. If I put my nose up to the candle, I could smell a chocolate bakery scent but it was very light. Total bummer.



candle flameHow did my Mrs. Fields candle burn?

My candle burned fine. Had to keep my wick trimmed which is normal. Teeny bit of wax left in the 4 corners where the wax never quite melted. Not that big of a deal though.



Closing to my review:

These candles sure look pretty to the eye. You see Mrs. Fields written on the labels with delectable pictures of cookies to help describe the scent and you’re pretty much sold. So it bites when you get the candle home and you can’t smell anything.

Overall presentation – A

Burn performance – B+

Scent strength – D

I’m pretty disappointed with the strength of this candle. It Closing to my Mr's Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie scented candle reviewburned fine but the scent throw was nonexistent unless you don’t mind burning your nose trying to smell it. Who wants to do that? Maybe my expectations were just too high… I don’t know. When I did put my nose up to the candle, I could smell a warm chocolate cookie scent but nothing I would oooh and aaah over. Overall opinion, this wasn’t the greatest candle. I have 4 more scents to burn through and review so maybe I’ll have better luck with these others. I hope so…

Now, where can these candles be purchased if you’re interested? I’m not sure which stores carry this brand. My local Safeway is where I found mine. I also started searching the net and found a site called that carries all the Mrs. Fields candles as well as many others like Langley and Paula Dean…. a site totally worth checking out and man are their prices reasonable. On Shopko,com, the Mrs. Fields candles are not even 7 bucks a piece. That would be the place to go for sure. I paid $10.95 each for mine at Safeway.

Would I purchase this specific candle/scent again? – Not likely. I’m giving it a 2.5 star rating (which ends up being “ok”) since the presentation was great.

Happy candle burning!!

~ Christina

Have you tried Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie candle? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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