Moroccan Oasis, Alma Luxury Candles

Product Name: Moroccan Oasis

Product Description: Mediterranean fig, rose petals, and red cloves. The smell of this candle is energetic and spicy. The fruity fig mixed with rose petals makes it a very light and pleasing smell with an added touch of spiciness of cloves. Spice things up in your fruity oasis.

Brand: Alma Luxury Candles

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Candlefind Says

A complex, sultry scent…Alma’s Moroccan Oasis was earthy, relaxing, and just the right amount of spicy. Just the right scent to take you away to that oasis!


  • Beautiful, complex scent
  • Perfect for gift giving as-is
  • Long lasting


  • Small rim of wax on sides
  • Milder scent strength & throw (best for smaller spaces)

Intro To My Candle Review

First up for this company was the candle called Moroccan Oasis. I was fascinated by the name and certainly could have used the getaway to anybody’s oasis these days. I have not had the chance to visit Morocco, but it is on my bucket list. When I think of Morocco, I think of bright colors, spices, and beautiful architecture. I was curious how this candle was going to embody this into wax form.

First Impressions of My Candle

I was thoroughly impressed with the way my Moroccan Oasis candle was packaged. It came in a gift box with a climbing “vine” taped to the box. It gave the candle a little bit of that extra “oomph” that you’re expecting when paying for a luxury candle.

The candle itself sported off-white wax and a single wick. I took a quick whiff and thought I smelled something a little smoky. Time for me to check the scent description…

Mediterranean fig, rose petals, and red cloves. The smell of this candle is energetic and spicy. The fruity fig mixed with rose petals makes it a very light and pleasing smell with an added touch of spiciness of cloves. Spice things up in your fruity oasis.

From Alma Luxury Candles’ Website

That was it – cloves! That was the smoky, sweet kind of scent that I was getting on cold whiff. I wasn’t getting any other notes, but clove can dominate so I wasn’t too surprised at this point. I was anxious to see what would happen once the wax warmed.

I decided to light my candle in a guest bedroom and try it there. Since the candle was only 9oz in size, I didn’t want it to get swallowed up in a larger space. I let it burn for about half an hour and that’s when the scent notes started to really start surfacing. I still got that warm, smoky scent, but it was lightened up by some sweeter, fruity notes. The sweet spiciness of the cloves was a good mix for the lighter, fruity notes. I also got some earthiness from this scent – a little bit green and a little bit fresh soil. It was really hard to describe, but I loved it! I would describe this scent as a bit sexy and warm. Definitely complex. I never smelled the rose petals – I think the other scents were so dominant that my nose couldn’t pick that out individually.

The scent strength was mild in a smaller sized room. I could walk in and tell the candle was burning, and it did a good job at scenting up that space with a more subtle scent. I think the scent throw was ideal for this type of heavy, warm scent.

How Did My Candle Burn?

This candle was a super slow burner. I left it burning for several hours on the first burn. Even though it was a smaller sized candle, it still took it a long time to get that full wax melt pool. It did lag behind a bit and I had a little rim of wax left on the sides. Not much, but enough that it deserves mentioning.

This was a super clean burning candle. I did notice any black sooting. The wick kept my flame nice and tame. I just kept it neatly trimmed in between burns. I got about 50 hours worth of burn from my candle, which is over the stated burn time. Score!

Closing To My Candle Review

This was a great candle and I’m glad I started with it. I love complex scents and this was definitely one of those – a mix of a little fruity-sweet with a little smoky-spicy, green and earthy notes. I didn’t get floral but I think they just got drowned out with the more prominent notes. I do wish the scent strength were a little stronger, but it will do just fine in a smaller space. If you like complex scents with warmth, then this would be a great candle to try. I can’t wait to be taken away by my other candles from Alma!

About Alma Luxury Candles

I love discovering new-to-me candle companies. I’m always interested in learning about the story behind the candles. That’s why I was excited when approached by the owner of Alma Candles – an affordable, luxury brand of candles made from 100% coconut wax. Like me, Jessica is fond of luxury candles and the experience they can bring. She sought out to create her own version of a luxury candle, only keeping the price reasonable, so that everyone could have the opportunity to enjoy them.

There are 9 different candles from Alma, referred to as the Destinations Collection. Jessica has spent countless hours and nose-time researching the different destinations and what makes them unique. She embodies this into a candle, creating the type of luxurious experience many of us hope for.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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