Michigan White Pine, Michigan Pure Soy Candles

Product Name: Michigan White Pine

Product Description: The refreshing scent of pine needles and brisk Upper Peninsula air.

Brand: Michigan Pure Soy Candles

Price: 14.99

Currency: USD

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Candlefind Says

A crisp, refreshing scent that is perfect in preparation for the upcoming Fall season.


  • Crisp, refreshing scent
  • Authentic
  • Very clean burn
  • Good scent throw


  • Scent strength once burning (want just a tad stronger)
  • Rim of wax
  • Loose lid

Intro To My Candle Review

All three candles came boxed in a black box with a window, allowing you to see the goodies inside. All candle jars were the 10-oz size, in a squat apothecary style with a black lid. The lid was kind of loose on the jars, so I had to be careful when picking them up. The wax was off-white in color and each candle had a single wick, well-placed and centered.

First Impressions of My Candle

I chose Michigan White Pine for starters because it smelled SOOO GOOD cold! It was like a breath of fresh air outside in the forest. Fresh, crisp, and clean…those were my thoughts when smelling this candle.

Per the website’s scent description:

The refreshing scent of pine needles and brisk Upper Peninsula air.

From Michigan Pure Soy Candles’ Website

Alright, I’ve been all over the country, but I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Michigan before. I’m not sure how their Peninsula air smells, but I come from an area full of pine trees and I can certainly vouch for that. This candle smelled like those pine needles – right on the tree! There was a bit of a crispness, too. So refreshing. I couldn’t wait to burn it!

Given the size, I did decide to burn this one in my guest bedroom and then later in an office space. I left it burning and kept checking in for the freshness. I could smell the scent of pine needles. There was also that crisp air note – minty? I’m not sure I would describe it as peppermint, but there was definitely other notes at play that kept this from being a one-note wonder.

The scent strength was moderately strong. I was honestly expecting it to be super duper strong based on cold sniff, but it was still pretty good. The scent throw was really good, as I could tell this candle was burning even when I was down the hall.

How Did My Candle Burn?

I had the candle burning for several hours on the first burn and got an almost-full wax melt pool. I did have a little bit of wax hung up on the sides, so that does deserve a mention. Super clean burn. I had no black sooting and the wick was easy to maintain. This candle also burned a really long time. Like really long! I had it going for about 50 hours and change. That’s excellent for a candle this size.

Closing To My Candle Review

I loved this candle – from start to finish. It was fresh, crisp, and clean. Very realistic as far as the pine needles…and there was a little something extra to give it that crisp, clean oomph. I do wish this one were a tad bit stronger scent-wise, but it did have a really good throw. If you like fresh, clean scents, this would be a good one to try. It’s outdoorsy without being too “rustic,” if you know what I mean. I can’t wait to try my other candles from this company.

About Simplistic Candle Shoppe

Simplistic Candle Shoppe was founded in 2015 and offers environmentally safe, organic products. They rotate candle scents out on a seasonal basis. They have 8oz and 16oz 100% soy candle jars as well as wax melts and organic body scrubs.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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