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Meet Our Reviewers

We are all about teamwork here at Candlefind. It takes a lot of different hands (and noses) on deck to bring you as many reviews as possible. Meet our current team of reviewers and what makes them so special here at Candlefind!


Resident Guru For: Luxury Candles, Bar Soaps >

Andrea is our main reviewer here at Candlefind. She reviews it all – from candles to bath/body products and everything in between. Her background as a scientist makes her very methodical and detailed-oriented in her reviews.

I’ve loved scented wax for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have at least one candle burning in my home.
Favorite Scents: Bakery, Floral


Resident Guru For: Bakery Scents >

Susan is a fairly new reviewer to the Candlefind site and enjoys the relaxing experience that comes with lighting an aromatic candle. Her favorite scents are cinnamon, spice, and citrus candles along with many bakery favorites.

She especially enjoys the candles that offer fragrance layering.
Favorite Scents: Spice & Citrus


Resident Guru For: Indie Shops >

Julia is our go-to wax melt informant and creates some beautiful wax staging photos.

She loves bakery & complex scents.
Favorite Scents: Bakery & Complex


Resident Guru For: Wax Melts>


Resident Guru For: Fresh/Clean & Manly Scents >

Mac brings a male perspective to the Candlefind site. His favorite scents are those that are clean and fresh, such as Clean Cotton.

He also enjoys slow burning soy candles that combine multi-fragrance combinations.
Favorite Scents: Clean & Fresh

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