Marshmallow Candy Cane Melts – Better Homes and Gardens ReviewMarshmallow Candy Cane

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Better Homes and Gardens

Scent: Marshmallow Candy Cane

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00

These melts were purchased at Walmart

First Impression of Marshmallow Candy Cane:

Mmm! Now Marshmallow Candy Cane was a scent I couldn’t resist the moment I spied them on a Walmart shelf. The wax was a cotton candy pink and the scent… sweet vanilla and candy canes. Crisp, cool and 100% yum!!

Here is the scent description I pulled off Walmart’s website:

Marshmallow Candy Cane wax cubes is fragranced with sweet spearmint and peppermint candy cane swirled into a creamy, delicious mix of whipped marshmallow fluff, vanilla creme and crystallized sugar. Vanilla wafers add a crispy sensation.

Sounds pretty perfect to me and one of my favorite holiday scents to burn and melt during the months of December and January. I loved the scent, now let’s see how they melt.


I used the entire clamshell pack (3 cubes each) in two electric melts in my great room. Once melting, it took roughly 20 minutes before the scent was wafting through my living space and the aroma was just as I hoped it would be… crisp peppermint candy canes with swirls of sugar and creamyMarshmallow Candy Canes vanilla… heavy on the peppermint. The air in my living room was cool and kind of gave you the chills at times. Some like that, some don’t. I happen to love it!!

Strength – I would rate these melts a 9 out of 10 in a really large room. 10 in medium to smaller rooms. Very nice strength.

Definitely check out Marshmallow Candy Canes from Better Homes and Gardens next time you’re at Walmart if you love sweet candy cane scents. It was nice and I’ll definitely be going back for more.  Hurry though, it’s a limited scent and won’t be around too much longer.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Strength: 5/5

Overall rating: 5/5

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