Margarita Wax Melts – ScentSationals ReviewMargarita

by Christina Rylan

Brand: ScentSational’s Wickless Candles

Scent: Margarita

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00


First impression of Margarita:

Before I get started on this review, I want to point out I purchased these melts through ScentSationals website prior to them closing and announcing they were exclusively selling their scents at Walmart. What fragrances are sold at your local Walmart depends on the store so you may find this scent at yours or  you might not. That’s the saddest part of ScentSationals closing their website. They definitely offered way more scents than any Walmart carries. 🙁

Margarita was a scent I couldn’t resist purchasing and the wax smelled pretty amazing. It truly did smell like a classic margarita… a fruity citrus scent with a touch of salt. Very nice and refreshing!

Here is a funny… the description on the label said: A harvest medley of pine and spice.  – Huh? Total typo and I wonder if they caught that? LOL!!



I used the entire clamshell pack (3 cubes each) in two electric melters in my great room. Once melting, it only took a few minutes before I started noticing the scent and from then on out… WOW!! This scent rocked!! The entire upper level of my home was filled with the sweet fragrance of limes and salt. Yep, I could actually smell the saltiness which I loved.

Now that I’ve been melting this scent for several hours, I actually think this scent smelled like the classic margarita mix you buy in the store minus the tequila. It’s distinctive. You talk about refreshing… this scent really had be craving a real margarita with salt on the rim too. YUM!!

Strength – on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this scent a 9 in a large room. It was pretty strong. 10+ in a medium or smaller rooms. Great scent throw!

Should you run across this scent at your local Walmart, smell the wax and see what you think. You may walk away with a few. Especially of you love sweet and refreshing citrus scents.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Strength: 5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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