by Christina Rylan

Brand: Lobue’s Candle Co.

Asian Green Tea
Lemon Drop
Texas Paradise

Type: 10oz & 16oz Apothecary Jars

Scent Strength: Well fragranced


Introduction to My Lobue’s Candle Co. Review…

Lobues Candle Co is an online store selling scented candles in over 40 fragrances and counting.

Lobue’s Candles website is pretty simple and easy to navigate through. I also had zero trouble picking out the fragrances I wanted to review so no surprises there.  I’m trying to broaden my horizons “so to speak” and am attempting to pick fragrances I normally wouldn’t. I still played it semi-safe and picked a for sure winner, Lemon Drop and then one out of my comfort zone, Asian Green Tea. I was also, as a last minute thing sent a brand new scent recently added to the menu called Texas Paradise.



What did my Lobue’s candles look like?

My candles are classic style apothecary jars with flat glass lids. There are labels on the face of each candle with the company logo and scent name on it. Asian Green Tea was drum roll,. Green! Lemon Drop was yellow and Texas Paradise was Pinkish with Red White & Blue chunky colored wax in it.



How did my Lobue’s candles smell? 

Asian Green Tea:

This candle was not what I expected at all. I assumed from the name that is would have an herbal tea smell, maybe even with a bit of spice or something, wrong!! When I first smelled it, it smelled really perfumey to me and right off, I didn’t think I was gonna like it.

Plugging along and not really looking forward to it, I lit this candle in my usual bedroom location and waited for some results. I didn’t have to wait long and am happy to report that this is a nice strong fragrance and smells totally different burning than it did cold. Here is the scent description for this fragrance:

“This fragrance has an exquisite blend of refreshing and relaxing green tea and herbs interwoven with hints of melons and amber.”

I still wasn’t picking up any herbal (at least my nose didn’t think so) but the fragrance was very relaxing and travels far. I couldn’t really make out any melon or amber either. I couldn’t figure out what I was smelling but whatever it was, it was really pretty and unusual. It reminded me of an exotic and soft perfume. Every day I had this candle burning and guests were over, I would get compliments and every single one asked me what I was burning. I really pay attention to what guests think of the candles I have burning so when I receive positive response, I know it’s a winner.

Asian Green Tea was very fresh and different. I do recommend this fragrance if you want something that is unique and out of the ordinary. It’s alst taught me to never judge a candle till you burn it. 🙂



Lemon Drop:

As an avid Lemon connoisseur, this one was most excellent. It reminded me of Lemon Pucker scents I’ve tried in the past. It was tart, lemony and oh so delicious!  I loved it!! The scent description for this candle:

“Mouth watering, fruity old time lemon drops candy. This one will make your lips pucker! Sensational.”

This is a pretty straightforward tart lemon scent and there really isn’t much more I can say to explain it. It’s tart, sweet and a wonderful lemon scent. I do recommend it and know if you’re a lemon nut like me, you would enjoy it as much as I did.



Texas Paradise:

I wasn’t sure what to make of this one. It was actually sent to me after I picked the candles I wanted to review. It’s a brand new scent and they wanted me to try. scented jar candles,scented jar candle,scented jar candles online,buy scented jar candles,order scented jar candles,great scented jar candles,nice scented jar candles,scented jar candles to buy,scented jar candles for sale,shop for scented jar candlesScent description:

“Exotic, yet very unique southern fragrance. Quietly seductive, with just a hint of strawberries and fresh cream”

I only recently asked for a scent description so when I first started burning this candle a few days ago and tried to figure out what I was smelling, I had no idea. Smelling it over and over, I kept thinking of yogurt. The fragrance was fruity and sweet but nothing I could really pinpoint. It was one of those scents that you know you’ve smelled before and the name is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite figure it out. I hate it when that happens! On the flip side, it’s also nice to try scents that are different and are hard to figure out, it makes it fun and keeps things interesting. Now after reading the scent description, strawberries & cream totally makes sense.

I’m not really a Strawberry & Cream fan and so am not really an expert on this scent to tell you if it’s accurate or not. All I can say is this one seemed smooth and creamy with hints of berry and burned pretty good with a decent scent throw. I think if you like Strawberries & Cream, you will love this scent. It was very realistic.



candle-flameHow did my Lobue’s candles burn?

My candles burned pretty even and clean. My only suggestion is to stay on top if wick trimming with these candles. I had to trim them a lot when I had them burning. If I didn’t, the flames got huge.



Overall opinion of my candles and Lobue’s Candle Co.

The 3 candles I tried from Lobue’s Candles were pretty good. I can’t vouch for their other 38 fragrances but I think they’re worth a shot if any interest you. All my candles were double wicked which I prefer and the fragrances were strong and long lasting. My only wish would be that they carried more fragrances and poscented jar candles,scented jar candle,scented jar candles online,buy scented jar candles,order scented jar candles,great scented jar candles,nice scented jar candles,scented jar candles to buy,scented jar candles for sale,shop for scented jar candlesssibly votives and melts.

I did ask Mike, owner of Lobue’s Candles, if he planned on adding tarts or votives eventually and he said that his wax is very soft and therefore they have not ventured into the tart/votive realm yet. Even though I’m really getting into tarts, I still love my jar candles so that’s not a problem for this candle obsessed girl! Shipping is also very reasonable and they offer free shipping with a purchase of $75.00 or over. WOOHOO!! My favorite!

It’s nice to support small handcrafted business so if you’re looking for a new company to try… Lobue’s is a great choice.

Happy candle shopping everyone.

~ Christina

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