Light a Candle in the Powder Room



By Carolyn O’Connerdecorating a powder room with candles

When I visit my grandmothers house at night, she ALWAYS has a candle burning in her powder room. It adds such a warm and inviting touch! In fact, sometimes when I use her powder room, I
don’t turn the light on on purpose because I like to enjoy how cozy it makes the room feel.

My grandmother has been doing this for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I have the feeling that she lights a candle even on nights when she is not expecting guests.  I’ve always seen that as her little way to pamper herself each day.

Now that I have my own house, I’ve followed in her footsteps and burn a candle in my powder room at night.  Yes, you obviously don’t spend the amount of time in your powder room that you do in other areas of your home, but it’s a simple way to give a special feeling of coziness to you and your family when you are in there!