Kiwi Lemonade


Kiwi Lemonade Wax Melts – ScentSationals ReviewKiwi Lemonade

by Christina Rylan

Brand: ScentSational’s Wickless Candles

Scent: Kiwi Lemonade

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00


First impression of Kiwi Lemonade:

I first want to point out I purchased these melts through ScentSationals website prior to them closing and announcing they were exclusively selling all their scents at Walmart. What fragrances are sold at Walmart depends on your store so you may find this scent or  you might not. That’s the bummer.

I wish I had a scent description to post for Kiwi Lemonade but I couldn’t find one. First sniff… it smelled like a sweet and sour lemonade. I liked it a lot. More than a lot actually. It smelled fresh and tart, just like a refreshing glass of sweet lemonade would taste.



I used the entire clamshell pack (3 cubes each) in two electric melters in my great room. It’s a large room and two works best for me. Once melting, it  literally took seconds to start noticing the aroma and from then on out…. fresh and tart lemonade filled my living room. Oh my goodness was it awesome. I could even smell the kiwi and wow was it unique and a refreshing spin on a lemonade scent. The overall aroma was a perfect balance Best Scented Candles thumbs up girlof the two… tart kiwi and tangy lemonade. I highly recommend this scent to all you lemonade and citrus lovers out there. It’s a keeper.

The strength… awesome!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this scent a 10 in a large room. These melts are room fillers. LOVED!!

In closing, if you see Kiwi Lemonade at your local Walmart, buy a few. Heck, buy them all!! That’s what I’m going to do!!

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Strength: 5/5

Overall rating: 5/5

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