Candle Reviews by Julia Wooten

Julia Wooten candle reviews,, the site for candle loversHi candle lovers! My name is Julia. To know me is to love scent…. I literally surround myself with it.

I always have a candle burning and usually more than one. I enjoy pillars, jars, melts – all of it. Scent is my hobby, and I’m always on a search for that perfect aroma. You know which one… it’s that ever elusive “next one” that just might be better than the last. It’s hard to explain a candle hobby. Most folks think candles are just something one decorates with or uses to get rid of that fishy smell left over from dinner. How could candles possibly be entertaining? Well, you and I know there is a whole world of scent to be discovered and enjoyed. It’s a great Julia Wooten candle reviews,, the site for candle lovers challenge to find just the right vanilla, or the perfect peach… to experiment with different companies, different waxes, different blends of scent. We know the thrill of finding that brand new favorite fragrance. So I’m always going to be on the lookout for the next new favorite.

I discovered Candlefind when I first began looking for more candles than what was offered in my local stores. I had been a customer of Yankee and Colonial Candles for many years. One would think the 100 plus scents available between these two companies would be enough to satisfy me… but no!… not this gal. I wanted even more choices. I figured there must be other candle makers to be found but I was at a loss about which ones were safe bets. It was because of Candlefind that I began taking chances on vendors I had never heard of before. That’s when scented wax grew from a passing interest to a full-fledged hobby. Even though I have recently discovered an affinity for tropical, fruity and fresh summery scents, those delicious bakery and warm cozy smells always evoke wonderful memories. I love florals and earthy scents too, so no category is off limits in my search for the ultimate fragrance. Luckily, my family indulges me in my hobby and doesn’t squawk too loudly when each new box arrives.

I must tell you that since I found Candlefind, the boxes have been rolling in a lot more frequently. I have learned so much from reading the review boards and from the review panel’s opinions… so I was thrilled to be asked to write my own candle reviews for Candlefind. I want to share the joy of discovering that one fantastic scent that makes your senses reel. I will tell you truthfully about my experience with the products I find. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

~ Julia