Shining the Light on Josephine Joy Candles

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a particular candle company because you felt some connection with them? You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but there was just something about them that drew you in and made you want to add to cart. That’s what happened with us when we stumbled upon Josephine + Joy Candles, a soy candle company that celebrates the scents and experiences of Caribbean culinary cuisine. The scent options are right on brand and the candles are a little bit of a luxurious indulgence in a jar. We’ve been super excited to include them in our candle subscription boxes to introduce this wonderful company to our customers.

A Closer Look at Josephine + Joy Candles

Shauna Hepburn is the owner of Josephine + Joy Candles, and she is an avid candle lover much like us. The significance of the company name became clear when we learned that Josephine was her grandmother’s name, and Joy is her own daughter’s name. The company itself promotes a sense of wholeness and well-being, with hand-poured products made with many natural ingredients.

Josephine Joy Candles

Products Offered

At the time of this Josephine + Joy Candle review, the company offers one size candle in an 8 oz squat apothecary style jar and a wood lid. The candles are dye-free and 100% soy. They also offer different candle snuffers and an e-book on meditation.

Product Reviews

We tested two of the soy candles from Josephine + Joy: Carrot Cake and Joyful Mango. We’re noting our initial thoughts below, and will be following up with full reviews for each individual item in the near future.

Josephine Joy Candles

Joyful Mango

Josephine Joy Candles Joyful Mango

The cold sniff of the Joyful Mango candle made me joyful, indeed. I smelled a juicy, sweet melon scent that tickled the nose just a bit. Looking at the scent description: Joyful Mango is the launch and signature scent of Josephine + Joy Candles. Sure to bring a smile to your face, this warm and inviting scent is a fruit medley made up of pineapple, peach, warm sugar, mango and coconut milk. Feel the joy. Spread the joy.

Once this candle was lit, it was soooo incredibly fresh and mouthwatering! It smelled juicy and smelled somewhat of fresh peaches with a tropical vibe. The candle scent strength was fairly strong and the throw was fantastic for a smaller sized candle!

Carrot Cake

Josephine Joy Candles Carrot Cake

As this is my absolute favorite dessert in the world, I consider myself a carrot cake expert. This candle fragrance smelled just like a huge slice of moist carrot cake, complete with spices and buttercream frosting. Yum! The scent description is: This just pulled from the oven scent is light and sweet. Top notes: pineapple, dark brown sugar; Middle notes: cardamom, carrot, cinnamon; Base notes: clove, vanilla

Lighting this candle did not disappoint – it seemed like I had a freshly baked carrot cake sitting right in my kitchen, complete with creamy frosting! The throw on this candle was not as strong as Juicy Mango, but it was pretty good in the area it was in. Both candles had a clean, slow burn.

Overall Impression of Josephine + Joy Candles

5 Stars

I am thrilled with the candles from Josephine + Joy – the scents were authentic and the candles were clean-burning. I can’t wait for them to expand their lineup with more delectable scents for us to enjoy!

These candles can be purchased on Josephine + Joy Candleswebsite.

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