Candle Reviews by Jen Ebersol

Jen EbersolGreetings Fellow Candlefinders!

My name is Jen Ebersol. As a young girl, I would spend hours in gift stores sniffing all the different votive scents. As a teenager, I purposefully burned a pillar candle all night on my nightstand because I was soothed by the fragrance and soft glow of candles. When I woke up the next morning, I had to blow my nose and black soot was all over the tissue. I thought I was dying! As a young woman, I went into candle withdrawal after years of not being “allowed” to burn candles in college (I occasionally snuck in a burn or two).

One day in 2005, I was searching for candles on the Internet, and that’s when I found Candlefind. I’ve been completely obsessed by candles and candle reviewing ever since. Could there ever be a better smelling addiction?!

There is just something about candle fragrances that has my brain completely hooked, but that doesn’t mean I’m pleased with just any candle. I’m fortunate that I’ve found many high quality candlemakers in my endless search for different scents, but I’ve also found some duds. My hope is that my reviews will help you, my fellow Candle Fanatics, to “enable” your addiction with only the candles that are worthy of bringing into your home. I enjoy reading about your candle pursuits as well; I’m always on the hunt for another candle find!

~ Jen