Have you checked out all our great info on our blog CandleScoop.com? We have so many great and informative articles and candle tips worth checking out. Here is one Andrea wrote on how to save your drowning wick with a q-tip. It WORKS!!


How to save your drowning wick with a q-tip by Andrea Haskins

You know the story… you light your candle and get prepared to be swept away by great “scentsations.” Only there’s a problem – the scent throw isn’t what you thought it should be. When you check it out, you notice it…oh, the horror of it all…drowning wicks!

Don’t be afraid. There’s a simply remedy you can try to help fight the good fight and save that candle. Here’s a step by step on how you can save a drowning candle wick:

You’ll see here how two of these candle wicks have been cut too short. They held a flame for a short while, but soon drowned once the wax melted and surrounded the wick.

Pull out a Q Tip and have it ready to go. Relight the troubled candle wick. (Only work with one at a time if you have more than one drowning wick, like I do here.)


As soon as your wick is lit, carefully take your Q Tip and dip one end of it into the newly forming wax pool. You want to soak up some of the newly melted wax, to give your wick a fighting chance. BE VERY CAREFUL with this! You are NOT sticking the Q Tip into the candle flame, only into the melted wax.


If your cotton tip catches the flame, just quickly pull it out and blow it out.


I’ve repeated the same steps for my second drowning wick.


This candle performed perfectly after this fix! Want more candle tips? Visit Candlefind.com’s forum and see what other candle-a-holics have to say.

What’s your method for saving a drowning wick?

Happy candle burning ~


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