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Candle TipsHow To Choose Candles For Your Bathroom

How To Choose Candles For Your Bathroom


By Alyssa Davis
Staff writer and decorating specialist with


Decorating bathrooms with candles

While it may seem repugnant to consider, most of us choose candles and other scents to make up for overpowering smells in the bathroom.

Small bathrooms often suffer worst, as some scented candles are so overwhelming that not only do they neutralize the bathroom odors, but also peace and tranquility since the candle scent chases everyone out for hours after being lit. Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose candles for your bathroom without overwhelming the space that you have.

Tip 1: Choose light scents

Although it may seem attractive to go for the most powerful scent possible in the bathroom, the smaller your space, the more it will be overwhelmed in scent. WhenChoose light scents you light a candle, you want the smell to be neutralized, but you also want the room to feel inviting and relaxing to the next occupant. Choosing a light scent, such as a linen or rain smell, will allow you to retain the odor neutralization qualities without causing a headache for anyone using the bathroom.

Manufacturers such as Febreze or Glade make wonderful candles to fulfill this purpose, and they are very affordable. They also offer faux candles if you are wary of a flame, regardless of size, and these are much safer if you have children or pets. Faux candles often offer scents that can be replaced or alternated, giving you a wider variety as well.

Tip 2: Keep it simple

The old adage that less is more rings true in many instances, and this is definitely Decorating with candles in a bathroomanother of those cases. You may think that having multiple candles to light for stronger smells makes sense, but in fact the more scent you have in a small space, the more overpowering it will become. Choose a smell that is right for the space, and keep it simple with no more than one or two candles of the same scent at most.

Give it some time before you decide whether you need or want more candles. Then, if you decide that additional candles are necessary to combat smells (especially in the more spacious bathrooms), add one at a time, giving time between each addition to judge whether more candles are required. In this manner, you will not overwhelm the bathroom between purchases, and save time and money.

Tip 3: Candles are great accessories

You may only be considering candles or faux candles for their scent properties, but they also make wonderful sophisticated accessories for the bathroom. CandlesDecorating your bathroom with candles can be used for elegance and grace, giving a sense of style to an often-overlooked room of the house. Choosing candles can allow you to minimize the necessity of other accents and decorations, giving the bathroom a cleaner, more spacious feel.

Candles are useful for much more than smell, and they are one of the cheapest improvements that you can make to the bathroom. Whether you choose faux or real candles, allowing the scents, colors, and flickering light to relax you at the end of each day is just one more reason to use them as decorative accents in your bathroom, or any room of the house.

About the author:

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and offers stylish suggestions for decorating with tropical metal art and butterfly metal wall hangings.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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