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Hello Candle Company Owners,

Interested in having your candles reviewed by CandleFind? Please read below for more information.


We realize that reviews are an excellent way to promote your candles and gain sales when they receive our stamp of approval. However, we want to be clear that all reviews are honest and unbiased.

If you send us product, it does not guarantee a positive review. We’re here to tell our opinion
and experience as objectively as possible from a consumer’s perspective.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you have a candle store, make your own scented candles and ship to the U.S., you can request a candle review. To request a review, please contact Andrea for more information.

No. While we do take all reviews under consideration,  we do have to prioritize which review requests we actually accept. 

Although there are a number of reasons we might not decide to accept your request, these are some of the more common reasons: 

  • No online ordering ability. While we will soon be launching our Keep It Local review section for smaller candle companies, please bear in mind the majority of our readers prefer the ability to shop online. 
  • Unattractive website and/or one that is difficult to navigate. 
  • Negative reviews from a number of different sources. We certainly understand that you will never make everyone 100% satisfied. However, we look for trends with your company. If you have a number of reviews indicating you do not ship out products timely, send inferior or incorrect products, etc., we will most likely decline your review request. 
  • For international companies: No shipping to the US. 

No, we do not accept payment in exchange for reviews. While we do accept product to review, this does not guarantee a positive review. We keep it real for our readers. 

Absolutely! Our first love and focus involves candles, but we love wax melts just as much! Our readers enjoy using them, too, for a variety of reasons. Most often our single wax melt reviews post on our blog rather than on our main page, but this is decided on a case by case basis. 

You sure can! Perhaps you have changed a formulation, have introduced a new product, or developed a new scent. We can certainly consider you for another review. Please keep in mind that our first priority is for companies who have never had a review on CandleFind before. 

We review any products that would be considered related to the hobby of candle burning or wax melting. If you need it or can use it for candles or wax melts, we can review it! 

We also review other home fragrance products, such as reed diffusers, fresheners, and aromabeads. 

While we do not currently review scented bath & body products, this will be a service in the near future. 

We have a global audience and would be happy to review your product, as long as you ship to the United States or your products can be bought in US stores. 

Our primary focus for review requests is for companies that make their own candles. However, if you are in direct sales and want a product reviewed, we can do so based on our availability. All direct sales product reviews go on our blog. You will have a link at the bottom of the review for your sales page. In exchange, we do ask that you market our business to your customers by providing them a link to our site.

Great! Thankyou for considering CandleFind to review your product. Email Andrea to inform us of your interest. She will get back to you about our review terms and next steps.