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Welcome to Candlefind, a site where we are the ultimate candle lovers and always in search of the perfect and best candles on the market from a plain simple candle for decorations to scented candles to fragrance your home… beautiful and elegant pillar candles, tealights, or votives. Candle accessories… AH, we love those too!


What do we do around here? We buy candles, test them from beginning to end then, post our reviews for all to read. We’ll let you know everything you need to know to help you on your search for everything candle related from customer service, shipping time, packaging, authenticity of the scent, strength of the candle, and burn performance. When buying candles sight unseen, ALL of the above is important.


We review candles and companies as objectively as possible so each reviews is as real and true as can be. We all have different tastes so it’s fun to read how opinions differ and how different experiences from person to person can be.


Best Scented Candles – Editor’s Picks Page


First stop, check out our Best Scented Candles List, where we each post our favorite tried and true candle companies we totally believe in and love!



Candle Reviews

Get ready to have some fun! We have HUNDREDS of reviews posted and listed by reviewer tocandles better help you in your search for everthing “candles”. Link to our candles reviews page here.
Don’t see a specific review listed you’re searching for? Email us to inquire. We may have an upcoming review pending or you can make a request. We’re always open to trying new companies. 🙂



Candle Review Board


We also have a candle review board where you can write your own opinions, likes and dislikes for other candle lovers to see and learn from. Or if you would rather just read, all are welcome!!



Candlefind Forum


Ready to make new friends and chat about your favorite passion? – Candles!! We have a fun and growing community of candle lovers just waiting to talk to you about everything scented from candles to scented melts. Super friendly bunch who would love to meet you so please come say hello! Link to our Candle forum.



Candle Sales


Read to shop for candles and save? Here is a list of companies that offer exclusive sales to Candlefind visitors. Sweeeeeeeet!!