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With so many candle companies out there from big to small with an endless array of choices… it’s not easy finding the best.  We all want authentic and clean burning candles. Who makes the best? Who makes the strongest candles and who is best rated? We get asked those questions all the time.

Our site is all about finding the greatest candles money can buy and are always on the hunt for the BEST out there from big name giants to small mom and pop candle shops across our great country. We love them all. Big candles brands and small. We’ve reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of candles as well as many international candle shops so you know we’ve found some awesome candle companies along the way.

We’ve broken down our best scented candle list by Candlefind reviewer so our lists will vary. That’s the fun of candle shopping and finding what we each think are the best out there…


Best Candles – Candlefind Editor’s picks

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  • Last modified: May 18, 2016