We’re proud to announce our upcoming plans for our first ever Candlefind Holiday Gift Boxes! These boxes will be filled with curated content – items we know and love, brought straight to your front doorstep!

We are only including products that have the Candlefind stamp of approval…products from companies we have tried, know, and love. We will be offering three types of boxes:

  • Melting Business: This is the wax melt box, with melts from various vendors.
  • Candle Scents: This is our standard candle box, filled with at least one full-sized candle, wax melts, and other goodies.
  • The Luxe: For those who enjoy the finer things in life, this box will contain at least one luxury candle, with several other smell goods in the box.

We will begin taking pre-orders on October 1st, with a limited number of boxes in each category. The boxes will ship out in time for Christmas gifting…or keeping…your choice!

More details in the next few days.

Happy candle burning ~

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