Tis the season with four new fragrances from Colonial Candle – – – just in time for the holidays.

From left to right.

Cranberry NutSanta1

A medley of sweet cherry, tangy mandarin and red apple layered over smooth chocolate and a bouquet of peony and freesia. Sweet caramel and rich vanilla give this fragrance a comforting close.

Sparkling Birch 

Warm wood notes of birch, cinnamon, and clove on a base of creamy vanilla and musk.

Spiced Wreath

Sparkling notes of green apple and pear are joined together with crisp nuances of blue juniper, ivy leaves, and holiday balsam. Holly berry is complimented with ruby pomegranate. Soft notes of white amber complete this aroma.

White Cinnamon

Mouthwatering cinnamon, orange zest and honey water are baked with sweet bread, salted butter and milk. This delicious treat is made to perfection with a close of brown sugar, toasted pecans and vanilla.

All four sound incredible but the two calling my name are White Cinnamon and Cranberry Nut!  Mmmm!!

Happy shopping!!

~ Christina

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