Hibiscus and lemon pound cake from Village Candle

by Julia Wooten

Type: 16oz Premium Round
Jar Candles
Fragrance: Hibiscus
Lemon Pound Cake

Cost: $14.00

Scent Strength: Strong


Introduction to my latest Village Candle review:

It’s been a while since I last burned a Village Candle. With all of the candle choices around, some favorite companies occasionally get overlooked… but not for long… never for very long. Village Candles has been chugging along steadily pouring candle afterVillage Candle scented candle review candle, while I was briefly distracted. Coming back to their website was like visiting an old friend… now there’s something only a candle addict would say.

Village Candles website had been updated since my last visit with new products and scents. There are two new collections to tempt us, the Kitchen Fresh Collection and the Boutique Collection. I look forward to checking those out soon, but for this review, I am sticking with two scents from their Premium Round jar collection.

The website itself is extremely easy to navigate. It’s as if a candle shopper designed the whole thing from the customer’s perspective. There are photos and scent descriptions that give a clear picture of what you can expect the candle to look and smell like. The sizes and prices are easy to choose from, and checkout was a breeze. I don’t see one single thing I would change with the layout of Village Candle’s current website. It was a fun place to shop at… the only hard part was not going overboard with all of the scents I wanted to try.



What do my candles look like?

Village Round candlesThe 16 ounce Premium Round jars are the medium sized apothecary style container candles. Each one is double wicked, which scores major points with me. I am all for the double wicking. The candles were packaged with a mini jar
shaped car freshener included inside just under the lids. How cool is that? The cardboard car freshener is separated from the candle wax by a thin plastic disk that I removed before burning.

Hibiscus was a bright orangey red, like a tropical drink. There is a photo of a brilliantly colored Hibiscus flower on the label. Lemon Pound Cake was yellow with a photo of a yummy looking pound cake on its label. Both labels had the Village Candle logo and scent name clearly printed. The labels could have been removed with a little work, but I liked the way they looked so I left them on.



How did my Village Candles smell?


“Hibiscus blossom and beranium leaves with notes of vanilla orchid and Sicilian lemon”

Years ago, when I first moved to Florida, I was lured in by the beauty of Hibiscus flowers. They are everywhere in this part of the country and they look magnificent… they look as if they would smell like tropical heaven on earth, and I’ve had the urge to clip several flowers for a centerpiece bouquet.Village Candle Hibiscus scented candle review The truth is, however, they are the biggest teasers in the yard. When they are clipped, the flowers close up and wilt within a few hours and that tropical heaven scent?… nada… no scent. If they have any kind of scent at all, I surely can’t smell it, but guess what can smell them…ants…so I don’t even attempt to bring a bouquet in the house anymore.

The Hibiscus plants just sit out there baking in the hot Florida sun, looking all gorgeous and tropical, knowing that nobody is going to clip their beautiful flowers more than once.

I was skeptical about this candle scent called Hibiscus, knowing what I know about those big bloomed fakers, and that is why I initially chose it. What does a scentless flower smell like? Well, I did do some research and found that there is one variety of Hibiscus in Hawaii that is notably more fragrant than its Florida cousins, so maybe that is the Hibiscus blossom in this scent. I then read a more in depth description at Village Candles and I’m convinced that this candle scent is meant to capture the impression of the Hibiscus, the tropical mood of the pretty blossoms, not necessarily the exact scent of one.

Here is Village Candles’ more detailed description of Hibiscus:

“Escape to Florida, Hawaii, or any blue lagoon in your imagination with our vivid, fruit-punch hued candles inspired by the classic tropical blossom. As bold and bright as the flowers that inspired them, the scent is as exotic and relaxing as a stroll in the tropics.”

Okay, now, I can totally get behind this description and this scent. I mean, if Village Candles Hibiscus scented candle reviewa candle can take us there… to that exotic place… sign me up and I’ll save you a seat!

Everything this description implies, I found in Village Candle’s Hibiscus scent. This is one fantastic smelling candle! It really was bold and bright and exotic. I liked how the fragrance scale tipped in favor of the floral over the citrus. I liked the hints of green and vanilla without making them too distinct, and I liked that the scent was refreshing and not the least bit cloying.

The candle had a good strong throw that filled my bedroom. It took about an hour to really scent the place up, but by the time the scent pool got about ¼ inch deep, it was throwing fragrance like mad. Hibiscus is a beautiful, well blended fragrance…. It is a scent I look forward to having again. I only wish the Hibiscus flowers in the yard smelled this good.



Lemon Pound Cake

“Vanilla cupcake, vanilla bean, and lemon zest with notes of hazelnut and anise”

One pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. That’s it… that’s all you need for Pound Cake. If you combine all four of those ingredients, in equal measure, and bake it, you will have baked an honest to goodness pound cake. Amazing. It seems that cake, like life, can be as simple or as complicated as we choose to make it.

I’m all for simplifying usually, but this candle scent is all the better for its complications. I smell lemon, for sure… vanilla, definitely… I could probably convince myself that I smell the hazelnut too but it would be a stretch. The anise is just enough to raise my eyebrows… wonderful. Yep… anise. That’s the mystery ingredient in this Lemon Pound Cake scent. Alright, so it really isn’t much of a mystery, it’s right there in the scent description, but I can smell it in the scent. Anise is what gives Lemon Pound Cake that unusual licorice-like bite of spice that sets the pound cake apart from other bakery type scents.

Where are my lemon bakery fans out there? Raise your hands. This one is sure to make you drool down your chins. At first I thought I was getting this super strong, delicious scent from the jar candle, but then I realized that the strong fragrance hitting my nose was actually coming from the car freshener! When I took the car freshener out to the car, I noticed that much of scent strength went with it. The jar candle smelled heavenly, but I wished it was as strong smelling as the car freshener.

All in all, the Lemon Pound Cake scent was a bold blend of scent notes and smelled absolutely delicious. Though lightly scented compared to the car freshener, it was still a treat for my nose. This is my brain… this is my brain on Village Candle’s Lemon Pound Cake. Mmmmmm.



Candle flameHow did my candles burn?

These candles were both double wicked, so it was easy to get a good deep wax pool that reached the edges leaving these jars clean on the sides. I needed to occasionally trim the wicks during my marathon burns. The candles burned clean and lasted a decent amount of burning time. I was quite pleased with the performance of these two jars.



Closing to my review…

I hadn’t burned a Village Candle is quite some time and it was a pleasureVillage Candle review to reacquaint myself with them. With the clean burn quality from both of these candles, and the exceptional fragrances, I won’t let this much time pass before I enjoy another Village Candle. These are well worth taking a chance on. I would reorder either one of these, and I will definitely go back and try even more scents.

Happy candle smelling!

~ Julia

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