Happy Halloween – Yankee Candle

by Christina RylanHappy Halloween Candle Yankee Candle Co

Brand: Yankee Candle

Type: 22oz Large Classic Jar

Fragrance: Happy Halloween

Cost: $27.99

Scent Strength: Light

Introduction to my Happy Halloween scented candle review:

Now that I’m back to purchasing Yankee candles… I had to get a few Halloween scented candles in honor of October 31st which is just a month away. That was my excuse anyway… their Halloween candles are too cute! Not many candle companies go all out for Halloween… Yankee is one of the few that do – so I couldn’t resist.

For this review, I purchased a large classic jar in the scent “Happy Halloween.” – Super cute candle that screams Halloween from the black colored wax, festive labeling to the strong Black Licorice scent.

Yankee candle Happy Halloween scented candle review

What did my Happy Halloween candle from Yankee look like?

Loved the look of this candle. The jar was their classic 22oz large jar. The wax was jet black with a cool orange and black label of a Halloween cat in a graveyard cemetery. Super cute!! See picture.

What did my Happy Halloween candle smell like?

First sniff… total black licorice, all the way. For the record, I am not a licorice fan (at all) but it’s such a classic and popular Halloween scent, I wanted to review it for Candlefind. The candle was also too cute to pass up. Here is the scent description from Yankee’s website:

“Halloween is one of the years most fun holidays, whether you are giving out treats or going to door in a costume. This trick-or-treat black candle is all about the fun, offering up a true black licorice fragrance that fills the air with the familiar aroma of those anise-flavored, twisted sticks that have delighted for generations.”

This was definitely a fun candle… jet black wax, cute orange label with a cartoon graveyard and a black cat. Super cute!! If this doesn’t get you in the Halloween mood, I don’t know what will. Yankee candle Happy Halloween scented candle review

I lit this candle in my “review room” (a large bedroom) thinking the scent throw would be huge! I was preparing myself… any black licorice scent I’ve smelled or tried is usually super strong. This one interestingly – wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it. I lit this candle early morning and all throughout the day when I went back to check on it (and we’re talking hours of burning,) I could barely smell anything in the room. Nothing. I told my hubby what I was burning and he said he couldn’t smell anything either. He finally got curious and went right up to the candle and practically burned his nose just to smell it. (giggling) I don’t know why that always makes me laugh but it does. That’s how light the scent was.

I ended up moving the candle to a small powder room where it performed much better there. The room smelled just like black licorice with a little “twang” of something else I couldn’t quite pinpoint. So the powder room it remained for the duration of the candle.

All in all, this candle was a little too weak for me. It smelled authentic, black licorice all the way but with such a weak scent throw, I highly doubt I’ll be buying this scent again… especially at $27.99 a pop. Total bummer.

How did my Yankee candle burn?

My candle burned pretty good. Very slow burn, not quite a complete melt pool but good enough. A thin layer of wax was left on the wall of the jar but it wasn’t significant enough to gripe over.

Closing to my review:

This was a really cute candle and totally perfect for Halloween but for me… it was too lightly scented. Black licorice scents usually knock me out of a room so I’m not sure what happened withclosing to my review this one. I didn’t pay full price for it so I can’t complain too much but still… I think I paid $15 for it and even that was too much for a candle that delivered no scent throw. I was really disappointed.

If you like black licorice scents (lightly scented) and are in the “Halloween” mood and you happen to be in a Yankee store, go smell it… you may have better luck than I did. But I wouldn’t buy it blind through their site… unless you just want one for decoration.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 3/5
Burn Performance: 4/5
Strength: 2/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

Have you tried Happy Halloween from Yankee Candle? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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