Easter Candles & Wax Melts

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2015. It has been updated in March 2020 to include updated industry information where applicable.

Terri’s Scentsations:

Editor’s Note: It appears this shop on Etsy has been taking a break for several years. 

I found Terri’s Scentsations while checking out that virtual mall of handmade items, Etsy.com. Terri’s Scentsations offers premium handmade soy tarts that are shaped like little bundt cakes. The melts were cute as could be, each individually wrapped. Melts are sold in six packs with a choice of three different scents per package. Terri’s Scentsations is based out of New Franken, Wisconsin, and everything is made fresh to order. I received my order super fast and it was well packaged. This was my first experience with Terri’s Scentsations, but I have enjoyed all of the melts I tried.

  • Fresh Cut Grass

    “True springtime/summer scent of walking outside after the grass has been freshly cut. Love this”

    One of the things I think of when Easter draws near is fresh green grass. I’m not talking about the colorful shreds that fill out the bottom of the Easter baskets – the kind that I’m still picking up a month after the last jelly bean has been eaten. I mean the first sweet, new grass of Spring that’s been dormant for so long through the Winter that we don’t even mind dragging the lawn mower out to cut. That’s the kind of grass I’m talking about.

    This is the smell of that fresh Spring grass. It’s sweet and heady… not exactly the same as the lawns I smell from an open car window on a Saturday morning, but pretty close considering it’s wax in a melter. It smelled green and herbal.

    This little bundt cake style melt was strong too, filling my kitchen with scent… So strong at first that I wanted to open my windows and let the grass smell mingle with the fresh outside air. I melted this scent while doing some Spring cleaning and it was a great match for that sort of day… fresh and green.

  • Lily of the Valley

    Essence of these flowers of spring.”

    Beautiful white lilies are a traditional part of many Spring and Easter celebrations, adorning homes and churches or being given as special gifts. I’ve given many an Easter Lily to my dear mother and grandmother, so this Lily of the Valley scent reminds me of the guiding maternal influences of these two strong women.

    This scent is ultra-feminine and breathtakingly strong. Oh, wow! This was one potent floral scent. I could easily have used only half of this 1.5 ounce bundt melt. These Spring melts were my first experience with Terri’s Scentsations and I have been impressed with their scent strength. Lily of the Valley may even be too much of a good thing…is that even possible? This scent is for the die-hard feminine floral fan. It just about chased me out of the room.

    Easter Lily

  • Cotton Candy

    “Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair!”

    The country fair comes early to this part of the country. In the Summer months, the fair travels all throughout the Northern states, but each year in early Spring the county fair arrives in our town and we rarely miss it. So, it’s no wonder that with all of the smells of the midway remind me of Springtime. Elephant ears, funnel cakes, candy apples and of course… Cotton Candy. I can’t get enough of cotton candy scents this time of year, and when I saw that Terri’s Scentsations carried one, I had to have it.

    This was one of my better decisions. Terri’s Scentsations makes one of the strongest, sweetest, cotton candy scents around. I wanted to eat this right out of the melter. Cotton Candy is a fabulous, true scent. It reminds me of Spring through and through… sweet, pastel puffs of spun sugar… and no messy, sticky hands. That’s for me.

The Bathing Garden

Editor’s Note: This shop has become extremely popular and now releases scents based on themes. Although their Easter scents are not currently available, keep an eye out as they should be releasing them soon. Due to their increased popularity, they also have a longer TAT than when this review was originally published. 

You know how it goes when you’re out shopping and you’re trying to just window shop, but once you slip and make that first purchase, the will power topples like dominoes and you end up walking out of the mall with heavy shopping bags and a lighter wallet. That’s what happened to me in a totally virtual way. I was window shopping at Etsy.com, looking for something special for Spring and ended up with some terrific new melt finds.

The Bathing Garden offers clamshell melts in a whole variety of scents and almost every one of them is decorated, each one looks different from the last. As soon as I saw the little pastel Easter Egg decorating one of the clamshells and the little chocolate bunny embedded in another, it was pretty clear they were going to be mine.

The clamshell melts arrived well packaged and they shipped out quickly. Also, I got immediate answers to my scent questions through my Etsy conversations with the vendor. All in all, I had a very good first order with The Bathing Garden.

  • Chocolate Bunny’s Orange Sugar

    “Dark chocolate, tart orange and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Topped off with a cute wax chocolate bunny.”

    Even though this review is all about the scents… the melts from The Bathing Garden were so cute they bear mentioning. The bathing Garden sells clamshells and the Chocolate Bunny’s Orange Sugar clamshell melt had a little embed that looked like a chocolate bunny. The surface of the chocolate brown wax was covered with a sprinkling of iridescent pixie dust…. so pretty.

    You need to be a chocolate scent fan for this one, as it is truly a dark and rich cocoa fragrance. This custom blend was a super strong scent. It was true to its description and smelled like those crack and unwrap chocolate oranges with the segments of orange flavored dark chocolate. I like the flavor of a chocolate orange but when I first melted this scent, it was a bit too much for me, and I actually turned the melter on and off periodically to keep it in check. The next time I tried it, I used only half of one cube and it was mellow enough to leave on.

    It was a fun scent to try and the little chocolate bunny decorating the top of the clamshell was adorable and festive for Easter.

    Chocolate & Orange

  • Coconut Cream Easter Egg

    “Captures the smell of a gooey centered Cadbury egg…yum!”

    This clamshell also had an Easter themed embed… there was a little pink and green Easter egg in the corner and more iridescent confetti sprinkled on top.

    Again, a Cadbury egg reference. For the record, Cadbury eggs don’t have coconut in them, but another brand does. As if my Jelly Bean research wasn’t enough, I also did a little Cadbury egg taste test as well… all in the name of scent identification… at least that is the reason I’m sticking with.

    Coconut Cream Easter Egg was a super sweet coconut fondant scent…like coconut on sweet sugar steroids. This one is for all the coconut nuts out there who claim that coconut scents are never strong enough. This one will knock you out, like a coconut falling on your noggin. If there was chocolate in the scent, I didn’t catch it, but I liked the coconut creme on it’s own.

  • Strawberries & Cream Drizzled with White Chocolate

    “Ripe strawberries, whipped cream, sugar, white chocolate and vanilla.”

    This was my favorite scent of the three I tried at The Bathing Garden. It was complex and interesting… mostly strawberry which I have been craving lately… but the white chocolate was a thoughtful addition to the
    fragrance and gave it an edge of sophistication. I really liked this one, and as I’ve noticed with all three clamshells I tried from this artisan, the scent strength was strong. I only needed one cube at a time to easily scent my bedroom and on down the hallway. This was a custom blend that worked beautifully. The white chocolate note came through more clearly the longer I had the melt going.

    Like the other two clamshells, Strawberries & Cream Drizzled with White Chocolate was uniquely decorated. The wax was a dark purple/pink with a thin top layer of white with neon pink sprinkles.

    Visit The Bathing Garden

    Closing to my big Easter scented melt review:

    These scents are just the jumping off point for all of the Springtime fragrances sprouting up out there. Check out some of these scent ideas or have a peek at your other favorite vendors websites. I’m sure you’ll notice lots of new scent blends to mark the changing season. It’s time to put away those Winter scents along with the scarves and gloves, and leap into a Spring state of mind.

    Don’t forget to leave some carrots outside for the Easter Bunny, and happy melting.

    Happy Easter!

    ~ Julia