Candlefind's Halloween Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year when we get pretty giddy about things that go bump in the night. Halloween has to be one of our favorite times of the year, as there are SO many creative chandlers out there with a tone of great spooky options to light your way. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites in this ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. Buckle up and get your credit cards ready to go, go, go!

Bath & Body Works

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide B&BW

We start off our Halloween candle shopping guide with an easy pick…Bath & Body Works. They always seem to have a decent selection, and the candle labels are so dang cute! Check out our review of Vampire Blood…we loved it!

Aside from that, they have Ghoul Friend, Pumpkin Carving, Haunted Nights, and Wicked Apple to choose from. The last three have these cool holographic-like designs on the labels that give off a wonderful glow when lit. You can’t go wrong by deciding to shop here for your Halloween scents!

Goose Creek Candles

Photo credit: Goose Creek Candles

You can always count on Goose Creek to come out with something fun and new. A number of their scents see little daylight, so if you see something you love, we recommend snapping it up. Check out Halloween Party, Happy Halloween, and Trick or Treat for some of the staples. Beautiful Creatures is a fun option and pairs well with Poison Cupcake or Wicked Treats. If you’re wanting something a bit heavier, try Haunted Forest or Black Cat.

Werther & Gray

Candlefind  Halloween Shopping Guide Werther & Gray
Photo credit: Werther & Gray

It’s time to get a little indie now with our Halloween candle picks. The company Werther & Gray is always fun to try, but they especially shine for us this time of year. The obvious picks are going to come from their Halloween Collection, which includes Witch (pumpkin bread), Devil (cinnamon clove), Black Cat (wormwood & vanilla), and Gourds (brown sugar & fig). Yet you can choose any from their lineup, as they all have this dark vibe that fits well with the occasion. Check out Skeletal Remains in their Oddities Collection or Black Death in the Dark Series. So many choices, it will be hard to pick just one!

Colonial Candle

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Colonial Candle
Photo credit: Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle has a great collection this year, with labels that are to die for (see what we did there?). Check out Spooky Woods, Zombie Attack, or Grave Dust to whet your fancy. Aside from the scented options, Colonial Candle is a great place to get orange and black taper or tealight candles to help dress up your Halloween decor.

Greywick Lane

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Greywick Lane
Photo credit: Greywick Lane

Greywick Lane is an indie candle company on Etsy that declares that everyday is Halloween. What fun you can have shopping their variety of scents, including Wanna Play?, Graveyard, and Freakshow. They also have room sprays, wax melts, and bath/body products. Boo yeah!

A To Z Candles

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide A To Z Candles
Photo credit: A To Z Candles

If you want clever labels with your clean burning Halloween candles, check out A to Z Candles. Think Boo Berry, Cereal Killer,

Bubble And Geek

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Bubble And Geek
Photo credit: Bubble And Geek

If you’ve got a fandom crush, then you’ve got to shop Bubble And Geek. They have a number of great options across their collections that would work well for your Halloween candle collection. Check out Dark Arts (cinnamon and so.much.more), Watcher on the Walls (woodsy and smoky), or Pumpkin Pasties (yum, yum pumpkin pie). There are some usual suspects, too, like Not Your Basic Witch (such a great Fall scent) or This Is Halloween (think trick-or-treating on steroids). You can literally shop ’til you drop at this soy candle shop.

Lunar Light Candle Co.

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Lunar Light Candle Co
Photo credit: Lunar Light Candle Company

The candles at Lunar Light Candle Company sell out pretty fast, so be quick at the draw if you want to include any of these Halloween candles in your lineup. We’re touting Season of the Witch and Ghost Stories at top notch. Get Halloqueen to quench your sweet tooth. They also have some beautiful unscented pillar candles that would work well in anyone’s Halloween candlescape.

Wax On Fire

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Wax On Fire
Photo credit: Wax On Fire

The clean burning soy candles from Wax On Fire are good if you don’t want your candle design to steal the show of your Halloween decor. They keep it simple (but cute!) and the scents are really, really good. They have several options like Haunted House, Halloween Movies & Chill, Pumpkin Patch, and You’re My Boo.

Old Soul Artisan

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Old Soul Artisan
Photo Credit: Old Soul Artisan

The motto of Old Soul Artisan is “Illuminate Your Darkness,” so it’s no wonder they made our ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. Where to start? Their Dark Lit Collection includes scents like Enchanted Rose and Book of Spells. Check out the Incantation Collection for Sacred and Ritual or The Scent Vault for Sleepy Hollow and Evil Queen. You really can’t go wrong with any of these that you select.

Underworld Connection Candles

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Underworld Connection Candles
Photo credit: Underworld Connection Candles

The candles from Underworld Connection have a cute swirl on top that is so visually appealing, it makes us want to buy them all. You won’t be short of options here, either – Full Moon, Walk In The Woods, Raise The Dead – all these make an appearance and more in this candle shop.

DIO Candle Company

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide DIO Candle Company

Another company you can always count on to have fun, seasonal collections is DIO Candle Company. They don’t disappoint with their Halloween lineup either. Check out Pumpkin Queen, Monster Mash, and Ghost Stories for starters. None of the scents here overwhelm, either, so they would work well for a scent-sensitive Halloween gathering.

Storybook Candle Company

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Storybook Candle Company

This company has a number of candles that are perfect for Halloween. Check out the Twilight Collection for New Moon, Eclipse, and Edward Cullen. Are you Team Jacob? Storybook Candle Company has a Jacob Black candle, too! Don’t miss the Signature Collection, which has The Potion Shoppe, This Old House, and The Lake – all of which would be fitting for Halloween.

Ember Candle Company

Candlefind Halloween Shopping Guide Ember Candle Company

Need a skull candle in your life? Then you need Ember Candle Company. Our Halloween candle gift guide has gone across the waters to the good ol’ UK because these skull candles are so much fun! The variety of colors will ensure that you can get something to match your very own themed decor. And what’s more, they ship worldwide!

That’s our roundup for this ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. It should keep you busy enough and you have absolutely no excuse for not upping your Halloween candlescape this season. Did we miss your favorite shop? Chime in and let us know!

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