Halloween scented melt review from Spotted Hog Candles

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Spotted Hog Candles

Type: Jumbo Clamshell Packs

Banshee Bread Pudding
Jeepers Creepers
Silence of the Yams
Spider Cider N’ Deadly Donuts
Pumpkin Poundcake

Cost: $9.95

Scent Strength: Strong


Introduction to Spotted Hog Halloween review: 

It’s been a long-long time since I’ve ordered from Spotted Hog Candles so I figured I was long overdue placing an order. I’ve been having a blast buying candles and melts for upcoming fall and winter reviews we’re working on at Candlefind… I decided a fun one I wanted to do was an all Halloween fragrance review… it’s just around the corner after all and Spotted Hog has some great ones.

I love Halloween! I love the decorations and colors, the spookiness, the costumes… the entire vibe of this fun fall holiday calls to me… especially  buying candles and melts with Halloween themes. Spotted Hog is one of my favorite and staple sites to shop on and lucky me… they have a ton of spotted hog candles halloween melt reviewHalloween themed fragrances perfect for this review. I had so much fun picking out the scents… I was like a kid in a candy store. With fun names like Silence of the Yams, Spider Cider N’ Deadly Donuts, Pumpkin Poundcake, Jeepers Creepers and Banshee Bread Pudding… I was rubbing my hands in glee… I was so excited to start this review. All these fragrances are Spotted Hog custom blends and scents you will not find anywhere else. FUN!!

For this round, I decided to buy their jumbo clamshell melts… I’ve been dying to try these. Looking at the pictures online, they look positively huge!



Spotted Hog Halloween scented melt reviewWhat do my jumbo clamshells look like?

These clamshells are on steroids!… they are roughly filled with 6.8 ounces of wax and equivalent to six 1oz melts. Wait till you see and try them… we’re talking Fred Flintstone size clamshell packs. I loved the size! See picture to the right! You can see how significantly bigger these are from standard size clamshell melts. One aspect I loved about these other than the size… they are so easy to store. You can stack a bunch on top of each other for easy and compact storage. A must for a scented melt addict.



What did my Halloween scents from Spotted Hog smell like?

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. I started this review with all my melts sitting next to me while I wrote up the intro. I always start my reviews this way so I can smell all the products cold and let you know my initial thoughts. The entire time I was writing the intro, the most amazing bakery aromas kept drifting around me and I would stop to try and figure out which scent was giving off such a wonderful fragrance. Truth be told… they all were! I was already in heaven and hadn’t even melted anything yet. And what’s amazing, they were all sealed in their plastic clamshell containers so for them to be emanating such a strong scent told me how fragrance packed these babies were.

Banshee Bread Pudding

Mmmmmm!! This scent smells so warm, delicious and comforting! A scent you want to burn or melt when you want your house to smell like something is baking in your oven.

Let’s start with the scent description:
Banshee Bread Pudding from Spotted Hog Candles
“This remarkable fragrance will have you literally screaming like a banshee for more. A rich dish of sweet sugary corn bread pudding. Sweet corn, vanilla and sweet bread.”

I don’t know about “screaming like a banshee” for more but I will definitely be buying this one again. It’s positively yummy!! I could smell everything in the description… the sweet cornbread pudding, the creamy vanilla and the most wonderful bakery cake scent which I’m guessing was the sweet bread. I don’t know which element I liked best but if I were to pick one… it would be the sweet corn pudding. It’s different – spicy and creamy all at the same time. My kids thought I was baking a cake while I had this one melting. They commented on this scent over and over. My youngest son said it smelled like the best donuts or cinnamon rolls he’s ever smelled. I had to agree. What did my husband think? He didn’t really care for it but with 3 against one… his vote didn’t count.

This scent was a room filler. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was easily an 8+. Not super strong that it was overpowering but a perfect medium. Loved the strength.

Highly recommend this one if you love warm cake-y bakery type scents.



Jeepers Creepers

The wax color was a dark ebony… a perfect color for Halloween. Scent description for Jeepers Creepers:

“Golden brown pumpkin French toast sticks drizzled with maple syrup and pecan honey butter. Scary good!”

That scent description sounds wonderful. I love French toast drenched in syrup (who doesn’t)… add pecan honey butter – YUM! Just imagining what that smells like had my mouth watering. Jeepers Creepers scented melt review from Spotted Hog Candles

When I popped open the lid to smell this for the first time, it smelled super spicy. I wasn’t really detecting any bakery notes. If you’re an avid candle lover, you know that’s normal… many scents really come out once the wax heats up. I popped two cubes out – and in my melters they went.

What did Jeepers Creepers smell like once melting? Mmmm – yummy good stuff!!! I could totally make out the pumpkin in this scent with wonderful and spicy bread notes mixed in with it. I couldn’t really smell maple syrup but honestly… that was fine. To me, this was a spicy and warm pumpkin bread… heavy on the spice. I really enjoyed it.  Also want to add… this was a husband pleaser… he commented on in the moment he walked into the house letting me know how much he liked it. He thought it smelled like a spicy bakery cinnamon. He wasn’t catching any bakery notes because let’s face it… we’re talking an untrained nose here. I’m lucky to even get a positive comment out of him.

Scent strength – mega strong! I started to notice the fragrance within minutes of melting them. After about 10 minutes, the fragrance saturated my entire huge great room with scent. It was almost too strong in the beginning… I couldn’t decide whether to put it out for a breather or keep it going. I opted for the latter and glad I did. My favorite part… after a few hours, the fragrance tapers into this warm pumpkin creamy and buttery bread scent that gave a steady medium throw. Finally I was detecting the pecan honey butter. It was awesome! I totally re

commend this one if you love spicy and strong bakery bread scents.



Silence of the Yams

I love this name!! What a perfect name for a candied yam scent. Clever!! Here is the scent description for this fragrance:

“Well Hello Clarice, would you like to try my holiday dish I made especially for you? Don’t be frightened, It’s simply a scrumptious holiday dish of roasted Yams, nutmeg, cinnamon vanilla and brown sugar with the faintest hint of bergamot. It goes very well with a glass of fine Chianti. Fst fst fst ft ; )”

Oh my gosh, I love that description!! How utterly clever! If you haven’t watched the movie “Silence of the Lambs”… then that description probably won’t make any sense to you but I think most people Silence of the Yams scented melt review, spotted hog candles.have watched it. It’s a great and classic creepy/suspense movie. A perfect Halloween name.

The color of this wax is a rich caramel brown, like melted brown sugar on yams at Thanksgiving. Mmmmmm!!!! Smelling the wax before melting… it smelled like I expected… sweet yams with a hint of spice. It smelled like fall. Melting this fragrance however really brought out all the hidden flavors in the description. This wasn’t the typical bakery scent I go for (I’m more of a cookie/cake girl) but I loved the name so much, I was determined to include this one in my review. I’m so glad I did. I loved it! It was really the most authentic candied yam scent compared to the real deal. You could smell the yams, the brown sugar and cinnamon with a perfect touch of nutmeg all blended perfectly. It was so creamy and realistic, all three of my boys commented on it… my kids walked up the stairs and the first words out of their mouths was how good it smelled. They at first thought I was melting a pumpkin pie scent.  Untrained noses… but they were close. My husband thought I was still burning a mellow version of Jeepers Creepers… when I told him it was a roasted candied yam scent… he agreed and said he liked it a lot and that nutmeg stood out the most to him. In closing, we all liked this one. This scent screams fall and all the wonderful aromas that go with it.

This melts gave a medium full bodied throw – meaning – you could smell it loud and clear but it wasn’t overwhelming. I really enjoyed this one and not just for Halloween… it’s a great fall/winter scent period. I’ll for sure purchase this scent again but next time in a big bag of brittle.



Spider Cider N’ Deadly Donuts

Let’s start with the scent description:

“BOO! A spooky blend of scary spider apple cider and deadly cinnamon donuts. Try it if you dare! This aroma will haunt your hallways this Halloween.”

“Haunt your hallways” indeed… this is a pretty addicting scent. It’s so popular, they can barely keep it in stock. It’s THAT good!! I’ve been purchasing Spider Cider N’ Deadly Donuts for a few years nowSpider Cider & Deadly Donuts from Spotted Hog Candles and I absolutely love it! This is not your average apple cider scent… it’s much more… as in… spider cider meets cinnamon dough! Imagine a steaming mug of hot apple cider in one hand and a freshly baked warm (melt in your mouth) moist cinnamon donut in the other… the delicious aroma of both drifting to your nose. Hot mulled cider with warm cinnamon doughy bread. That’s this scent! Can you tell I like it?

Keep in mind… cold sniff with this scent smells pretty average… you can smell spicy apples but nothing really pops out. The magic however comes to life when the wax starts to heat up… that’s when the doughy cinnamon donut really makes its entrance. Hello  spicy apples and cinnamon dough… come to momma!!

Is this scent deadly? Oh yeah… to your self control anyway. Highly recommend this one.



Pumpkin Poundcake

I saved my favorite for last. This is the scent I kept smelling when I was writing up the intro for this review. It’s so buttery and bakery and moan worthy delicious!! Here is the scent description:

Pumpkin Poundcake scented melts from Spotted Hog Candles“Moist vanilla pound cake blended with the perfect amount of Pumpkin.”

I almost didn’t want to melt these, they smelled so good. My solution, I ordered more – lots more! I’m starting to think some of these bakery scents candle companies create smell better than the real deal. This literally smelled better than any pound cake or pumpkin cake I’ve ever smelled. This scent was so mouthwateringly delicious…  I wanted to eat it with a tall glass of milk. The pound cake was buttery, rich and vanilla-y sweet with the perfect touches of pumpkin notes blended in to perfection. And the moistness, oh my gosh, I could actually smell that… you know that smell when you pull a freshly baked cake from the oven, it’s still hot and spongy with all its nooks and crannies… I could breathe that scent in forever. I swear, this scent smells just like that only add some creamy pumpkin to  that. YUM!!!!

The strength is amazing. I began to notice the scent within minutes of melting 2 cubes. Within 10 minutes, the entire upper level of my home was engulfed in this decadent fragrance. I really appreciated this one, stopping many times throughout the day to breathe it in. Mmmm Mmm good!!! Totally HIGHY recommend if you love bakery pumpkin scents – heavy on the bakery.



Closing to my review:

This was a fun review… I enjoyed all 5 scents from beginning to end – I loved them all but Pumpkin Poundcake was definitely my favorite of the bunch. That’s one thing I can always count on with Spotted Hog bakery scents… authenticity and quality always exceed my expectations. It’s like closing to my reviewwalking into a confectionery store and spoiling yourself on all the delights and desserts inside.

All five scents were from their Halloween line but I’m pretty sure you can purchase these anytime of the year under different but similar names…. they just change the scent names for Halloween. I think it’s fun and enticing… who can resist trying scents named Silence of the Yams or Banshee Bread Pudding? I know I couldn’t! But if Halloween isn’t your thing… they have a HUGE scent list any candle or melt connoisseur would drool over. Looking over their scent list and plotting your order is half the fun.

I highly recommend Spotted Hog. They’re one of my favorite sites.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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