Grapefruit and Wheatgrass

Grapefruit and Wheatgrass Colonial Candle review

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Colonial Candle

Type: 22oz Large Oval Jar

Fragrance: Grapefruit and Wheatgrass

Cost: $25.00

Scent Strength: Medium


What did my candle smell like? 

Let’s start off with the scent description for Grapefrut and Weatgrass:

Uplifting citrus that soothes with amber and fresh wheatgrass.

Grapefruit and Wheatgrass sounded too interesting not to try and review. I love citrus scents and have always enjoyed grapefruit… it was the “wheatgrass” component that intrigued me.

This candle (as with all Colonial candles) was gorgeous and the picture once again above does not do this candle justice. The wax (with my candle) was a dark and bright pink with a picture on the label showing slices of grapefruit, raspberries and maybe lemon slices (it was hard to tell) sitting in a clear bowl. There is something about the colors of Colonial Candles that is so eye catching to me. They’re so bright, vibrant and almost glow.

First impression… a nice citrus scent with soft and sweet notes to it which I’m guessing had to be the wheatgrass. It’s hard to describe but I really it. Very fresh and different. Time to light my candle.

These large jars are generally medium to strong so I felt safe lighting it in my big master bedroom. Once lit, it took not even 10 minutes to start noticing the fragrance and oh my goodness, it was lovely! I don’t even know how to describe the aroma… it was definitely grapefruit but not overly zesty like a lot of grapefruit scents can become. It was a sweeter grapefruit with no bitterness and the overall aroma was really soft and pretty. And soothing… just like the description boasts. It was. I found myself stopping often in my bedroom to smell the air in appreciation. I never really detected amber in the scent but I do think the wheatgrass (whatever that is) really complimented the grapefruit. The overall scent was sweet and almost want to say creamy like vanilla or sugar… I’m having a hard time describing it but I really-really liked it. This is just one of those candles you need to experience yourself.

Strength – on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this candle a 7. It gave a night and steady medium throw. The aroma easily filled my bedroom and large open bathroom with fragrance. I loved it!



candle-flameHow did my candle burn?

My candle burned perfect. Zero issues.



Closing to my review: 

I really liked this candle and will definitely purchase it again with my next Colonial order. If you love grapefruit scents, I highly recommend this one. It’s not your average citrus scent… it’s unique, fresh and soothing all at the same time. I would describe it as a sweet, beautiful and unique grapefruit scent. It’s also really pretty to watch burning… the pink wax glowed so beautifully.

Colonial Candles are on the expensive side so if you’re on a budget, watch for a sale. They’ve been having some great ones lately. I purchase these Great candle thumbs up girllarge candles for $11.00 on sale. That’s AWESOME considering these candles are $25.00 a pop. How can you catch a sale? Sign up for their newsletter or watch our Candlefind Facebook page. We post sales there all the time if we catch them.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit Colonial Candle 

Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 4.5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I rated this candle high because it excelled in every category above. Presentation was great, the scent was authentic and burn performance was suburb and it gave a decent scent throw.

Have you tried Grapefruit & Wheatgrass from Colonial Candle? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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