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Brand: Gold Canyon Candle Co.

Type: Homespun Holidays 15.5 oz.

Fragrance: Peppermint Bark and
Gingerbread House

Cost: $17.98

Scent Strength: Medium


Introduction to my Gold Canyon Candles “Homespun Holidays” Review:

It’s time to deck those halls and light those lights. Have you noticed the holiday excitement building? Everything twinkles with light…homes are Gold Canyon Homespun Holiday Candle Review,, the site for candle loversdressed in their finest splendor. Sprigs of holly and mistletoe adorn the eaves, and evergreen garland drapes the banisters.I love to set a comforting mood in my home, and the winter holidays bring the best opportunity to create a warm and inviting space for gathering together with family and friends. No holiday season would be complete without an abundance of candlelight and fragrance, so I set out to find some new scented treats.

Finding the Homespun Holidays collection was like striking gold… Gold Canyon that is. What better way to usher in this festive season than with some tempting new sweet scents? With this well established candle company, I felt confident about discovering some strong and authentic scents.



What do my Gold Canyon “Homespun Holidays” candles look like?Gingerbread House, Homespun Holiday Candle from Gold Canyon Candles

This is the fun part about these candles…the unique jar shape, and the decorations.The Homespun Holidays collection candles are wide glass, square based jars, with double wicks. The jars are charming… literally. There is a charm adorning each jar tied with a festive elastic ribbon, making these extremely gift-able.The Peppermint Bark candle is red with a small felt peppermint candy charm. The brown Gingerbread House candle has a cute little gingerbread man charm attached. The candle jewelry comes off easily to use however you like…I’m going to decorate other jar candles with these. (Picture to the right is Gingerbread House.)There are holiday labels on the lids and they can easily be peeled off for a cleaner look. The jars are so pretty that I plan to reuse them as candy dishes this season.



How did my Gold Canyon “Homespun Holidays” Candles Smell?

Peppermint Bark scented candle review, Gold Canyon Candles,, the site for candle loversPeppermint Bark

I wanted to step away from my traditional holiday cinnamon and pine scents for a while. Gold Canyon had just the thing with this yummy sounding indulgence. Scent description:

“Bits of refreshing peppermint weaved inside rich and creamy milk chocolate.”

Gold Canyon has created a delightful treat that smells positively edible! With its two simple scents mixing in an evenly balanced chocolatey-minty decadence. It’s like a creamy melted Ande’s chocolate mint candy… I could almost taste it.

This scent had my whole family in a jolly mood… I can’t imagine actually calling someone jolly this far away from the North Pole, but we were all feeling like big happy Santas with this scent in the air. It’s probably best that our house doesn’t have a chimney to slide down.

I had this candle lit while we decorated our home for the holidays, and I would catch a whiff of yummy goodness every few minutes. The throw for this scent was medium and seemed to travel here and there throughout the main room.



Gingerbread House

Let me start by saying… for the record… that I love everything about gingerbread. My grandmother baked with molasses and would serve sorghum syrup instead of pancake syrup. Maybe that’s where this adoration for spicy, not-too-sweet treats comes from. I don’tGold Canyon Candles, Gingerbread House homespun holiday scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers know exactly… but gingerbread just sings holiday carols to me.

So, when I saw this scent offered on Gold Canyon’s website, I knew I had to smell it. Here’s the scent description straight from Gold Canyon:

“Scents of fresh gingerbread and rich cinnamon and clove spices lay atop sweet brown sugar, molasses and nutmeg.”

This candle was true to its description… the ginger and molasses blended with sweet brown sugar and spicy nutmeg. I mean… heaven and nature sing!… this is a good scent.

It smelled absolutely delicious… just exactly like my favorite big soft ginger cookies. I make them every year and they are, hands down, the best cookies I’ve ever baked… or smelled… so the fact that this candle scent smells like them… well it’s just too good!

Psssst… Here is the “secret” recipe for all of you holiday bakers out there. I didn’t create it, but I sure make it my own each year.

Gingerbread House had a good medium throw… I could even smell it outside my open window. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can smell a scent outside. I moved this candle around the house just for…you know… research purposes, and it filled each room with scent.



Candle flameHow did my Gold Canyon “Homespun Holidays” candles burn?

I had some tunneling with both of these when I first lit them. I burned each for several hours initially but the wider top portion of the jars made it difficult for the wax pool to reach the edges, and required some babysitting during the first couple of burns. I had to entertain the double wicks, moving them from side to side in order to get the wax to melt completely. As the candles burned down further, the jar became narrower and the wax pooled more easily.I never once needed to trim the wicks. I simply dipped them in the wax to extinguish the flame.



Closing to my review…

I enjoyed these Gold Canyon Homespun Holidays candles entirely. They were pretty to look at and smelled like a million calories! I recommend both of these scents…they will Christmas shoppinghelp bring in that holiday spirit, and make any home merrier. Gold Canyon’s Peppermint Bark and Gingerbread House are two more delightful scents to add to our list of favorites.

Merry Christmas and happy candle smelling!

~ Julia

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** Please note, Gold Canyon Candles are a party based company so you must purchase their products through a demonstrator or you may also purchase their candles through many online outlets. Candlefind does not recommend any specific demonstrator but instead, we recommend you find a demonstrator in your area. You can search for a demonstrator near you by going to the Gold Canyon website.


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