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By Avery Jordan

Gold Canyon Candles

Scent Pods® $5.98, 2.4 oz
Scent Pod Warmer: $29.98


Introduction to my review of Gold Canyon’s Scent Pod’s and warmer:

I have been eyeing Gold Canyon’s Scent Pods for quite some time. “Scent Pods” is the name of Gold Canyon’s melts – and not only do they have their own trade-marked name, they also have a unique method of melting.First, let me say, that the Pods are a little difficult to locate on the website.Flower border Gold Canyon’s site shows all their wonderful candles (for which they are well known), but you have to search a bit to bring up the Pods. I found them under “wickless candles”, when I was using the search bar – and since the site changes frequently, there may be easier ways as time goes on.

If you are not familiar with Gold Canyon, (which was started in 1997 in the founder’s kitchen, a common place to give birth to candle companies), it is a company that sells their products from their website and at home parties through Independent Demonstrators. I purchased from the website and it assigned me a Demonstrator – and her name and contact information appeared in the upper right corner of my screen when I go to the web site.

Along with their candles, they offer candle accessories and decor, room sprays, body care products and home products. . The candles, while not expensive, are not budget items either! Watch for the sales they offer and you can get a very reasonable price.

Let’s get back to our Scent Pods… I mentioned that Gold Canyon has their own line of melters designed to be used with their Pods. They are the ‘warming plate” style of melter, and they look like artistic, high quality melters.

I purchased the Stone Footed Square Scent Pod Warmer, a very basic style that will fit most decorating schemes. (At the time of posting, this melter is currently available in Nutmeg.) Here is the really cool part – timers! The melters have timers in them! You can set your melter for 4, 8, and 12 hours and won’t have to think about them again that day!



What did my Gold Canyon Scent Pods look like?

The Pods are different than the other tarts/melts I have used – these have a white plastic container holding 2.4 oz of scented wax, and it remains in its container for the melting process. Both of mine have off white wax, but I see more colorful Pods on the Gold Canyon Site. The container has a plastic lid with the scent name. You pop off the lid, set your timer, set the container ofGold Canyon Scent Pods wax on the heating plate, and melt away. Tired of that scent? Cool it off, put the lid back on and set another Pod on the warmer. The Pods are designed to last 20 hours, so I am gonna give them the good ol’ Candlefind test to see if we get the same results!

And what about clean up? None! Your days of icing, freezing and pouring hot wax are over.

Gold Canyon’s Pods come in the same scent as many of their candles. I counted over 60 available scents on the site. Due to the price of the melter and the Pods, I only tried a couple scents: Awaken and Quiet Moments. My guess is that if you read Candlefind, you are like me – I really hate spending money on wax until I am sure that it is money well spent!



Scent Pods that I tried:

Quiet Moments

“Find solace and serenity through this calming fragrant blend of bergamot, amber, sandalwood and soothing vanilla.”

Like many of Gold Canyon’s fragrance blends, this is a very complex and sophisticated scent. Sandalwood is the most pronounced, and while you can not single out the amber or bergamot, your nose tells you that something else is going on besides sandalwood! The vanilla is in there and it softens its strong companions.




“Energize the body and spirit with this sparkling combination of earthy eucalyptus and fresh citrus lemon. Contains Quet Moments & Awaken scents from Gold Canyon Candlesessential oils of Cornmint Lemon Extract, and Eucalyptus Mint.”

This is a very nice combination, and it is unique. The top note of lemon is the scent that draws your attention, but at “the end of the inhale” you feel the minty tingle and the eucalyptus. It smells clean and to my nose, it leans more toward a soft perfume lemon than cleaning products! Don’t let the word “perfume” dissuade you – I just use it to differentiate it from the house-cleaning scents. Think lemon body spray, not lemon Pine Sol!



How did my Scent Pods perform?

I left these on the melter with the timer set for all the settings in turn (4 hours, then 8, then 12) and they continued to scent past this 24 hour mark. The scenting for both of the Pods was soft – but noticeable! It consistently filled the room with a very pleasant background sent.

An important point I found – you will not get instant scenting with Scent Pods. Due to the size of the container, it takes almost a full hour for it to melt and begin throwing out maximum scent.



Wrap up to my Gold Canyon Scent Pods review:

While the Pods and their melters are on the expensive side, I can see a place for them. For those times in your melting life when you want/need no-fuss melting, this system is a perfect fit. Have things to do? (Besides melt or burnClosing to my Gold Canyon Scent Pod review wax? You do? Really? How odd!) Switch on the melter timer and you don’t have to think about it again! No melter maintenance, no flames, and when you are done with your scent, pop the lid back after it cools. You can dispose of them , but the Gold Canyon website has a section about recycling/repurposing – and the used Scent Pod containers are well designed to be used for little objects that end up all over the bottom of your junk drawer.

So, the next time you are invited to a home candle party, you may want to attend! It could be a Gold Canyon invite – and a chance to see (and sniff!) these unique Scent Pods first hand!

Happy melting!!

~ Avery

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