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Company: Gates Bay


Scents reviewed:
Key Lime Curse
Lemon Squares


Strength: Medium


Deirdre reviews - the site for candle loversIntroduction to my Gate’s Bay scented candle review:


It’s a new year! A time for changes, a time for new beginnings, a time for putting away the now tired and overused cinnamon and pine scented fragrances and dig out some new mouthwatering, fragrant wax scented goodies! Time to try something new!! Oh come on, you knew the “New Year” clichéd intro was coming! And on that “new” note: meet Gate’s Bay, a relatively young Introduction to my Gates Bay reviewcompany located in the good ol’ southern town of McKinney, Texas. Started in 2010 by husband and wife team, Nicole and Jeremy Walker, Gate’s Bay currently specializes in highly fragrant wax melts with plans to expand into candles in the very near future.


With a clean, bright, attention grabbing website, Gate’s Bay has a very easy to follow online store. I love that all the melts are categorized by collections, with descriptive photos to help, should you need help deciphering the cleverly named fragrances. I think the Pirate themed collection is particularly fun! Easy to follow, simple to use…my style!


This is a candle REVIEW site. I know. BUT, sometimes it’s the packaging that makes us gravitate towards a particular product. Admit it, you know you’ve purchased something because it had attractive packaging (if not, just humor me here).  I’ve said many times how much I’m a sucker for packaging. I truly believe I have “S.O.D.”, Shiny Object Disorder. I’m a sod for shiny, attention getting packaging.  That being said, I am also drawn to clever, brand marketing. Enter, Gates Bay. My S.O.D. was not on high alert, but I really loved the sharp, classic creativity of Gate’s Bay’s Pirate themed logo and packaging. Very nice, crisp and professional. And a bonus for me…the label has all company info, including scent where I can find it easily and re-order! Score!
And now, in the spirit of clichéd New Year’s themes, it’s time to rejuvenate your life (or at least your living space) and read all about these wonderful fragrances! Gates Bay’s Rejuvenation scent is the perfect way to kick off your new year!




“Rejuvenate the mind, soul and body with the aromas of fresh powder, light musk, and just a hint of fresh daffodils and tulips.”


It’s sometimes hard to think of burning “florally” fragrances when the weather outside is still chilly and grey. I hadn’t planned on burning this one until last. Alas, my girl child decided to cook a bag of microwave popcorn for well over the recommended three minutes. Nothing makes the house smell more putrid than burnt popcorn (and I do mean burnt… the dog even ran out of the kitchen). Blech!  I dug in my drawer and found Rejuvination melts from Gates Bay“Rejuvenation”. Thinking the stinky house needed some serious rejuvenation, out it came. Now, here’s the deal: Gate’s Bay makes their melts with very soft wax. I’m used to dealing with harder wax which tends to pop out of the clamshell type containers easier. The first melt I scooped out, very messy. Then I had a Homer Simpson, “DOH”, moment, smacked my forehead with my hand and promptly popped the entire container in the freezer for a few minutes. Viola! The wax came out like a charm!


The benefit of using softer wax is that the wax melts very quickly, and with that putrid popcorn aroma inhabiting my living space, I needed a fragrance fix fast!  Rejuvenation did not disappoint! While I didn’t smell any powder or musk, I did detect a soft, sweet floral. To me, it was more Plumeria and less daffodil/tulip, but very pleasant. This tart packed a punch! Two cubes scented my entire downstairs and lasted well over 8 hours strong in my electric warmer. I’m not huge of florals, but this one was fantastic! Side benefit….the stinky popcorn smell now had a nice floral overtone to it! This one is a keeper!


From popcorn to pirates, okay, there’s no clever transition there, but my next fragrance was from Gates Bay’s Pirate themed collection.




Key Lime Curse


“How could you go wrong with a mix of tart lime, orange/grapefruit zest and creamy cool whipped topping on a buttery bakery vanilla base”


I debated shifting into “Pirate Mode” for this particular review, but decided to spare my readers my attempt at lame pirate themed humor.. for now 😉  This time around I didn’t want to battle with the very soft, smooshy wax. I immediately threw the package in the freezer for about 10 minutes and the little cubes popped out like a dream. Still a little soft, but so much Key Lime Curse from Candle Baybetter!


Cold throw was scrumptious and hot throw was equally scrumptious!  I could definitely smell lime with just a smidgen of vanilla. A very light, soft scent, not an overpowering bakery-type fragrance.  Not to be deterred by the lack of “bakeryishness” (my new favorite adjective), I burned this (one cube at a time) in my night light bulb warmers. One in my office, one in the bathroom, both with the doors shut. Very good throw, filled my office and sauntered into the hallway and garage (I mean come on… who doesn’t want a Key Lime scented garage!). This was a softer, but very nice subtle fragrance, again, not super “bakeryish”, but very appealing. And I won’t lie, it was fun to watch my husband shake his head in disbelief when he drove into the garage and realized his man space had been invaded by Key Lime pie…. argh matey, don’t whine… dead men tell no tales. I warned you the pirate humor was forthcoming. This one did very well and lasted well over 7 hours…yo-ho-ho….




Lemon Squares

“The mouth-watering aroma of the famous lemon square dessert we all love so much. Our delicious lemon square begins with top notes of lemon, pie crust, citrus peel, and aldehydic effervescent notes; followed by middle notes of butter and coconut; sitting on a base note of zesty Lemon Squares from Gates Bayvanilla. This one might cause extreme hunger!”


I am a picky lemon liker (how fun is that to say!). So many lemon fragrances, even the bakery type ones, smell like Lemon Pledge. And really, who wants to be reminded that they need to dust? Not this gal!  This melt made me a happy lemon liker! I was very deliriously overjoyed that it was completely without the fakey Pledge aroma and full of bakery lemon happiness.


While the fragrance was softer than I would have liked, it was like a sneaky lemon attack with top notes of light citrus and deeper middle notes of stronger lemon with a stealthy dose of buttery crust and a delicate dash of vanilla. This was a delectable scent.  Very subtle, but very worth burning! And I didn’t even make you suffer through any pirate talk this time around…you’re welcome.



Closing to my Gate’s Bay review:


Popcorn smell covered. Check!
Garage scented with Key Lime to annoy my man child. Check!
No lemon scented dusting reminders. Check! Closing to my Gates Bay review


Will I re-order from Gates Bay. CHECK!! 


Happy New Year my fragrance aficionados!


~ Deirdre Bloom


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