Fresh Baked Cookie scented candle – White Barn CandlesSugar Cookies3

by Christina Rylan

Brand: White Barn Candle

Scent: Fresh Baked Cookie

Type: 4oz small candle

Cost: $9.50

Scent Strength: Well fragranced


Introduction to My White Barn Candle Review…

Here I am once again with a new White Barn Candle Co. review. I’m really beginning to like these candles now that I’ve finally started burning them. Thankfully, I’ve caught some killer sales which is always a plus.

White Barn Candles has two lines that I know of. Their True Essence line which are their traditional fragrances you can purchase in their soaps and lotions etc. or their True Temptations line. I’ve tried both and enjoy both so it’s a tough call deciding on which one I like the best. The True Temptations line is centered more towards foods and bakery and boy are they wonderful. Today I’m reviewing Fresh Baked Cookie and it’s definitely a keeper. If you like sweet and warm cookie scents, you would love this candle.



white barn candle,white barn candles,candles white barn,white barn candle co.,white barn candle company,candle white barn,white barn scented candle,white barn scented candles,scented candle white barn,scents white barn,white barn scentsWhat does my Fresh Baked Cookie candle look like?

I purchased the smallest candle in their True Temptations line which is 4 ounces. The candle is a round glass jar with a flat shiny chrome lid. The look is very modern and sleek. The label on the face of the candle can be removed which says, “True Temptations, Fresh Baked Cookie.”



How did my Fresh Baked Cookie candle smell?

This was a truly yummy scent and I couldn’t believe how strong it was for such a little candle. I lit this one in my master bathroom and not long after, the fragrance of fresh baked cookies was all through my bathroom and bedroom. It smelled super doughy & warm which made it smell so incredibly realistic to me. Just like breaking open a warm sugar cookie in half right from the oven. This candle had me craving the real thing, along with an ice cold glass of milk.

It still amazes me how authentic some of them bakery candles can smell. This candle would have been even better had I burned it in my kitchen but it was too small for that size room. I know a bigger candle would give a much stronger scent throw and would be terrific. My little 4oz candle fragranced my entire bedroom and bathroom which really amazed me. You definitely get your money’s worth (on sale that is). All in all, I liked this candle and will definitely buy this scent again if given the chance.



Candle flameHow Did My Fresh Baked Cookie Candle Burn?

This candle burned really well. I sound surprised huh? I’ve had issues with wicks staying lit with Bath & Body Works candles but this one held it’s own. No drowning wick, no soot or smoke.



Closing Comments:

I enjoyed this fragrance. It smelled very realistic, and you know when that happens because you’re tempted to actually eat the candle. Next time I’m at Bath & Body Works store and they’re having a sale, I’m buying a bigger jar to burn in my kitchen. It’ll smell really yummy there!

I totally 100% recommend this candle so if you happen to see one in a Bath & Body Works store, pop open the lid and take a whiff… I think any cookie fans out there may have a hard time resisting this one.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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