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July 2011 Contest

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Stardust, I've given you credit but this website isn't working when I click the link. Do you have another link?


I think I beat ya to that one on page 2, or are we allowed to repeat?


No repeats during the same day. I'm only giving credit to the first person when repeats are given.


Friendly Fragrances


(Are vendors in the UK acceptable?)



Day 2 Entries

MaggieMae - 8

~Carrie~ - 2

carebearstitch - 6

she31462 - 1

Nautilique - 6

Stardustgirl - 2

sweet&spiceygrl - 3

PuppyLove - 8


Again, please let me know if you think there is an error: cyngreen at candlefind dot com.


MaggieMae, I'm adding your entry to Day 1. Thanks for pointing that out.


Day 4 question will be posted soon. :)

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Thanks, Stardustgirl!


Question for Day 4: Name a vendor who has a scent, tart or candle in honor of Independence Day. (Please provide the direct link to the scent or product.)

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