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Help Me! I Have Lost My Last Mind

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Oh man, ya'll are gonna think I am crazy.

Well, that's fairly obvious.


Ok, here goes.

Sometime this morning, I opened up my Firefox browser (which conveniently keeps the tabs you had opened when you last closed it.)

Somehow CJ's Candles is open.

Now no one else uses my computer.

I have never ordered from CJ's Candles.

I MUST have been looking it up for a reason.

Did someone just order or post something about it?

I have scoured the forums, and if they did, I sure can't find it.


I have lost my last marble

Fried my last grit.

Gone around the bend (and beyond)

Fallen off my rocker *thud*

Gone start raving mad (howling at the moon)


received the error message EPIC FAIL from my brain.



::::they're coming to take me away

ha ha

they're coming to take me away ::::::


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Laurie - [smilie=th_f5a39fcb] . When you're on the forum, there's an icon for that store on the left side of your screen, about 9 down from the top. Maybe you clicked on it from here and don't remember..?



It's entirely possible!

I've been up since 3am.

Somebody reboot my brain please!


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th_gekkebek.gifSo? Did you order?


You may as well. I WAS wondering how they are.


He he he! No, I didn't. I think Sweet & Spicey pegged it, and I must have accidentally clicked the ad from the home page. But of course, I'm wondering how they are too.

So many vendors

So little time paypal cash.


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