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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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December 2008 Contest: Scramble for Christmas

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1 After Dinner Buttermint

2 Mountain Lodge

3 Emerald City Cake

4 Gateau De Vanille

5 Ruby Red

6 Plumberry Spice

7 Lemonade Twister

8 Country Kitchen

9 Vanilla Buttercream Crunch

10 Melekalikimaka



Stardustgirl - 5

Mpfand - 5

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Last day everyone! Winner will be drawn tonight. Get those entries in - it only takes one to win!!!


Every capital letter in the scrambles represents the start of a new word. I will also place the capital letters in bold as was suggested.


For example: CPeiyrhre is Cherry Pie.


The spaces within the scramble do not mean anything. I think it just makes it easier to unscramble the scents.


I will give hints later today if needed. Good luck everyone!



1 dsgMiumithmeNr

2 tsFsreirdB eePak Cuh

3 rfpRerlTfar sbyeu

4 i mePapePyptntrt

5 aAtePrssdni oml

6 d uknoeoLmaePCn

7 sluoBaBnnnoaatc atC

8 edo enoMnyweHl

9 enhat iLGeereun

10 pSin S eucektePpwim

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1 Midsummer Night

2 Fresh Baked Pie Crust

3 Raspberry Truffle

4 Peppermint Patty

5 Almond Pastries

6 Lemon Pound Cake

7 Coconut Banana Blast

8 Honeydew Melon

9 Genuine Leather

10 Sweet Pumpkin Spice



Stardustgirl - 5

Cat01 - 4

Juletones - 1

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Thanks for playing everyone! I hope you had fun. The contest is now closed and the winner will be selected today!!!


We are putting together a prize package for January. Please keep in mind the prize packages will now go back to smaller monthly prizes - until the next holiday season rolls around!

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