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October 2008 Contest: Spooky Scent-sations!

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This is our contest game for the month of October. Please see the post under Monthly Forum Contests for more details. It includes details of this month's prize package.


How to play:


* I will list a "letter of the day" each day. You should look for vendors that begin with that letter for the day's entries.


* Once you have selected your vendor, list a scent that vendor carries that somehow reminds us of Halloween. It could be the scent name or within the scent description. If the association isn't obvious, please explain the connection in your post.


* Once a vendor has been named, they may not be listed again. Be sure to keep track of what vendors have been named, so you do not disqualify yourself! Scent names can be repeated, as long as they are from different vendors.


* Vendors may be for candles or bath/body.


* You cannot post directly behind yourself. This means there must be at least one other person's response after yours before you can post again.


* The person with the most posts throughout the game wins!


* Remember, to be eligible, you must be actively participating in other games within the Game Room. The minimum requirement is one non-contest game during the month. It's easy to do! You can play to win even if you have won one of these contests before!


* Contest ends October 15, 2008 at midnight CST.


Example of how this game will be played:


Cyngreen2: Today's Letter of the Day is H.


Poster 1: Harvest Glow Candles, Full Moon Witch's Brew

Poster 2: Hobble Creek Candles, Pumpkin Spice

Poster 3: House of Scents, Dragon's Blood (blood and gore for Halloween)

Poster 1: Harriet's Little Soap Company, Anise (has the word "spooked" in the scent description)

Poster 3: Herbal Star Candles, Olde Holiday Glow (jack-o-lanterns glow at night)

and so on.


Good luck and have fun!

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