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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Screaming Scents of October (October 2020)

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Greetings All!

Amy...I'm sorry you have been feeling sad. [smilie=th_bighug-1]You are beginning a whole new exciting phase in your life and it will be wonderful!!! I'm sure you will still keep in contact with those folks you'd like to see and you won't need to see those you'd rather not...Lolol. Plus this whole "2020 -I'm loosing my mind" thing happening is enough to make anyone feel down. And....hey...if you want to hide away sometimes...that's certainly ok...but just know we will be missing you when you do. [smilie=group_hug]We can't help it...We just think [smilie=th_yourock]! Btw...[smilie=th_f0424ea25f87db180cc7dto Steve! That carrot cake sounds delicious! [smilie=th_drool33456183iw4]

Michele...I'm sorry to hear about your poor SIL but I'm glad he is on the road to recovery now! That sounds very scary.  I am glad you finally had the memorial for your father. That's lovely. [smilie=th_slider_congratulationOn your Anniversary! I bet that's 40 fantastic years! Wow!

Got back from my quick camping trip with my sis and two childhood friends. Was lots of fun and very relaxing. Would do it again in a minute...even with the fox screaming all night. I know what a fox says and it's yucky. Came home to three boxes of waxies...lol. Two Goose Creek and one Empire Alchemy. Smells so great.

Tonight I'm melting SGA Evan - Blue Sugar Noel Flannel Sheets...this smells amazing!💕💕

Goodnight all.


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Morning all, I'm a bit all over the place today, on Saturday night our clocks went back an hour so yesterday felt soooooo long! I honestly feel jet lagged. 

Amy, that carrot cake looked delicious, yummy. I love carrot cake but much prefer home made to shop bought. 

Maggie, the camping trip sounded great, glad you enjoyed it. 

Michele, glad the memorial service went well, I was thinking of you. Hope your SIL is well. 

I had a package on Saturday, of wax. I was shocked as it only took 5 DAYS to travel across the pond! Thank you so much CF friend, I'm so appreciative of it! Your wax over there is so strong on cold. I'm going to take my time going through it, lol. 

Have a lovely day everyone. 

Melting Apple Blossom and Sandalwood by Darley Lama. 

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Hello Everyone!

Sharon-We are turning our clocks back soon as well. It always takes me a few days to get adjusted. 

Maggie-I’m glad you enjoyed your camping trip.  That sounded like fun. That SGA Evan sounds amazing.  I think I’m starting to like melting laundry.  My tastes are changing so much. Thank you for the anniversary wishes.  Time sure does fly.  

Yesterday was EA Raven’s Brew.  I loved this one.  It was Hot Coffee, Cream, Leaves and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll.  Overnight and still going is The Bunny Sisters Portlandia.  This is woods and earth, rain, VBN, AND Merlin’s Forest.  I just reordered this on Sunday not realizing I had it already.   Now I’m melting from L3 The Creeper-Apples, Oats, and Cornbread. 

Amy-I hope you are having a good work week.

Susan-Hope that you are well.

Have a good day all!!  






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Hello all, a quick note while I'm waiting for a meeting.

Mag, thank you for your kind words... They mean a lot.  😭🥰❤️ Thanks, dear friend.  I'm feeling better.  Your camping trip sounds amazing... One of my favorite things to do... And the lingering smell of campfire smoke in all of the clothing is an added plus! 🔥

Michele, I was thinking about you all of Sunday while you were at the memorial and I'm so glad that you were all able to gather and pay your last respects for your father.  

Sharon, good to hear from you and I hope you are doing ok in the new lockdown conditions!

Susan, stay safe!  You are on the front lines with patient care and I salute you.

I will say that the drive yesterday wiped me out... I think knowing that I won't be doing this forever is allowing me to realize that I actually do get tired! Lol

Last night and this morning it was:

Empire Alchemy Rain or Shine (ozone, heavy rain, lush linen, grass, earth) And I love this one so much. It's very refreshing and smells like the outside does after a heavy rain. Beautiful!  

On a side note, I have noticed that if I have too much melting at a time in the house, I get a sinus drip.  Same thing with melting in the bedroom overnight.  I will take this as a warning sign of overloading my system and back off the number of melters, and also not keep a melter in the bedroom.  This will not help to get through the wax, but it will help with overall health!   

Take care all!

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Hello All! Thanks for the kind words about my camping trip.

Amy...I hope you are feeling better. Could you be getting  allergies or are you pretty sure it's from the wax? I will have to check my stash for that Rain or Shine...it sounds lovely.

Michele...that's so funny...I never liked laundry scents either!! Now I love most of them!

Sharon....I'm the same way when we mess with the time...either way you do it...I'm exhausted and off kilter. I hope you adjust quickly!

I've been melting Rockets- Toasted Marshmallow Spearmint from a sweet CF pal. This is soooooo amazing that I'd love to recreate it! 😘

Also burning candles today...Trick or Treat, Candy Corn and Pumpkin Patch all from Goose Creek. And Apple Pumpkin Pancakes by BBW.


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Good Morning!

I hope everyone is doing well.  

Maggie-Isn’t it funny how our nose changes?  

Like Amy I too notice that sometimes when the melters are on too long it affects my sinuses.  Hoping it’s just because I have allergies and it adds to the problem. 

Melting today L3 Bluebeard.   This is Blue Sugar, Pistachio and Savory Bakery.  Excellent.

I went through some of my stash yesterday.  I pulled out some more things for my melting baskets and consolidated others.   I’m going to try to work on some more today.

Hope you all have a great day!



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Good morn ladies. Melting: Pink Sugar by Satin Suzie

Hell's Kitchen by L 3

Avabath by CFOW

Thanks Amy, I worry about the other caregivers when they come in wondering where they might have been and other people coming in and out of the clients house.   Not everyone is wearing a mask. Makes me not happy but I can't say anything.  Hope you all have a great week.

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Good Afternoon All.

Susan....I'm sorry about what you are going through...that's got to be aggravating for you! You are obviously a very kind and caring person! [smilie=yes]

Michele...that Bluebeard is a keeper! The blend sounds a little odd but it works!

I am trying to melt some of my more "Halloweenish" scents this week. I usually forget and end up saving them year after year. I think I'll try to pull all of those out and keep them in the melting basket.

Today is Graveyard Fog by Colonial Candle - licorice, vanilla and citrus. The licorice is very blended so it's not too noticeable....a nice blend. 
Have a great day. 

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Good morning all,

I had to drive back last night to go to a review at a vendor here in Cincinnati today...a little tired!  It was pea soup fog for much of the drive so that was stressful.  But it's all good.  Two more months...

Susan, that's tough when people won't wear their masks around caregivers - such a simple thing - I feel for you.  Stay well my friend. ❤️

Michele, that's great that you are consolidating wax.   How it is going?  I love that L3 Bluebeard although I have overdone blue sugar again and need a break. 🙄

Mag, I remember that Colonial Candle Graveyard - I thought that was a wild scent, really fun.  👍 I did the same as you and pulled out all the Halloween wax.  I don't think I'll finish it this week with all the running around but it can trickle into November. 😬

As for the sinus drip, I've done some experiments and am pretty sure it's a too-heavy amount of wax / scent load in the house.  It only occurs inside the house or inside a hotel room when I'm melting.  As soon as I go outside, it goes away, so I think I can rule out seasonal allergies or something specific to my home.  If I don't melt inside, especially at night, it doesn't happen at all. 🙄 So I have reduced the number of melters I have going at a time. 😭 So far, so good!  

From what I've learned about perfumes at work, they're typically skin sensitizers (causing an allergic skin reaction through contact) and respiratory irritants. So I don't think I've created an allergic reaction, just a respiratory response to an irritant, or too much fragrance oil in the air.  That doesn't bode well for getting through this wax in any sort of speedy fashion, so one would think I would cut back on the ordering... But there is no way I'm giving up wax...I will melt in the garage if necessary and visit every hour!

So today it's:

Up The Creek Scents Peppermint Vanilla Lace - all sorts of gorgeousness! - from the Peppermint Sampler which Debra recommended, and throwing a mile.

Have a great day everyone!

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Good Morning!

I’m trying to consolidate my wax and lessen the storage containers.  This project is ongoing.   I now have quite a bit of wax that I am concentrating on melting.  Hope I can make a large dent,  

I try to melt all Fall/Halloween scents until Thanksgiving but sometimes I need to switch it up.   

Amy-Glad you are enjoying your Peppermint Sampler.  

Today is VCS Autumn in Salem. This is Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugared Donuts.  It’s from 8/2018 and it’s throwing well.   Upstairs I am melting ST Fake n Bake.  Excellent. 

Enjoy your day!

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