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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


We'll Stay Indoor With Scents Galore

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Good morning all!

Thank you ladies, I did make it to WV/VA safely on Monday evening.  I took a quick nap at a rest stop en route because I was getting sleepy.   A little foggy this morning, which is lovely settling on the mountains.

Work is going well and those of us who have worked together for these last 18 months have become buddies.  It helps, although we can hardly recognize each other with our masks on. 😂

So yesterday and today it's been:

OPT Lavender Spearmint, a gift from a sweet CF pal and this was GORGEOUS.

TSGS Citrus Mint, fresh and tangy, lovely in the morning.

Waxmosphere The Olive Branch, in her beautiful tie-dye, so strong and perfect.  Still sad that she's not doing wax anymore. 😭

Have a fine Wednesday and stay safe out there.

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Good Morning!

Amy-I’m glad you made it safely.  Your scents sound wonderful!

I’m melting Wonderberry Sugared Cherry Wonderland.  This is so good.  This is another vendor I wish was still making wax.

Overnight melt was Lavender Eucalyptus Leaf by a very talented CF friend.  It’s wonderful and still going strong!

Enjoy the day everyone!

Stay safe !



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Good Afternoon...today it's  back to our regularly scheduled weather...overcast and yucky. 😞

Happy to hear you arrived safely Amy! Taking a quick nap is a great idea when you are feeling sleepy. Too many people try to push through it which is very dangerous...glad you listened to your body! [smilie=th_cc8]

Its two gifties today...

RG Coastal Kale  From a sweet CF pal

Green Goddess from a talented CF pal

both of these are exceptional! 💕


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Hi everyone. This is what I have been melting: Dead Sexy by CFOW

Rainbow Bridge by CFOW

Disneyland by CFOW

Love Yourself Fluff Puffs by Rosegirls

Early Sunrise by YC

Golden Sands by YC

Vanilla Sky by Hayden Rowe

jamsine Musk & mint, cucumber water by CFOW

Amyjo, I pick mystery/romance from the library.  I was happy they did that, since they are closed. Stay safe everyone. Until next time. Hugs to everyone.

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Greetings all...hope everyone is well.

It's  Savannah Blue today....Melissa - coconut milk, honeydew, lemon and watermelon. Smells really nice.

And upstairs I found Bear Bottom by Granny's Kountry Candles...she's been closed forever (maybe since 2013???)... and it still throws!

Have a good day.

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