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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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Mighty Melts of March - March 2020

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Amy-I’m glad you are ok.  Had us worried.  

I am melting VCS Red Lips.  This is Juicy Plum and Vanilla Lace.  

Maggie-I hope life can return to normal soon.  I’m not so sure about where I live. We have over 1700 confirmed cases and just 2 weeks ago there were only 2.

i am better off in Ohio right now.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.


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Good Morning!

It sure is quiet here. I hope you are all feeling well. 

Melting SGA Easter Parade in the bedroom   This is Pink Chiffon, Sweet Lavender and Sugar Cookies.  Wonderful.

Melting Wonderberry Yoshi Eggs in the main area. This is Crunchy Pears and Mango Papaya in a Vanilla Marshmallow Milkshake. I am sorry that this vendor closed. 

Have a safe Sunday. 

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Good morning everyone,

Again I'm sorry to have worried you.  I don't know where the days have gone and to be honest I am a bit rattled, as I'm sure many people are.  "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Mag, I'm glad you've been able to spend some time in PA.  I hope you were peaceful there!  I hope all of the family are well and taking it easy.

Michele, I'm glad you are with DH and able to relax and melt.  I'm also sorry Wonderberry went OOB and am savoring what I have left.

Sharon, I hope you are doing well in Wales and that the Spring is beautiful over there, to lift the spirits!

Susan, I sure am washing these hands and hope you are too.  I had to start using much more hand cream to keep them from drying out.

Michelle P - Happy Birthday friend and many more!!

Valerie, I'm glad your DH's company is taking this seriously with the "red shirts."  It's a scary time.  I hope your girls are doing well too.

Deb, I can only salute those of you on the front lines... My heart breaks for you because of the PPE shortages and the extreme stress.. Please stay well my friend.

Cyn, thank you for taking care of us and keeping this website going!

There is beauty in the world always.  This terrible time too shall pass.  

This morning I once again consolidated and rearranged the wax into three drawers - Fresh, Fruity and Fall/Holiday.   I have another drawer for Walmart wax and another one for beautiful gifts from all of you.  Total, then, I am down to 5 Sterilite drawers, originally 12, and I put two of those big 3-drawer units out by the street and someone picked them up within an hour.  I was afraid to keep them....I might fill them again. 🤣 I have stopped buying candles....  I may have made a small RG order and a small Scentsy order last week, but nothing huge.  Maybe I can keep it under control...

Today it's:

Ava's Country Cupboard Bunny Hop - you know I broke my ban for this scent and it was totally worth it - raspberry, peach, orange, sugared lime, and vanilla. 

The last of:

Diptyque Paris En Fleur votive - such a beautiful rose and patchouli scent and I'm so so sad it is coming to an end.

Stay well all. ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello! Late night once again...my days and nights are all askew since I am not working. 

Amy...I am so glad you are ok. I know how it feels to lose track of the days...and you are so busy it must whiz by.  Wow..you chucked your bins? You are a committed lady..good for you! Will you be getting a break from traveling soon? Thanks about my PA trip...yes, it was super relaxing with my son and my twin girls.

Michele...yes, I see NY is having a tough time but it will end at some point. My church posted a notice that they anticipate the quarantine to last many weeks if not months. That's what I figured as well although it seems daunting.  But we can do it...the good news is most people get better just like Valerie said. Good news indeed.

Hope you are all well...Debra, Sharon, Valerie, Susan, Aria, Cyn , Michelle and all our CF pals!! And just as Amy said...thank you Cyn!!!

Its been Orange Danish and Coffee by Front Porch...soooooo old but still throwing like a champ!

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Good Morning!

I hope everyone is doing well. 

I am melting VRC Pumpkin Pistachio Cookies today. 

Maggie-with no Masses at church we aren’t counting the collections on Mondays. I hope that the Parish can make up its lost revenues. It is a very unique time. 

Amy-I can’t believe you threw out those bins.  You are very committed.  This was my birthday month and I did treat myself a few times. I have to be careful because this is a rabbit hole.  I am melting more than ever in this quarantine. 

I hope the rest of this group is staying safe.  

Enjoy the day everyone!

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Hi Michele and great to see you posting Susan. Glad all is well with you both.

Michele...I was thinking the same thing, so I started fishing around the parish website and found a link for people who like to contribute electronically due to different circumstances....health, age, travel, etc. Didn't even know it was on there...so I signed up and did that. One less worry for me.

Changed up the warmers this morning...upstairs it's Macintosh Apple by Tiffany's...thank you CF pal...this is wonderful...I had forgotten about her.  Downstairs it was CFTKR Vanilla Wafers which smells sour...ugh...why? So I added to the bowls...CFOW Pralines Strawberry Jam Marshmallow in the one  and The Melting Duck Under The Gazebo (fresh cut grass, leaves and Japanese Cherry Blossom) in the other. Much better.

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Hope everyone is doing well.

Amy ~ I cannot believe you put those containers on the street! You’re definitely a stronger woman than I’ll ever be. [smilie=th_laughing]

Maggie ~ Glad to hear you’re back at home. There truly is no other place like it, is there? [smilie=th_slider_flirt]

Michele ~ I’m happy you placed some birthday orders. We have to keep the joy alive in the midst of all of this. 

Susan ~ Hugs back to you, too! :thwetkissf:

SGA Pink Sugar Lavender Mist

I need to change out other warmers, but it’s been kind of a hectic day. My older daughter is having a lot of anxiety and it’s awful to be so far away. :crysmiley1:

Take care all.

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Good Morning!

I hope everyone is well.  

I have been melting a few good ones here-

SGA -A Latte Can Happen -Gringo with Coffee. I wish I had brought more of this Coffee Sampler with me. I am enjoying them so much. 

CFOW -Joy Riding.  I couldn’t find the scent description but I smelled a bit of orange.

SGA Happy Easter-Violet Sugar Petals Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies.

SMT Cookie Bread, Peach, Sugar Milk and Pretzel. Delicious.

Be safe all!



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Well good morning all,

Another busy work week but so far so good.  We are in masks now and everyone is healthy so far.  I am grateful that the company is taking this pandemic very seriously.  I am also grateful that my drive to and from WV is so beautiful - all the dogwood, cherry and magnolia trees are in bloom in the mountains and it's just impossibly lovely.

It's good to hear from so many of you.  Deb, I am worried about you... Please check in.  I can't imagine.

Susan, good to hear you are still working.  Where would the older folks be without the caregivers??  I stand in admiration of what you do.

Mag, I'm glad to hear the family are well.  Perhaps there is a silver lining in all of this, to bring us closer together to our loved ones....I keep telling myself this...😂

Michele, you are melting up a storm.  You will really see a dent with all that effort!  I agree that SGA has amazing coffee scents.

Valerie, you are right, the wax and candles bring a lot of joy and beauty during tough times.  I hope your daughter will be feeling calmer and I'll bet there is a lot of anxiety everywhere right now.

Well last night it was:

BBW Twisted Peppermint one-wick candle on a plate warmer - extremely strong and I love this scent.

ScentSationals Herb Garden - basil and rosemary - this started out so beautifully but after a couple of hours, something happened!  It turned to a smell like an old, wet air conditioning unit, no other way to describe it, and I don't know why it changed so badly, eeeek.

And this morning I am doing a few web meetings from the hotel and it's:

BH&G Agave White Tea, lovely.

Take care all and stay safe.

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