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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Scenting Divine Until February Twenty-Nine

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Hello All...

Michele...that sounds like a good one...whatcha think?

Amy...hope you are back home safe and sound. It's funny...now that I am finally melting again I am having a tough time finding red wax in my winter/fall stash. I don't buy strawberry (very picky with that fragrance) so most are apple which is lovely but I was looking for something to rotate between apples. Lol.  I think most of my reds are in my summer stash...and it's too cold for that yet.

So this morning it's...

L3 Persephone's Plight

CFTKR Pizzelle (this was a beautiful pink heart💕)

Nellie's Acres Carmelized Crimson Pear

Have a nice one. 🙂


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