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Dancing with my scents - December 2019

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Good morning all!

Well it has snowed here in Virginia, very pretty on my mountain. ❄️❄️❄️ Not the Storm of the Century that the news was going on about, but I'm glad to have some snow.

Maggie, I'm so glad the concert went well!  I'm sorry two of the little ones caught the flu, no fun at all.  I'm thinking about you as you continue through the Christmas shows!!  Yes... Honey can indeed be troublesome... But your Spruce scent sounds heavenly. ♥️

Debra, cat dentistry....I do not envy you trying to keep her away from breakfast...I will be thinking about you this morning, yikes!!  And PNW rain... Oh just so lovely with the mountains and the sea...

Well the Christmas scents continue and I'm enjoying them so much:

TBG A Snow Globe World - buttermint, candy canes, salted caramel, brown sugar, roasted chestnuts.  One of her classic scents and I'm in love.  I bought all of these a year ago and the cure is beyond wonderful.  Also, such a pleasure to enjoy the buttermint note... Maybe it's just my nose, but in some other vendors, that buttermint oil smells like fish.  Not here, though - it's just like the soft pillowy candies.

TBG Tinsel Forest - orange zest, pine, cinnamon, pomegranate, clove.  There is something about the orange and the pine together which fills my soul.  Not the same as BBW Winter at all, although the notes sound similar.  I will be needing more of this next year. I should buy it now and let it cure for a year but that could set off a spending spree so I won't.

WoodWicks Petite Candle in Fireside - still sputtering along without a lot of fragrance, but he's doing his best.

I have had another day trip tacked onto the end of this one... Will return home late Friday now.  😤 One more week...

Have a good Hump Day all.

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Good Morning Everyone!

We too have had a bit of snow this morning.  

Yesterday was my first day out since the surgery.  I had my staples removed and then went to visit my Dad with my sister.  I later went out to dinner with my friend. I’m coming along great. I ditched the walker and now I’m walking with just a cane. Hopefully soon I can get rid of that as well. Some friends are bringing lunch over today. It should be a fun afternoon. I am also on my own.  DD has a business trip until Friday and DH will be home Friday as well. It’s a great feeling. 

Amy- Next year I need to order some of the TBG Christmas scents.  They really sound wonderful.

Today I am melting RG Nilla Strawberry Noel and RG Carbs Noel both from a lovely CF friend. Thank you!  Im really enjoying these. 

Have a great day all!!!

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Yay Michele!! I'm so glad you are on your own and using a cane! :confettistars:

Amy...so sorry to hear you have to stay on the road a bit longer than expected....but Friday is only 1 day away! 👍🏻 Thanks about the shows....fingers crossed for tomorrow! 🤞🏻

Debra....oh dear! That sounds like a very tough job! How did it work out???

Was burning a lot of candles yesterday for the weekly dinner at home. 
BBW Fresh Balsam....💕

Goosecreek Night Before Christmas....❤️❤️
Goosecreek Classic Christmas Tree

BHG Cut Frasier...I love this scent but it turned my candle shade black. Ew. Think I may toss this....all the other candles burned sooo clean.

Have a great day.

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Good morn everyone. Melted this week: Chocolate Layered Cake by YC

Frasier Fir by Woodwick

Santa's Sugar Cookies by Amedian

Itlian Waffle Cookies by CFOW

Balsam & Cedar by Mystic

Peppermint by Mystic

Copper Cinnamon Soice by BHG

Candles: Winter Garland by Woodwick, should finish this one up today

Spiced Apple Toddy by BBW

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Hi All!!

Maggie-Glad to hear your concerts went well.  

Susan-Great scents going. 

Melting today VRC Cinnamon Peppermint Cream in all melters.  Wonderful!

Hope you are all having a good day!

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Good morning all!

Greetings from New England, colder and snowier and very pretty up here.

Maggie, I have thought about you all week and hope the concerts have all gone beautifully.  I imagine you have some stories to tell!  I'm sorry your BHG Frazier Fir was a soot monster... So annoying.  I'm glad everything else burned clean for you.

Debra, how did you and kitty fare with the dental work??  🤪 Fingers crossed that everything went smoothly, let us know!

Susan, your scents all sound festive and beautiful, and you have been busy at the melter/flame!  How was the WoodWick?  How many wicks was that one, and was it very noisy?

Michele, so happy about your knee. So far yours has been one of the smoothest recoveries I've seen, not that it hasn't been painful, but you're like The Little Engine That Could and just got on with the job. 🎉🎉🎉. And ohhh that VRC Cinnamon Peppermint Cream!

Well yesterday was a whirlwind and last night I just fell into bed, but this morning it's:

Zeep Christmas Tree - two years ago, this scent was one of the first wax melts I had, from a Zeep mystery box that Maggie had recommended.  I remember opening that box and seeing all the beautiful, fragrant shapes inside and just being blown away....a fairyland.   That was the beginning of a long and happy rabbit hole of melts and good smells and even better friends.  I will always cherish this beautiful scent.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Hi candlebuddies!  It has been a very busy week!

Kitty did OK with the dental work, however whenever I get near her she runs.  She is NOT going back to the vet, she says!

Michele, I am so pleased that your knee is doing so well!  What a great recovery!

Cookie, that is quite a list!

Maggie, that darn soot can just sneak up on  you!  I am afraid to look at the wall above the chest where I burn candles.  I am sure it is a grayer shade of paint than the other areas around it.

Amy, I hope you are home and toasty and warm - but I think you may be a snow fan? Maybe the weather you just came from is right up your alley?

I have not had time to clean melters - but - happy and amazed to report that the Scentsationals I started earlier in the week is just now pooping out.  I think I said it was called Leaves, but closer inspection of the label tells me it is Autumn Leaves.

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Good Morning! [smilie=th_oregonian_mornincoffe It is Saturday and the concerts are complete! :confettistars:All went well....nothing unexpected. Now the parties begin.

Amy...Are you still traveling? I know you had an extension added onto your trip but I'm hoping you're home now. I'm missing the snow....so far it's rain, rain, rain. Yuck. You are lucky. Glad you found your Zeep box. I "think" I only have one of hers left. 
Debra...I was just noticing the slightly grayish cast to the ceilings on the day I saw the soot in the candle shade. Ugh. With so many candles in inventory, I have no time for that. Lol. Glad kitty is doing well....I'm hoping her memory of it fades soon. 
Susan....you are on a mission...lots of good sounding scents!

Michele...thanks about the concerts. I hope you are still feeling good and making progress.

Last night and this morning is Gingerbread Man by Savannah Blue. I haven't liked the smell in my house but I couldn't figure out if it's the wax or my dinner. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Better change it's up! So now it's going to be 

Dessas Candy Cane Snowball Cookies

Wax Workshoppe Captain Crunch French Toast

Have a good day!

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Morn ladies. Melting: Northern Lights by Hayden Rowe, reminds me of baby powder

Vanilla Pound Cake by Swan Creek, love this

Pine wreath by bed bath and beyond, very strong

Amyjo, the woodwick candle was a medium jar, it made lots of crackling. Would buy it again.  I forgot how much I love candles, since I not with BF anymore I can burn candles again.  I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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Hello everyone!

Well the rains played havoc with flights last night, but I finally arrived home at 1 AM and fell into bed.  It is so blissful to be back in my house with DH and the critters. ♥️♥️♥️

Susan, I'm sorry you and the BF broke up, but I think it's his huge loss.  You sound like a kind, hard-working, nurturing person and I believe there is something better in store for you.  Still I'm sorry you've had to go through this and am sending you a big hug. 🤗 As for candles, I totally agree with you - no matter how much stronger the wax melts are, there is something about a flickering flame that is soothing to the soul.  I'm glad you can burn them again and that they bring you peace and joy.   The medium WoodWick sounds beautiful...I will try a bigger one next time on your reco. ♥️

Maggie!!  I'm glad the concerts were a success, and that they are done for this season.   Now on to the parties and goodies!! And LMAO, I really doubt it was your DINNER causing an off smell, 🤣🤣🤣🤣booo to that nasty wax! 😂😂. How was the Wax Workshoppe?  All of mine is gone, and she has sold her shop, right, or is she OOB?....😭 Your Dessa's sounds great - I love anything with candy cane and cookies together.

Debra, I must admit, I was worried about you and kitty at the dentist/vet, So I'm glad to hear that that is all over with. Of course, a grudge will be held for some required amount of time!   And yes...I am a big fan of both rain and snow, unless cold rain like we are currently having just drags on and on, and then I wish it would go ahead and kick over into the beautiful whiteness!

Well I've just been melting and burning right and left today:

TBG Sleigh Bells - Sugared pines, orange, peppermint, clove, apple.  Another fabulous Christmas scent from this vendor.

YC Cranberry Chutney wax melts - How this company can make such fabulous little cubes of wax, yet turn out huge unscented candles, is a mystery to me.  

BBW Fresh Balsam - If I should keel over suddenly, please burn this at my wake... So fresh and strong and beautiful, and it is not offering to soot at all.  Right up there at the top of the list of holiday candles for me.

BBW Spiced Gingerbread - also wonderful and smells like the real thing. Again a wonderful burn with minimal soot.  This is very gratifying after weeks of smoke monsters, to finally have some that are burning cleanly.

Slatkin Homeworx Enchanted Peony - the last of this magnificent candle - I had to cotton ball it the other day when the wicks started drowning and I used that for pocket wax all week - it finally started smoking and turning dark at the very finish, and I had to blow it out... But this was a jewel and fear not, I have backup(s). 

So the Velcro Cat and I are chilling and I guess I will tidy up a bit, although DH has been keeping things in much better order lately when I am away.  👍 Have a lovely evening everyone. ♥️

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Michele, glad you're on the mend. 

Maggie, yay for the concerts to be over. Now to relax, lol

Amy, happy you got home safely, are you away again this coming week? 

All your wax sounds wonderful. 

Not melted today, cleaning the burners in the morning. 

It's 11pm, I'm in bed with the sound of rain, thunder and lightning, its been really cold today. 

Happy Saturday

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Amy, velcro cats are a mixed blessing!

Hello, Sharon!  It sounds nice and cozy being tucked in during the storm.

Maggie, I hope your parties run smoothly are stress-free. 

Hugs, Susan, for the changes you are going though.

In the melter - Sweet Sage's Berry Rosewater.


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