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I "Autumn" Melt More in September

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Good morning all!

Susan, so happy you got your car back!

A few scents over the last couple of days have been:

Golden Willow Song of Autumn - leaves, spiced apples, clove, pine cones.  Beautiful.

Woofwix Warm Vanilla Nutmeg & Sugar Cookies - just lovely and very strong.  A ghost shape from last year.  Hit or miss throw from this vendor last year, but this has cured out beautifully.

Vintage Road Vanilla Latte - from the fabulous Coffee Sampler - strong and delicious.

And the last three were gifties from sweet CF pals, thank you!!

Dessa's Karamell Kitchen - from the Disney Sampler, wonderful.

Cheryl's Blueberry Vanilla - scrumptious!  I love her perfectly sized melts.

Melted Confections Bubblegum Pomegranate - loved this, very kicky and juicy and fun.

Melted Confections Rushmore - sandalwood, violets, peach.  Lovely!

Enjoy your Saturday, all!

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Good Morning!

Yay Susan! Glad you have got your car back![smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]

Amy...all of your scents sound wonderful...especially that GWW! [smilie=th_LOVE]

Today is a sunny but cool day...lovely...so I pulled out Autumn Wreath By Yankee....one of my all time favorite scents. I also changed up my candles...Summers away and Fall is out. Still loving the adorable Halloween candles I got from Goosecreek.

Have a great day! 🙂

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Afternoon, chilly day here, it really feels like autumn. 

MaggieMae ~ hope you're feeling better today. Autumn Wreath sounds lovely, don't think I've tried it. 

AmyJo ~ that Vanilla Latte sounds delicious. 

Ive put Autumn Stroll back on today, its quite strong still. 

Have a lovely day everyone 😃

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Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite a busy and stressful week here. I really haven’t had time to melt.

I did order a dress for my daughter’s February wedding. I will worry about the other one next spring. 

Prayers are needed here.  My brother had to have a biopsy yesterday. They suspect tonsil cancer.  No symptoms really except swollen glands in neck and what he thought was fatty tissue which he has had there before.  Saw something on CT scan. I have never even heard of this. I’m so upset. Hoping for a good outcome. 

We are heading into Manhattan soon for DD#2 to try on wedding dresses. DD#1 said yes to the dress 2 weeks ago. 

On a much better note today is my Dad’s 90th Birthday.  We are having a family party for him next Saturday. My husband and I are going to celebrate with him tonight with my sisters. 

Enjoy the day all!!

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Michele prayers have been sent for your brother.  I'm sorry and hoping for a great outcome.

Happy happy birthday to your father, 90 years young is spectacular.  Enjoy the happy celebration! 

Big hug for you Michele. 🤗

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Michele, sending thoughts & prayers for your brother and your whole family. I am hoping you hear some good news after further workup. I also wish your day a happy 90th. Wow!

Susan, glad the car is repaired. 

MaggieMae, hope you're feeling better!

I've been rotating two candles: Vanilla Orchid & Almond, Michigan Pure Soy Candles

and Sea Salt & Orchid, The Simplistic Candle Shoppe. Both very pretty scents. 

Have a good night!

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Good morning all!

For those of you with cooler weather (Debra - frost?? Sharon, cool walks? Michele, Maggie, cool rain?), I am indeed jealous, as we have several more days in the 90s coming in Ohio. 😤

Maggie, I hope you are feeling better.

Last night we went to a retirement party for a work colleague and it was lovely.  It is sad to see friends leaving, though.  

So yesterday and today it's been:

TBG Haunted Hayride - granny Smith apple, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, hay.  I do enjoy this one with the hay note... Reminds me of feeding the horses.

VRC Looney Bin - cinnamon apples, barn wood, pine, pinecones, amber.  Lovely with that barn wood changing it up a bit.

Southbound Sweater Weather - juniper berries, eucalyptus, sage, woods, spearmint, dew.  I love this scent.

But the prize goes to:

CYS Lemon Flannel Sheets -lemon, cotton, linen - fresh and strong.  When I am ordering again, will need more of this.  In fact, I may need a few things from CYS.  She has an extensive list of fresh scents.

Have a fine Sunday, all. 

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Good Morning! Thank you Shannon, Cyn and Amy. It appears to have been a virus...feeling better....possibly allergies but I hope not since Fall is my favorite season. [smilie=th_sad2hz1]

Michele...I am sorry to hear about your brother but hope any new news is positive! Saying prayers. Wishing your Dad a very Happy 90th![smilie=th_8d1933ff]

Amy...that Looney Bin sounds interesting with the barn wood. That's reminding me that I think I may try my luck at the ever elusive Country Orchard Store scent I've been trying to recreate...better get looking into places that do customs.[smilie=yes]

Pulled from the singles jar this morning...

Vanilla Sky by HR

His & Hers by VRC

Be Enchanted Blue Sugar by L3 from a sweet CF pal. [smilie=th_yourock]

Have a great day.

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Good morning everyone!

Maggie, I'm so glad you are feeling better.  That was a rough start to the school year.  Let's hope the bugs stay away now. 🤪

Michele, prayers that your brother will get good news.

On the road again, and the leaves are starting to turn where I'm staying.  Very uplifting to see the mountains and the trees in the morning.

So last night and this morning it's been:

TBG Banshee Dreams - frosted pumpkin cupcakes, espresso, coconut, vanilla, marshmallow. I had two cubes left from last year and this one is delicious.  I think I like pumpkin better than apple.  Maybe I am just burned out on apple. 🤣

Cleave's Black Plum and Rhubarb - a generous gift from a dear CF friend - this is spectacular, so juicy and tart.  Thank you, thank you! ♥️

I hope everybody's week gets off to a good start.

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Thanks Amy! Sounds like it's fall-beautiful where you are staying. It's funny...I am hankering for some apple scents this year. I'm usually a big pumpkin melter but the apples are calling my name! Excited to switch my tarts...maybe I'll do that today once the bear goes back to work.

Melting my custom Fluffy Clouds by OPT this morning...a lovely rainbow sherbet scent.

Have a great day!

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Thanks everyone for all the well wishes regarding my brother. 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

Glad you are feeling better Maggie. I feel like melting some apple scents this year also. The only thing I usually melt is pumpkin. 

Today its TBG Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Waffles.  This is excellent.  

Amy-TBG Banshee Dreams sounds excellent.  I may have it somewhere. 

Enjoy the day!

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