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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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July's Melts are on Fire!

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Hello ladies! [smilie=th_sml29]


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. You’re all melting such good sounding scents. And all this talk about Hayden Rowe has me curious, but it didn’t look there were any mystery boxes left when I checked. I don’t need more wax though. [smilie=th_tease-1]

It’s going to 107 here today, but that’s normal for us, and remember, we are in the desert so humidity doesn’t make it unbearable like it does elsewhere.



Dessa’s Secret Garden ~ Salty ocean ozone, fresh dewy grass after the rain, and a burst of refreshing rosemary mint ~ I must say this is one beautiful scent. She’s opening 8/17 for her last preorder of the year.

(Just in case any of you care to snag any of her fabulous wax. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy] )

VCS Cookie Monster Gingerbread Crisp ~ This is yummy gift from a sweet CF friend. Thank you! [smilie=th_slider_flirt]

Homemade Blueberry Zucchini


Burning a Gold Canyon Cotton Blossom candle. Not only it is a beautiful green color, it smells lovely. :wub:


Stay cool everyone! [smilie=th_dd5]

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Good morning all!


Finally it may be a bit cooler this week here in Ohio. Therefore I am headed south for work. ????


Debra, the Lily festival sounds fabulous. I salute you on your hard work in the yard, and booooo to the yard man who went poof!! Not acceptable! I am still sniffing my red currant melt while waiting for him to cure a bit, lovely.


Michele, I had a sample of that SGA Sea Creatures and loved it. I'm glad your heat wave is breaking. Hasn't it been rough? Just too hot to do anything.


Susan, I have a ducky sample of that Hayden Rowe Beach Pine and I'm letting that one cure a bit. I love driftwood so much and am not getting that on cold, although I know heat changes everything. I just received that one so it may have been recently poured... Have you had yours long?


Honeybear, I agree with you - Dessa's wax is wonderful. Your Secret Garden melt sounds so beautiful! Grasses with rosemary mint - lovely combination.


Maggie, sending you a big hug as you continue to care for your father. ????????


Well it's been smelly around here!


Hayden Rowe Christmas Clouds - she cracks me up with these names because this isn't really a holiday scent - White Clouds laundry and VBN. I tried a small piece to see if I liked it and went right over the edge. So fresh and comforting - so I put it in every single melter throughout the house. DH came home and said, what is that, it smells great in here. So a winner, and good thing because I bought a loaf. ????


That Smell Good Shop Lake Placid - sweet grass, ocean breeze - wow, tiny scent shot and performed so well. Lovely fresh beachy scent. I let these cure for a month, very strong.


Vintage Road Fresh Bread & Lattes - from the lovely coffee sampler - Brazilian coffee, vanilla cream, vanilla wafers, French baguettes - just dreaminess, so delicious.


VCS Pretty Woman - acai berry, lemon, strawberry, rose - a beautiful scent, cured for nine months and very strong. She has such beautiful blends and I always like her background scent, which to me is a gentle sweet note.


Southbound Smoky Vanilla - smoke, sandalwood, amber - one of the few SB blends that I didn't care for, very perfumey, and I should have known that from the scent description so it's my own fault. Very strong, just not my cup of tea.


Southbound Strawberry Super Sugar Cookie - oh, but this is glorious - Southbound has one of the most beautiful strawberry scents going and this one filled the house with all sorts of lusciousness.


I hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

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Morn everyone. Melting today: Mulberry by Satin Suzie

More than four by Hayden Rowe


Amyjo, yes the beach pine was from 2018 in the cute duck shape. I did the insider boxes for several months in 2018.

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Good Morning.


Debra...lol...no food wrapper notes in the Boyfriends Truck!! ????????????????. The description is Spicy black pepper, bergamot and lavender anchored with woodsy notes and a touch of old fashioned rootbeer float. It's a shame when you hire someone and they don't show up!! I guess sometimes there's too much work and they don't need the job? My landscaping is a mess! I really need to go out and trim and pull weeds....maybe later in the week.


Susan...you and Amy were lucky to get that insider box! Did you get massive amounts of wax in yours too?


Amy...Thanks and Safe travels! I laughed at your comment about Christmas Clouds...I thought the same thing! Don't smell ANY Christmas in that one! LoL [smilie=th_aa17]


Honeybear...gosh 107? I know without the humidity it should be nicer but I still can't imagine...I'll have to experience that one day! ;)


Michele...I think the humidity has cracked! :sFun_hot:


Yesterday it was Aquarium by Semo

Today it's a giftie...Seattle Rain Paradise Reef Tropical Winds by L3...thanks! Nice summer scent. :sHa_okay:


Have a good day. :)

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Amy, it's been warm these last few days, rainy too. But from tomorrow I think we are having a heatwave for a few days. Some parts of the south east of the UK will be hitting about 90 - 96 by Thursday. West Side of the UK it's going to be up to almost 80. That's too hot for me. Its been mid 60s here which suits my Celtic skin fine????????

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Good morning all,


Well a fine trip to That Smell Good Shop yesterday. Started melting last night and there's just all sorts of good throw and wonderful scents. Now, where to put all of this in the luggage...


Maggie, good to see you and I'm glad the Boyfriend's Truck smells wonderful!


Sharon, I'm all about those cooler temperatures!


So far I've melted the following from Wilma's - actually That Smell Good Shop -


Monkey Farts - oh, such a tasty banana!


Fresh Coffee

Gain Island Fresh

Downy Spring Breeze - so good

Hagrid's Hut - smoke, woods, moss

Embers - oh, this is a crackling, burnt, wonderful smell!

Laundry Time - fresh and gorgeous.


Really happy with these scents. We will be coming back down here in a month or so, so I'm in trouble.


Happy Tuesday and stay cool!

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Morn everyone. Melting today: Peach Cobbler by YC

Minions by CFOW: Banana Cream, Sugar Cookies, Banana Nut, and Bread Pudding. Om, I don't really like banana scents but this was in her mystery box. I hate it, I'm sorry, if you really like banana then this scent is for you.


It's raining her today, which is great last couple of days have been hot. Have a great Tuesday.

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Hello Everyone!


Amy-It sounds like your trip to Wilma’s yesterday was a huge success. Can’t believe you melted all that already. Wow!


Susan- That scent sounds so good! Banana isn’t for everybody. Glad you gave it a shot.


Melting today Swanky Smoked Vanilla Noel and Wax Workshoppe Fruity Pebbles and Marshmallow Madness from a lovely CF friend.


Have a great day all!!

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I agree, Amy! That is quite a melting list! :sFun_mango:



Susan, I am with you on the banana. Once in awhile I find one I like but usually they are on the "no melt list". :sSig_agreed:



Michele - how was the smoky part of that melt? That is another one I don't melt very often.


Tonight - Me Time - Cotton Candy Frosting Lavender Marshmallow.

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Good morning everyone!


Well, went to bed around 9 last night and woke up ready to roll at 3:30, so I got up and started melting. How better to spend time?! ???? I will regret this at work after lunch...


Susan, LOL, I'm sorry you hated the banana scent...I used to avoid it, thinking I wouldn't like it, but it turns out I love it. You never know. I'm glad that rainstorm broke your heat wave, a little relief.


Maggie and Michele, I'm glad to hear that your humidity has eased a bit. It sounds like Ohio is also doing better, so DH (and hopefully Michele's DH) is much happier. ????


Debra, have your muscles recovered from all the yardwork? It must look beautiful. I have not planted anything new this year... Kind of glad because of the heat... Next year. You don't like banana either?! Ok girls, you know where to send them. ????


Well the melt-a-thon continues:


That Smell Good Shop Lord of Misrule - so, what rock have I been living under? This is gorgeous!! This is patchouli which you know I have trouble with solo... But I like it in blends... And this is amazing. It's mixed with vanilla and ohhhhh so creamy and comforting. Must. Have. More.


TSGS Sweet Pea - love. I love the YC version of this and this one is even better.


TSGS Laundry Day - like a clean cotton - fresh and beautiful.


TSGS Baja Cactus Blossom - sweet and lovely. On the lighter side.


Goose Creek Cucumber Rain - oh, a pity. The rain note is fine, but there is something plasticky going on in the background and I don't find the cucumber at all. ????


Pocket wax from yesterday - TSGS Honeydew Melon - and melting it this morning, very fresh and beautiful.


We're halfway there! Enjoy your Wednesdays everyone!

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Good Morning All!


Amy-I’m glad you are enjoying all your new wax.


Yes the humidity has broken here and it’s just beautiful. I have a full day today. Lunch with my church friends and then my daughter and I are heading to Manhattan to see Dear Evan Hansen. Looking forward to it.


Melting this morning VCS Lucy in the Sky with Cookies-(Buttery Cookies, Strawberries, Buttercream Icing, Sprinkles). This had had an 8 1/2 month cure so hopefully it’s strong.


Quick question- with a tea light melter how long does a Melt usually last ? Is it done after 1 tea light or 2?


Have a great day!!

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Good Morning!


Susan...Count me in the "He-man Banana Haters Club"....I never met a banana scent I liked....although ya never know. Amy...good to know you'll take the strays. ;)


Michele...I haven't used tealight melters in years so I'm not sure but I do think it depends upon the wax...some can keep throwing after 2 or 3 if I remember correctly.


Amy...great outing!! You look like you got lots of goodies and that Hagrids Hut sounds interesting. I like her little chunks...easy to melt.


Moving a bit slower than usual today...went to see The Rolling Stones last night. Lots of fun!


This morning it's Swanky Raspberry Lemonade...a bit tart...and very strong.


Have a great day. :)

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Morn everyone. Melting today: Cupcake at Tiffany's by CFOw

Straight Fizz by Hayden Rowe

Blue Sugar Van Sandlewood by Hayden Rowe: Blue Sugar, citrus, vanilla and sandlewood musk.


I overslept this morn, was a little late for my assignment, home know and hope the rest of the day is better.

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How’s everyone doing? :)


ST Purge ~ Pine, Beachwood, and Pheromones ~ Really enjoying this!

Dessa’s Bake Sale

Dessa’s Ice Cream Parlor

Homemade Black Cherry Ice Cream Scoop Bread


I’m preparing for a possible DHS preorder in August. I know I’m supposed to be on a ban, but she is local so I won’t need to pay any shipping. That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it. [smilie=th_laughing]

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Good morning all!!


Busy work week but we got done early and I moved my flight from tomorrow to TODAY, woohoo!!


Maggie.. The Stones?? You got to see them live??! I am so jealous, it sounds fabulous! And yes I had that Swanky Raspberry Lemonade also and it was very tart! *pucker*


Honeybear, I agree with you, buying local is totally different from ordering so your ban is intact. I don't count Walmart wax for the same reason. ????


Susan, your must have needed that extra rest, sounds like you always work so hard. I want to try that HR Straight Fizz.... Love anything fizzy and I bet that is a good blender. ????


Michele! So cool that you went to the play with your daughter, tell tell, how was it?? ♥️ I miss NY!


Well after enjoying TSGS Lord of Misrule so much, I did swing by there again last night and pick up a few patchouli scent shots in different blends, so last night it was:


TSGS Patchouli Rain - wow, beautiful. Very deceptive... It started out so gently with the rain note and just slipped that patchouli in without my noticing, until the two blended so gradually...I didn't realize how strong it was until i stepped out for a moment. Very relaxing and I loved it. As a blend I'm really enjoying this!


TSGS Patchouli Rustic - this was too strong for me and I will try it at home with some vanilla.


TSGS Lord of Misrule - Still my fav. I will order this is larger quantity. So soothing. Maggie, I think you're absolutely right, I smell black pepper in there. ????


This morning I'm going to head to the beach and then to the airport. Happy Friday everyone!

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Good Morning! [smilie=th_oregonian_mornincoffe Did not sleep well last night...ugh.


Honeybear....lucky you! I agree with Amy....local doesn't count....at all...so you can get lots and lots! ;) That Purge scent sounds interesting...which note is the strongest?


Susan...thanks for the info! Those duckies are cute! I really like Hayden Rowe!


Amy...glad you've converted to the dark side!! [smilie=th_dancing_smile] Enjoy the beach and safe travels.


Wednesday was The Rainbow Connection by Savannah Blue

Yesterday was Seashells and Sand by Ashland

Today is Southside Serpent by SGA and upstairs Pink Clouds by Hayden Rowe

All wonderful!


Have a great day! :)

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Good Morning All!!


I’m at the beach for the next week. My husband is on vacation.


Melting SGA Coffee with Friends this morning. Strong and wonderful!!


Maggie-I hate those sleepless nights. Unfortunately I have a lot of them.


Amy- The play was great. We had a nice time. It was an early birthday gift since she starts a new job on Monday and won’t be home.


Heading out soon to do some errands.


Enjoy your day!

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Michele, you asked about tea lights, that is what I usually use. They get quite hot so the scent can burn off faster - so softer wax may only be a 1 tealighter. (I try to get tealights that last about 4 hrs.) Some of the firmer waxes can last 2-3. I usually plan on two and then I move on!


Amy welcome to the patchouli club! [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr It makes fall/Halloween more fun when you are tired of pumpkin.


Maggie - The Stones!! What a treat.


Susan, don't hate oversleeping? That zip of adrenaline when you realize what time it is... :wacko:


It has been in the 90s...not so much melting since it is scent chasing. :sAng_explosive:

One recent one was Flower Finery - John Lemon.

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Afternoon everyone. Melting today: Salt Water Taffy by CFOW

Lush Fairy Fluff: Snow Fairy, Avobath, and marshmallow fluff by CFOW


Have a great Friday.

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Good Morning!!


Debra-Thanks for the info about the tealight melter.


It’s a gorgeous day here.


Melting this morning VCS I Feel Pretty. This is a blend of Pink Sugar, Strawberry and Watermelon. It’s just getting started but this smells really nice.


In the bedroom overnight was VCS Grandma’s Surrey. That was a good one too. My VCS is doing well with a good cure.


Today will be chaos here. My family is having their 3rd Annual Bar Crawl. About 40-50 people participate. My house is the meet up and they get their tee shirts here. My husband and I will join at the end to eat. It should be a fun day.


I hope everyone is having great weather and enjoys their Saturday.

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Hello everyone!

Beautiful Saturday and I have been a total lazybones.


Michele, eager to hear how the day goes with your family. ????


Maggie, "the dark side," ????????????????!! You may be pleased to know that I have even ordered a roll on perfume in Lord of Misrule, I like it so much. ????


Debra, LOLOL, "that zip of adrenaline" when you oversleep...????????????... And how was the John Lemon scent? ???????? Love these names!


Susan, Snow Fairy... I'm thinking I've smelled that somewhere... Found it. Hayden Rowe has a dupe called Frost Fairy and she sent a ducky sample in this. ????


Well today it has been pretzels and tobacco around here:


Hayden Rowe Cohiba - sweet tobacco - and I have such beautiful scent memories of my grandpa's pipe, takes me back.


Wonderberry Pipe Tobacco - this is gorgeous and I have them both melting in the same room.


L3 Jareth - blackberries and pretzel - delicious!


L3 scoop Strawberry Pretzel Strawberry White Cake - the jar is half gone - one of my favs. ????


I hope everyone has a beautiful night with friends and family!!

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